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David Ray Griffin appeared on BBC's Heaven & Earth Sunday. Here's the link. A British 9/11 truther tells me there were approximately 1 million viewers. It is an excellent interview, and David Shayler was great too.

This was just uploaded

to Google video today.

It must have been around a few days....

GW ,I've had it on my blog for a few days:

Not that it matters, glad you've got it here!

Wow, it's good!

Very refreshing to see actual intelligent debate on TV.

Now if only the Mail on Sunday person could be brought to see this through and put up the sound, rational rebuttal he obviously must have up his sleeve if thinks he can outright dismiss us...

I'm not holding my breath.

And the contention that it's bestowed upon us to completely prove our theory is absurd, considering that the very fact that their theory does not hold any water combined with the obvious motive and deliberate coverup pretty much indict them beyond any reasonable doubt.

Griffin WRONG about Pentagon hit according to Zembla

Recently the Dutch program Zembla, looked at some of the things Griffin is saying like there was no evidence of the Boeing hitting the Pentagon and that Hanjour wasn't skilled enough to perform the required air maneuver. They find both of these ideas of Griffin WRONG. There was plenty of evidence of a Boeing hit and the skill level required wasn't as much as Griffin thinks. View the video and see for yourself.

I've just watched the entire

I've just watched the entire Zembla film. It comes in strong support of a LIHOP scenario, but it refutes the claim that a Boeing could not have hit the pentagon. (It doesn't prove that a 757 DID hit, or which 757, but refutes the claims that it is impossible pretty convincingly.)

It also opposes the CD theori of WTC1&2 (not 7), but IMHO gives no conclusive evidence to disprove the theory.

not entirely

That was a fairly decent documentary...thanks for the link...

While Griffin might be wrong about there being no 757, it is not suffice to say he's wrong about it not being piloted by Hani Hanjour.
Zembla's little debunking of that is rather pathetic.
All they do is get in a simulator, have the flight already near the Pentagon (in which the flight actually went almost passed W Virgina before turning around), and then not even bother crashing it into the bottom floor of the Pentagon, as it was on 9/11.
The flight was literally only a few feet off the ground as it went into the Pentagon. That is extremely hard to do at that speed. At no point did they do it in their test on the simulator, in fact one part they show them going into the ground before reaching the pentagon.
They just make the argument that hitting the Pentagon at all isn't hard (after you're in the vicinity no less). That's extremely generic and misleading, given what actually happened.

While we're at it, the wtc..

Jowenko, albeit a demolition expert, might know a thing or two, he fails to see that the demolition of the WTC could've simply been done with an unconventional method with unconventional explosives. He is assuming that black-op groups would use only the same type of stuff he is familiar with. This has a lot of implications, such as cabling (no need if it's radio controlled), survivability (no concern if they're in protected cases), and amount (they could've used less explosive that is advanced that is much more powerful than using more conventional explosive).....
He also is not aware that there were reported explosions in the basement. They could easily compromise the building from the bottom, to get the top to act as though it was only collapsing from there. That is simply done by removing the strength of the core, pulling on the top to initiate collapse, and then have explosives raze the building preceding the collapse zone as it was falling.

The film does a very amateur attempt at saying that the MIHOP is absurd just off of these two things they provide to 'debunk' it.
At least they lend it into LIHOP....but we all know LIHOP is absurd for you wouldn't leave it in the hands of jihadists to initiate your agenda.

Good points about ...

Good points about the flight simulation and the demolition experts opinions on WTC1 & WTC2. His surprise at WTC7 may make him rethink his views on the other buildings. The notion about explosives being set off by the planes fires can be countered by the use of thermite, thermate and super-thermite which would not have been ignited. However, the evidence that a Boeing hit the Pentagon was very convincing and this is a big problem for the no-plane or better no-Boeing theories.

I find it interesting how

I find it interesting how the "jounalists" seems to be in lock step with the U.S. MSM in so much as he flatly rejects any other version but that put forward by the American media. He then has the audacity to claim that he approaches all stories with a skeptical view.

The truth clearly is coming out. Anyone with eyes can see. Anyone with ears can hear. The lies are being exposed.

Griffin + Chavez = Gold.

Griffin + Chavez =




"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Of course chunky

Of course chunky hunky monkey... :-)


MSM, establishment politicians, and the State of Denial

Absolutely. The MSM and establishment politicians are just a mess.

