Mike Malloy comments on Air America's rumored bankruptcy filing...

From fellow "9/11 Truthseeker" Mike Malloy:

We have been overwhelmed by email with rumors that link the termination of the Malloy Show with the possible bankruptcy filing by Air America Radio this Friday. We have no "official" information about this, but if true, it affirms the assertion by management that we were fired for financial reasons.

Speaking of which, we will share all the details of our experiences with Air America once our financial and other mutual business issues are resolved; hopefully sooner rather than later. You deserve to know the truth.

We hope soon to be back on the airwaves, kicking GOP ass before the November elections! Your supportive email and calls and petitions are being noticed and just might hasten our return to radio. We have a couple of good radio possibilities in the works and SO appreciate your efforts and positive thoughts. Can't wait to talk with you all again!

Many thanks,


source: www.mikemalloy.com