California's Orange County Register Editorial hints LIHOP/MIHOP

The 9/11 story

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

There is, in fact, no national consensus on the terrorist attacks and their aftermath

"...Was the success of the attacks (from a terrorist's tactical perspective) due to complacency by high officials and intelligence bungling or cleverness on the part of al-Qaida? Was the al-Qaida threat as obvious as it seemed to a few high officials at the time while fools and charlatans ignored it? Or was it only one concern among many that understandably didn't rise to the highest priority until 9/11 happened? Were there really enough dots to be connected that the attacks could have been thwarted, or is such talk 20/20 hindsight?

In a more sinister vein, did the government consciously let the plot go forward – or do it itself – to unite the populace behind war plans, as a surprising number of Americans are coming to believe?..."

- Discovered by RC and yh in the comments thread. - Orange County is a predominantly conservative county.

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GOP Leaders Back Bush on

GOP Leaders Back Bush on Wiretapping, Tribunals

Jonathan Weisman / Washington Post | September 14 2006

Congress's Republican leadership yesterday threw its weight behind two of President Bush's most controversial national security programs, warrantless wiretapping and extrajudicial military tribunals.

wow. they didnt even need another fake terror "threat" or "attack" this time either.i know the 2 party system is a shell game and both parties are basically scum, but there is some differences. republicans are so much quicker to piss on the constitution. this is bullshit.

free AlexJones broadcast about 9/11 protests

I almost spilt my coffee

I almost spilt my coffee reading this today.

Orange County is a very conservative republican county. Mostly Upper Middle class, white voters. I was born and raised out here. Anyway, I have been consistantly emailing the editor to cover 9/11 related stories. To see this is simply amazing.


I was visiting the father of a friend of mine who lives in OC. VERY conservative with a lot of retired military officers.


let's not forget when people start talking about "blue" and "red" counties or cities, or republican or democrat counties, the most we're typically talking is 60% on one side and 40% on the other, meaning, likely 40% or more of the OC is democrats/left. Furthermore, let's not assume because someone is "conservative", that they will not accept that it was an inside job. I am conservative, but not by today's neocon standards, and I fully believe our government had a hand in 9/11, no question about it.

don't buy into the false left/right paradigm and don't believe that conservatives are hopeless when it comes to believing the Truth. The OC is still in CALIFORNIA, where even the rightest of right are more liberal that most people in say the South.

conservative voters might be

conservative voters might be open to the truth, but the conservative talking heads aren't. We would need some prominent 'heads' , at least in the media, to abandon the Bush doctrine and come to our side.

there's a fair share of liberalism down there too

i too have lived in the OC for many years (not now though) but find that there's a decent amount of left-leanings down there. OC's also quite big and has many pockets of poor, lower class folk and lots of (illegal) mexicans. but w/ 9/11, that kind of profiling isn't exactly relevant or accurate.

hey Eckolater, what part of

hey Eckolater, what part of OC do you live in. Im in Costa Mesa and Fullerton. i don't know many truthers in the area. i really want to freeway blog the 55 going out of Costa Mesa and haven't found anybody who wanted to help.

Thanks Reprehensor.

When I read this editorial I called the paper and spoke to a lady in the editorial department. She was very open about what I had to say concerning WTC7 and the many other proplems with the official story. I was urged to send them an email and she would try to get it printed. She also assured me that she would watch the collapse video of WTC7. My letter to the editor has been sent and I plan to call back later today. We must have spoken for over 15 minutes and I hope she was as sincere as she sounded as this editorial must be causing them some grieve because this is the Fox watchers newspaper. Maybe the are concerned about being on the right side of history. We shall see.

I sent them a thank you note

I sent them a thank you note and a link to the movie clip of the Dutch demolition expert.

Someone who talked to demolition expert Danny Jowenko

From a Dutch 9/11 blog.

"Ik heb net ook persoonlijk met Danny Jowenko gesproken en voor hem is dit verhaal een gesloten boek en hij gaat er niet (nooit) meer op reageren. Danny is trouwens verbaasd over de ophef. Voor hem is er geen reden om te twijfelen aan het officiele verhaal en hij zegt dat hij zich de verslaggeving / nieuwsberichten van destijds nog kan herinneren waaruit bleek dat WTC7 gewoon bewust ‘was nagespongen’, uit voorzorg. Ik heb niet verder gevraagd maar zijn reacties in het gesprek waren voor mijn gevoel in tegenspraak met zijn reacties in de documentaire"


"I have just talked personally with Danny Jowenko and for him this story is closed and he's not going to give any reactions anymore. Danny is flabbergasted about all the fuss. According to him there is no reason to doubt the official story and he says he can remember the news reports at the time which pointed out that WTC7 was controlled demolished on purpose for safety reasons. I did not ask further about his reactions in this conversation as to me they seem to contradict his reactions in the documentary."

what an ironic statement

"According to him there is no reason to doubt the official story and he says he can remember the news reports at the time which pointed out that WTC7 was controlled demolished on purpose for safety reasons."