I just caught a glimpse of Larry King speaking with Jimmy Carter tonight on one of our televisions. I snapped it right off.

It was sickening to hear Jimmy Carter speaking with such authority under the notion that the U.S. was attacked solely from without. How blind can one be to not clearly see that criminals in the U.S. government were involved.

People are lying to themselves when they tell themselves WTC 1 & 2 came down because of jet fuel and fire. Not to even mention the outrageousness of the changing stories regarding the collapse of WTC 7.

The gatekeepers' floodgates

The gatekeepers' floodgates seem to have opened exceptionally now for the Chavez story. And remember there were also similar comments from Iran.

The only thing that could backfire is when the Republicans start to spin it as "anti-american" and "terrorist" propaganda.


The cool, calm, collected Griffin at his best.

According to Alex Jones,

According to Alex Jones, Chavez specifically mentioned WTC7 in his speech but the American media cropped it.

yeah, i noticed that too.

yeah, i noticed that too.

This Chavez thing is huge.

This Chavez thing is huge.

The left gatekeepers can no longer call us "nuts".

One editorial tried to

One editorial tried to attack Griffin, but couldn't find much of a scandal about him, so they blamed him for selling 100000 books to provide 'funding for the truth movement'. This is so ridiculous when one compares it to the billions the neocons have allocated for the DHS, for the wars, and the many times they played the '9/11 card' to impose their own will.

You Gotta Love It

Lucidation leads to transformation

Brilliant. The guys face as it dawns on him that it must have been rigged in advance. He so much wants not to believe it, but he cannot hang on. Priceless.


Does anyone know this guys credentials? I tried to google him but didn't come up with anything.

For me, this is a very powerful video.

Thanks to whoever translated and posted this...

Demolitions Veteran

He is a 27 year veteran of the demo industry. He runs his own company and is billed as the top blaster in Holland.


Thanks... Found his website at with more info

Fire and explosives

"Mr Jowenko is a controlled demolition expert with years of experience in this area. He didn't know wtc7 came down. He doesn't believe the twin towers had explosives because if there was fire why wouldn't it start immediately. Explosives will burn and otherwise they will be triggered at 320 degrees celsius. The journalist shows him wtc7, interesting."

He has a point here. In buildings 1 and 2, why wouldn't the fires have set off some of the explosives immediately?

I thought i heard about

I thought i heard about witnesses saying they heard explotions on september 11th, 2001? Maybe those explotions were because of the fires.

Dr Steven Jones

Slightly off topic, but I wanted to let every one know that I just received an email from Dr Steven Jones and he appears to be in good spirits and he is till very hard at work.:

"Things have changed some around here you may have heard, but I’m still working hard!!"

No surprise his spirit will not be surpressed. Because of BYUs actions he will not be able to travel to Italy for a conference he was suppose to attend, however he will be submitting a presentation of his work, so his message is alive and well. Prayers and support for this kind and courageuos soul are in order.

GW, have you granted us

GW, have you granted us permission to support the lynchpin of our movement yet?

Support Professor Jones

Off Topic

I swear somthings breaking. The Orange County Registor newspaper printed this editorial This is the newspaper of the Rebublican dominated Orange County California. The meat sentance being" Did the goverment let the plot go forward?" I damn near shit myself when I read it. Yes I did call the paper and talked with the editorial department. I have more on this if anyone is interested

I'm interested

What did the editorial department say?

where's the article?

Is the article gone?

Still there...

I imagine you've already found it, but if you haven't:

Hits me like a brick.

