9/11 Truther Challenges Rep. McDermott in Seattle, WA (CD7)

Joshua Smith is challenging Rep. Jim McDermott in Washington state's 7th congressional district. But first, he has to defeat Jim McDermott in the Democratic Primary on: Tuesday September 19th. (Hint, hint.)

Here is an interview with him on NPR (!) from last month;

Here is his website;

The interesting thing

is that McDermott accepted a bunch of Deception Dollars, and -- I believe -- handed some out himself in Congress.

Can someone in Washington say whether I am right? And, can a local tell us whether McDermott is a closet 9/11 truther or not?

Jim Mcdermott is on the

Jim Mcdermott is on the right side of almost every issue. i would suspect he is a closet truther, but dont know for sure.hes one of the better congressmen we have. that said i would still want this guy to beat him.

Comment from Candidate Smith

If you're in the Seattle area and interested, I included a URL below for a flyer I produced which you can freely print/distribute. I certainly encourage it and other assistance (word of mouth, blogs, contributions, myspace messages, friend requests, etc). The more the word is spread the better, IMO - it is our country and our right to the truth, after all.

Joshua Smith
Empower the People


Flyer - www.smithforamerica.net/media/flyer.pdf

Joshua, I'm glad you are


I'm glad you are challenging Jim McDermott on the 9/11 cover-up. I took a look at your campaign website and have a couple of suggestions for you:

1. Add a link to 9/11: Press for Truth to your page. It's powerful and stays away from the dreaded "conspiracy theories." As such, it's likely to be a good tool for getting people to look into 9/11 for themselves.

2. Regarding the energy crisis, any solutions we undertake must include conservation if we are to succeed. If you are not familiar with Hubbert's Peak, please look into it. There's an excellent book on the subject by Richard Heinberg called Powerdown. There are many others but I recommend Powerdown because you are undoubtedly short on free time and it is fairly short.

Good luck with your campaign. Here's hoping Mr. Smith goes to Washington!

Thanks for the suggestions...

I am ever-appreciative of suggestions and (positive) critique. I will peruse 9/11: Press for Truth tonight and see if I can get some additional information on Powerdown. As you astutely mentioned, time is quite short at the moment.

Thanks for the well-wishing! :)

-joshua smith
Empower the People

9/11 Press For Truth

A couple more things

Press for Truth is playing in Edmonds tomorrow night and in Seattle on Sunday. Or you can watch it online as AI C. pointed out.

Regarding peak oil and Powerdown, there's an excellent film called The End of Suburbia that covers the subject quite well in 78 minutes. It's available on DVD and also will be playing in Seattle on the 20th of this month.

Once you get to D.C. maybe you can straighten out Rick Larsen. I lived in Washington's 2nd district until recently. That man is a brick wall on Iraq, which is disappointing considering he voted against the October 2002 resolution.

9/11 Press for Truth is brilliant.

Definitely link it up.

good luck Mr. Smith. i like

good luck Mr. Smith. i like Mcdermott more than most politicians, hes one of the few that i have a small degree of respect for, but 9/11 truth trumps all of his previous work. i'll make sure to spread the word about you.

Good Luck Mr. Smith

We can only hope you have better luck than Cynthia Mckinney who tried to get another investigation into 9/11 with no luck.
I realize you are more of a supporter of the Democratic party ideals, but the DNC seems to be more interested in how much money that a candidate can raise than empowerment and getting the government back to the people.
I just can't imagine Nancy Pelosi being majority leader; she boycotted the Katrina response hearings, convincing the Congressional Black Caucas to go along with her, Mckinney being the lone exception.
I'm sorry, but if boycotting Republicans is more important than the tragic aftermath of Katrina/Rita and exposing the despot Neocons response to it, then she is not that concerned about the people.
So I say to you Josh, good luck! You are gonna have to fight the entrenched lobbies in Congress, along with the lack of press, and the "Good ole Boys" network. I hope you understand what you're up against.
I for one will stand up with you and support you.



Powell: "The World Is Beginning To Doubt The Moral Basis Of Our Fight Against Terrorism"...
Associated Press | LAURIE KELLMAN | Posted September 14, 2006 12:58 PM

Powell lent his support to three Republican senators Thursday saying that Congress must not pass Bush's proposal to redefine U.S. compliance with the Geneva Conventions, a treaty that sets international standards for the treatment of prisoners of war.

Powell sent a letter to Sen. John McCain (news, bio, voting record), R-Ariz., one of the Republican lawmakers seeking limits to legislation on interrogations, in the latest sign of GOP division over White House security.

"The world is beginning to doubt the moral basis of our fight against terrorism," said Powell, who served under Bush and is a former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. "To redefine Common Article 3 would add to those doubts. Furthermore, it would put our own troops at risk."

powell has no credibility

Colin powell is the officer that covered up the my lai massacre, peddled the Bush-1 lies to the saudis about thousands of tanks on the border from Iraq so they would submit to the American military bases on saudi soil, this was a total lie proven by sattelit photos bought from the russians, that he later admitted to, stabbed all the gulf war 1 veterans in the back by denying them treatment for gulf war illness where under his watch 250,000 soldiers medical records suddenly and conveniently disappeared, and the army then said they couldn't prove the sickness, therefore no treatment, and we all saw what he did at the united nations, delivering the lies heard around the world, serving his neocon globalist masters resulting in the deaths of hundreds of thousands which will later turn into millions when the uranium 238 poisoning is accounted for over the next few billion years of its half life. If there is any justice, Colin Powell has a reserved spot in hell for the willfull acts of mass murder.

he also helped to cover-up

he also helped to cover-up Iran Contra when he was still in the military. hes not a good person, but he does indeed have credibility with many americans still. this is good news, it could slow down the Bush regimes destruction of the Geneva conventions. Colin Powell is a coward and a traitor, but his words do hold weight with many americans.