He doesn't doubt the official story.
But his memory of "news reports" directly contradicts the official story, that WTC7 was not intentionally demolished.

Quite an interesting response.



you will be remembered in history with great respect---

it will be impossible for govts in the future to stage false flag terror murders on their own citizens ---because of you all

personally i feel like 911truth doesnt need me anymore---
the time of the hacker/pranksters is past

now it's time for the grown ups to get in there


wishful thinking

I wish the 911 truth would be at this stage, to let the "big guys" handle it. That's what we did before 9/11, to let the MSM do the independent investigating and scandal-reporting. Sadly they failed us, deceived us, and we're on our own. I don't think the time has come yet where the avalanche breaks off - e.g. look at, where those republicans praise the progress in the war on terror, and 9/11 remains their religion, their holy grail - will they ever wake up?

Newt Gingrich goes around

Newt Gingrich goes around telling his supporters, and anyone else that will listen that we ae currently in World War 3. the guy is terrible.

Albanese on Meria Heller

Does anyone know where to find Albanese’s interview on Meria Heller on September 12th? It is in her archives but it is a subscription-only service. I heard it live and it was damned good. He gives a nice shot to Nico.

Meria Heller interview

Her show is weird in that you can't download her content. She is sending me a CD of the show and I will post it thereafter.


wow! i live in OC and rarely read the Register. i've written a few letters to the OCWeekly though, which i thought would be the only paper down here to give the movement any print. who wouldve thought that the Register would beat them to the punch. i'll write the OC Weekly again including the Register story.

Left Right.

Hey don't get get me wrong. I not buying the left-right bs. But if this highly conservative paper is exploring this issue it is a big deal. Also boast I am down here just inside the Orange Curtain in Seal Beach. Lets get this rolling.

Dr. Jones petition

A petition has been made in support of Dr. Jones

OC 911

I attended the Huntington Beach O.C. 911 Truth meeting on Monday night. The room was packed with perhaps 100 people. It was great to see so many young faces.

When I am out and about I try to engage as many people (especially young people) as possible in dialogue about the mess we are in this country. I have an anti-Bush bumper sticker on my car and it almost always evokes a comment from the folks at Trader Joes who help me take my groceries to the car. I try to hand them literature or a page of media resources I have compiled. I mention how important it is that we need a system of government based on checks and balances. I ask them to vote… and tell their friends to (hold their nose in some cases and) vote Democrat by mail. Always, the response has been positive.

I’ve screened some of the Greenwald films in Laguna Beach in the past and would now like to have monthly or bi-weekly screenings of films on the media, 911, etc. I can rent the UU Fellowship space which seats about 100. Another good spot would be the new Aliso Viejo Library (the mayor is a Green). I helped arrange for Col. Mary Ann Wright to speak there. It was a wonderful venue (free) and I it believe seats about 150-200.. I have considered doing an “educational” film series, giving it a name, and advertising it in the Laguna Independent or local Aliso Viejo paper.

Is there anyone in OC who could help me? I need someone willing to lend technical equipment and know how. There are screens in Laguna and Aliso Viejo…but everything else needs to be brought in.

I think 911 Press for Truth is a great place to start…then move on to Orwell Rolls in His Grave or From Freedom to Fascism ..or another 911 film, etc., etc….. It would also provide an opportunity distribute films and alternative media material.

One more thing…I attended a recent FCC Hearing for citizen comments held at USC. Of course the only two Commissioners present were Copps and Addelstein. The “majority” Commissioners have scheduled only 6 of these meetings for the whole country. I only learned about the meeting by chance through KPFK.

I believe Copps and Addelstein would be willing to hold more of these hearings if they can be arranged by concerned citizens. I think the residents of OC and San Diego should be heard from. There is a push for more media consolidation and anti-net neutrality right now and we need to push back. Air America needs to get onboard and announce the meetings.

Is there anyone connected with a University or College campus that might want to invite them to speak and record public complaints?