Ijust had to write in and say how this is effecting me emotionally. WOW The more and more I realize that this truth is going to have to emerge it scares the shit out of me. Kind of a fear of success becasue I know how "they " are gong to react. These guys play for all the marbles and have proven that they are totally ruthless. So there's that barrier then you realize that the only way to go is all the way, once you see it.
This BBC interview is FANTASTIC, just look at the way people grapple with this. DRG is by far the best spoksman but I am so proud of all you guys who made it to NY it brings tears to my eyes. Look at the way they are wanting to wade into this now. This is going to wake so many people up becasue they will do the research. The trouble is it's such a can of worms, I guess we'll just have to make it the most intersting, historic, truth the world has ever seen.
i want to make a difference so bad, there should have been three million people on the streets of N. Y. Where the hell is that so called antiwar movement, they can only hide for so long. Amy made good in my book though, now I don't have much of an excuse not to give them money. For the past three years everytime They would ask for money I would say not until Amy Goodman address 911 well now she pretty much has, for now anyway.
I live in Houston a city of millions and I can't find anybody to organize with in a meaningfull way, not yet, someday we are gonna wake up like those people in th emovie Vendetta and EVERYONE will be compelled to OPEN YOU WINDOWS AND YELL " i'M MAD AS HELL AND i'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE.
Trouble is all these people isolated on their computers is not getting the job done, it has to be bad, it has to be nationwide. We still need a strong leader to emerge someone who will ring the bell and say this is it, we have to have massive non violent protest with millions in the streets. Education isn't enough, there has to be some kind of ghandi like gesture, DRG is really hitting it right on the head about Christianity, he is calling them on their hypocracy BIG TIME, I think Jesus would be at the head of the protest, he wouldn't stand by and see it, he would do something. How would JESUS protest how's that for a thought, a lot like what DRG is doing I think......
Any comments on my post ???

Did it ever occur to anyone

Did it ever occur to anyone that the 9/11 Truth movement is being allowed a MSM voice now for a reason? Seems a little too convenient that after 5 years, suddenly (over the course of several weeks), the information that has been WIDELY available for so long is now being deliberately "dished up" on the plate of mass consumption. Why?

Perhaps the people "in charge" have decided it's time to plummet the U.S. into mass hysteria, thus allowing them to somehow further whatever agenda they have (and it's anybody's guess what that might be).

Time will tell.

9/11 as psy-op

9/11 was a psychological shock and awe attack on the world's population, but especially the people of the US. A substantial percentage of people actually experienced symptoms of depression or PTSD in the immediate aftermath -- sleep disturbance, appetite change, intrusive memories, anxiety, etc.

But it's wearing off. It's prominent in the MSM right now because of the anniversary, and the fact that the effects of the psy-op are losing their potency when held up against a story that is just crazy talk.

But you're right -- that is, I've considered your theory, too, and you could be right about that, but you are certainly right about "time will tell."

definetly possible

But there is also another possibility to be considered. As the masses have begun to realize the truth that was 911, many may now feel the worm is turning and this may give them more courage to go places they would not have years ago. If the middle management and middle minions have realized the truth that was 911, they may have figured out that if the servents don't stop the masters they'll become slaves. Maybe self preservation has kicked in where decency left a void for the average minion not at the level of Hannity or Oreilly. Considering the reports coming in that the police and firemen have shown unparalled support for the truth movement at new york, there is indeed cause for encouragement. It is time to embrace and unite with our police, firemen, troops and local officials in this common cause. unite and conquer.

Don't allow this circular thought.

This is why you need to be skeptical. If you allow yourself to be tumble-tossed by each new theory, you're going to lose it. A lot of 9/11 truth theories are being blown FAR out of the realm of any plausbility, and their critics deemed as "disinfo agents", and "shills".

Granted, what happened was spectacular, but it wasn't in defiance of physics. What happened on Sept. 11, happened INSIDE the terms of explainable, repeatable, science.

Most of these people, especially those who think that the Bush administration is using Area 51-level alien-level hologram technology to superimpose the image of jetliners over missiles, are mentally unstable. Ask yourself.... If they had that level of technology, why not make the missiles invisible, or appear to be something much more distinctivlely, or politically evil? It would have been much more effective. The crazies will say that it is because of wanting to distract people from what I just insinuated, because I'm programmed to repeat the official line....... No. The people who tout these theories are unable to distinguish reality from plausible fact, and are to be avoided.

If they really wanted public opinion to be solidified, they would have used something better. Wouldn't this whole thing be MUCH more effective fighting UFO's? The CGI people are fucking nuts. Ewing, this is you.

I talked for hours tonight to a guy who thinks Chris Angel is the real deal. DO NOT convince yourselves that everything is a conspiracy, you will do nothing but end up in a logical mess. There was a fantastic article on this.

Of course, not everything ISN'T a conpiracy, either. 9/11 is something that we WILL uncover, with our patriotism and diligence. Peace and strength to all.

repeatable ??

Quoting "What happened on Sept. 11, happened INSIDE the terms of explainable, repeatable, science."

