911 = inside job -- Report on USA grassroots TRUTH MOVEMENT (you! ;-)

(the biggest and best) German Internet Magazine TELEPOLIS reports:

Inside job?

Haiko Lietz 11.09.2006

Five years after the attacks from 11 September 2001 in the USA a considerable grass root movement developed, which makes circles of the own government directly responsible for the disaster
Four of ten Americans believe that Saddam Hussein was involved personally into the planning of the notices from 11 September 2001. Each third believes to pull that circles of the US Government are involved into the notices directly or did consciously nothing to stop her in order political profit from the situation. How can that be done together? The shock, which population of US suffered before five years, is to be still felt. In addition, the paradox is the product of a gigantic propaganda machine, which feeds the population with the information, until it does not know many no more that they are to believe. America is extremely distrustful. The popularity values of the government are in the cellar. Increasingly it loses the interpretation sovereignty over 9/11. In order to counter this trend, the State department the arguments of the critics on a particularly furnished web page tries to weaken. Who are the critics and which are their arguments? A report over the “New York 9/11 Truth” - movement.


By the front a shock wave runs… the roof curves inward… then collapses the 47-stöckige multistoried building nearly dead-straight. Within seven seconds - in free fall speed - World trade center 7 fell into its own foundation. How could WTC7 together-sag in such a manner in itself, although it had not been met by an airplane? The steal-strengthened building would be third in the history of the highrise building construction, which collapsed due to a fire. First the two would be the twin Towers. The thesis of an increasing number of Americans: The airplanes were not trips of the collapses, verschworene circles of the government them blow up let.

Ministers franc Morales, diagram designer Les Jamieson and a handful of aids load each Sunday for the info. and discussion evening of the “New Yorker ones 9/11 Truth” - group in pc. Mark's Church in Downtown one-had in. Jamieson is the organizing head, Morales makes available the area and discussed passionately also.


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