Newly Released 30 Minute Amateur Video of WTC Attack

I just saw this video, made by a couple whose apartment offered an incredible view of the North Tower. There are several interesting things about it that I caught on an initial viewing: witness describes "military plane" hitting South Tower (no shot of it, though), another witness describes plane as "really big," intense shots of the pyroclastic flows, shot of the "spire" component of the structure (left after collapse almost complete) seeming to collapse straight down rather than topple.

embedded the video in there

embedded the video in there for ya, hope you don't mind :)

Mind? Hell no!

Thank you! I need to learn how to do that.

Core structure

I noticed the same thing about the core structure that is visible. First, there is a lot of it. Damn! It must be sticking up 60 stories or so. I don't know whether it crumbles into dust, but it definitely seems to go straight down.

You really get a sense of how much energy was involved in "banana peeling" -- both the cascading debris, and the force of the dust clouds.

I have not analyzed that

I have not analyzed that aspect closely in this new video but what I recall from watching 9/11 Eyewitness Hoboken, which was from a similar angle, though much farther away, noting its position and the outline of the building right before the collapse, the spire that lingers appears to be a portion of the outer wall of the north tower and not the core columns. It's difficult to know for sure, though.

Need to watch it again

I know what you mean about the shot in Eyewitness. For some reason, I got the impression that this video was showing core structure, but it's just an impression.

Just re-watched that part

which is around the 19:30 point.

What it looks like, to me, and I don't think I can see it clearly enough to make a definitive statement, is core structure.

I jus re-wached it too. The

I jus re-wached it too. The word inconclusive comes to mind. Part of the problem is that the camera is handheld. I seem to recall Eyewitness being on a tripod and static during that sequence but now I can't find my DVD. grrr

better give us the direct

better give us the direct link...

and we use to save it to hdd.

Did anyone watch it frame-by-frame?

did you notice LASERs?

Thanks for bringing this to

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I wonder how many other people have been holding on to footage? The "military plane" comment was very strange.

Perhaps someone will elaborate on that comment via the email at the end :

Sounded like a

Sounded like a rocket....plane flying overhead...

Outward damage very apparent. Bomb, missile. NOT a plane strike.

No plane hitting the South Tower, airplane seen departing.

Not bad, but heavily edited.


The two female voices clearly say "It was a plane."

My impression of the editing is that they didn't want to make it a 90 minute video, sixty minutes of which was a static shot of burning building/ big dust cloud. It does not strike me as substantive editing.

Anyway, for any readers here who are less obsessed by the (non) plane than brianv, there's a lot of interesting material unrelated to that issue.

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Can anyone tell me if that is WTC7 to the left of the tower? By looking at the machine room, it appears to be WTC7. There is a strange apparatus (could be a window washer scaffold) that is moving up the building on the left, I find it hard to believe that someone would be washing windows through all of this. Again...can anyone identify this as WTC7? I have heard that all of the demolitions were controlled from WTC7 in Giulianis top floor bunker. It was also used as a base site for those involved to watch and film the attack.

Yup, WTC 7

Yes, that is 7, and it does appear to have a window washing crew at work on its north face.  However, it looks like it goes straight up to the roof, which is probably the way the guys typically get off.  It doesn't go up and down, which would be really suspicious.  I think Giuliani's bunker was actually on one of the middle floors.

I'm experimenting with the Xinha add-on to Firefox and it keeps saying "&nbsp"

Thank you for posting this...

Several things in this made me angry. The obvious planes that were used. The first collapse followed by the crying. The crying really got to me. The cloud, and the people running on the grass. This made me very angry. Period.


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


I ripped it off from Thumper over at YBBS, actually, so you should thank him.

The crying got to me, too, and the fact that the baby is named Lily, like my daughter.

Also, one woman, who sounded to me like "grandma" was trying to figure out if she could make it to any hospital to help.

AND I like the part where the woman, who is obviously completely distraught at what she is seeing, still says "I guess it's the documentarian in me that wants to get this on video." Thank God for people like that. I'm afraid that willingness is going to be more and more valuable in the days ahead.