My personal opinion is that the observed "collapses" of WTC1 & 2 are not repeatable (absent explosives of course).
Scientific study shows that a building "collapse" is uni-directional (happens in one direction) and not outwardly explosive. And that the rubble will still contain partially attached 3-dimensional steel structural frames, rather than segments and plates.

I'm very eager to be proved wrong or right with a physical experiment.

defiance of physics.

I tutor collge physics, math and chemistry for a living, I've worked as a reactor operator in a nuclear propusion plant and for the fusion engineering research program while attending UCSD, I'm about to assist a student in understand the math needed in her doctoral thesis in the fusion program, so I am very very familiar with physics. Molten polls of metal 6 WEEKS AFTER 9/11 is impossible from burning jet fuel and/or burning office equipment, to argue otherwise is to be ignorant or live in denial. Knowing it's true brings up the next question, what caused this? and how did it get there? The collapse of wtc 7 at FREE FALL speed absolutely defied the laws of conservation of enery and conservation of momentum without the use of explosives. I will listen to any reasonable argument, but I've derived and reviewed the equations that apply to the physics of wtc 7 and they are extremely credible.
please watch professor jones explain several of these facts at:


The sentence reads : Did the goverment consciously let the plot go forward- or do it itself- to unite the populace behind war plans, as a surprising number of Americans are coming to believe?" end quote. Sorry my typing sucks.

My link does not work

Trying to fix it, shit.


Exquisite post lovebunny

Latest show

Hey, just finished my show and thought i'd share:
This show starts with the Bellrays song, "Some Confusion City", then we go into a great clip I found on Mindwalk's show by George Carlin about the club that you're not in and how the members of that club use it to beat you down.
60 Dead Muslims in 24 hours? What the heck? smells like an black-op to me, as does the latest school shooting in Montreal. Then I play "Leaving Babylon" by Bad Brains
Then I share my excitement in finding the genius Michael Tsarion and play clips from some of his presentations. for more Michael Tsarion, he recently did an awesome six part series on a fine radio program, called Red Ice Radio,
I also throw in some J.W. May "Quitting Song" and "Collateral Damage" and my new favorite,Shiragirl, "Fake Teen Anxt" and "3 Minute Me"
Finally I close out the show w/ Jordan Maxwell on toxic religion. Please check out Mr. Maxwell's amazing body of work, and
Emcee Lynx, "Stars in the Sky"
Check him out, live in concert at the fabulous RadioActive SanDiego Benefit Hip Hop Show, this coming October 14 at Voz Alta in San Diego.
2 hours.
direct download: podcast url

need high-speed internet for 9/11 truth?

I wonder if you need a high-speed internet connection to get turned on to 9/11 truth? Maybe this is one of the major barriors?

Personally, for me it was videos that got me hooked - D.R. Griffin at U of Wisc Madison, and Loose Change. If I still had only a dial-up modem, I really don't think I would be here right now, looking up this website every possible minute available.

High speed internet access

is definitely what did it for me. I just needed a brief exposure to the facts, and I was blasted straight into the MIHOP-o-sphere. That happened literally within 2 weeks of getting broadband.

I still encounter many people with dial-up only, including my local 9/11 group.

I think you're both right

Burning videos and audios onto dvds and cds and giving them out to dial-uppers would be cost effective and may have a significant impact. I've downloaded videos from (definite variety and lots of videos and audios) and sent them on dvd across the country to people who requested them. Maybe I should pass those out with single dvds like martial law and road to tyranny. glad I caught your blog.

Which doco was that Youtube

Which doco was that Youtube footage from, the one with the construction expert? It looks like an interesting doco.

Griffin and Shayler were excellent and it was obvious that the female host had never heard of (a.) Operation Gladio, and (b.) Northwoods. The official-story journo on the couch came across as a tool.

try this

A Wasted Opportunity

This was a great opportunity, and I was looking forward to seeing Griffin do his deconstruction of the timeline. Instead, I was sorely disappointed to see him piss away his minutes on the BBC talking about the towers. Remember, this is the evidence that Bush has destroyed. On the other hand, the timeline is in the public domain, and it's easy for someone like Griffin to poke holes in it. So why did he pass up this golden opportunity to talk about something that is very likely true (the demolition), but can't be conclusively proved, instead of citing the 9/11 truth movement's rock-solid case that Bush's timeline is a crock of baloney? It's no wonder the journalist was skeptical!

ISI and CIA Money Trails

I consider the historical money trails between the Pakistani ISI and the CIA to be the most damning of all evidence. The money trail is the true smoking gun of 9/11.

Follow the Money!

Yes, the observation about the money trail is on the money! Any crime investigator will tell you that "following the money" is one of the basics. 9/11 researchers should be focusing on the money, the war games, the political and financial connections, and the contradiction-ridden timeline. Here we can use known and verifiable facts to make our case.

Instead, the movement is getting bogged down in interminable arguments with debunkers about why the towers' concrete turned to dust, ad nauseam, an approach that, in the absense of physical evidence to examine, is mostly in the realm of speculation. And that's what makes us an easy target for the debunkers.

PrisonPlanety recently

PrisonPlanety recently slammed the Pentagon "fake plane /missile" theories. Ha. Seriously, why do people fall for the fake plane at the Pentagon red herring? Its like saying if a plane flys into the mouth of a volcano, it wasnt a real plane. God I hope they take out that theory in LC Final Cut. No plane should extend to mean fake planes. Those calls werent faked people!

US Embassy Warning

This was posted on the BBC's "Heaven and Earth" web page; (scroll down to bottom)

Statement from US Embassy on 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
September 8, 2006

The so-called "9/11 Truth" movement ignores scientific fact and common sense in formulating its elaborate conspiracy theories.

The U.S. "9/11 Commission" established in painstaking detail precisely how the September 11 attacks succeeded. It published its findings in The 9/11 Commission Report, which is available online.

The U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology conducted an exhaustive three-year investigation into why the World Trade Center twin towers collapsed. It employed 200 private sector and government technical experts, who interviewed more than 1,000 people and examined tens of thousands of documents, 7,000 photographs, 7,000 segments of video footage, and 236 pieces of steel from the wreckage of the towers. Their unambiguous conclusion was that the towers collapsed due to the impact of the planes, which severed and damaged key support columns and dislodged fireproofing insulation, which allowed the unusually large multi-story fires, ignited by thousands of gallons of jet fuel, to fatally weaken the towers. The investigation found "no evidence … of any blast or explosions".

Some conspiracy theorists falsely claim that American Airlines flight 77 did not strike the Pentagon. But they cannot explain why the remains of the passengers and crew of the flight, and its “black box” were found at the crash site, the remains identified by DNA.

Others falsely claim that United Airlines flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania, was shot down by a missile. But the U.S. military did not learn that this flight had been hijacked until four minutes after it crashed. The hijackers deliberately downed it to prevent the passengers from seizing control of the flight – events clearly captured on the cockpit voice recorder.

Conspiracy theorists focus not on facts but on dozens of "seeming anomalies", which may sound suspicious but which evaporate upon close inspection.

- Thanks Niven for sending this in.

quantity over quality

NIST is a governmental agency whos director is directly appointed by GW Bush, but that has no significance so it was proper and very credible to omit it. and of course there has never been any conspiracies in our history: (24 Megs) (33 Megs) (33 Megs)

They also confirmed the hijackers with DNA testing, but never said how the got the initial sample to test it against before they were hijackers. but that's okay because only a communist would question government, patriots don't. And how dare anyone take the word of firemen who led the fbi to the 3 black boxes, firemen must be bush haters and we know the FBI is honest and open and all about truth, just ask anyone not named Sibel Edmonds. And who cares if fema, nist and the 911 comission totally ignored wtc 7 or admitted that the official version had only a very low probability, and that when underwriters laboratory was contracted to to test the beam strength they COULDN'T GET IT TO FAIL, so what, half the people in America don't even know about wtc 7 so it can't be important, nope, just another anomoly for cospiracy theorists. When will tthese conspiracy nuts learn to let the government do their thinking for them!
Vive fox news!!

Need .WMV version urgently !

Need .WMV version urgently !


DRG on Talksport with James Whales for 2.5hours!!

an audience of 1 million, including most cabbies in London who will start spreading the word. Apparently as he left the studio his cabbie gave him a round of applause and said he'd had mates ringing him telling him to listen!!! It's been a great week here in the UK. 0Dr%20David%20Ray%20Griffin%20-%2011%20Sep%202006.mp3

Even Indymedia have started to take us seriously.

There are loads of London demo pics there too on the newswire on the right hand side