Howie Hawkins for US Senate, NY Green Party

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Howie Hawkins for US Senate

Hawkins' Senate Campaign Airs Radio Ads Calling for New Investigation of 9/11

Calls Bush/Clinton "War on Terrorism" the Wrong Response

Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for US Senate, has begun airing radio ads calling for a new investigation into the 9/11 attacks and condemning the so-called war on terrorism as the wrong response to 9/11. The ads will initially begin running on 9/11 in New York City on Air America, WWRL; WSYR in Syracuse; and WROW in Albany (on the Fred Dicker Show). LISTEN here at:

Hawkins said the unlike the previous investigations, this one needed to be led by people from outside the US military, intelligence, and national security establishment. "The fifth anniversary of the murders of several thousand individuals at the World Trade Center, DC and Pennsylvania is an opportune time to reflect on whether our country took the right response after 9/11. This tragedy has been cynically manipulated by the Bush administration with the active support of both parties in Congress. The so-called “war on terrorism‚ has isolated the US politically. It has fueled a huge increase in an already bloated military budget, leading to massive war profiteering, soaring federal budget deficits, and cutbacks in many domestic programs. It led to the invasion of Iraq, which had nothing to do with 9/11. And it has curtailed civil liberties and public dissent at home. Meanwhile, terrorism has increased throughout the world," said Hawkins.


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Left-Right paradigm

People need to start voting for those candidates that actually represent true change. People need to break away from the Left-Right paradigm started at the turn of the century (20th) by Rockefeller and the CFR slime. Democrat-Republican is typically a WASTED vote for change. The word NEEDS to be spread that a vote for the Dems/Repubs is a vote for the STATUS QUO. People need to vote for the right candidate-NOT the right party. Typically, when you vote for a Dem/Repub, you are voting for the PARTY line. This does NOT represent the average American-IT REPRESENTS ITS MASTERS-BANKING, CORPORATE INTERESTS!

Whether you believe it or

Whether you believe it or not, I'm not an antisemite.
Read this:,1249,645201360,00.html
The sane Christians and Atheists all over the world have to unite and make it crystal clear that
criticising an individual Jew or a small group of Jews is NOT Anti-Semitism.
From the article:
A spokesman for the Anti-Defamation League said he will recommend in a committee meeting tomorrow that the ADL send a letter to BYU complaining about the comments and expressing concern that such comments might be made by Jones in his classes. BYU relieved Jones of his teaching load this semester while it conducts a formal review of his research and statements.
"Wow, I don't know if he could be any clearer," said Jonathan Bernstein, regional director of the Anti-Defamation League for California, Utah and Hawaii. "This is the language we hear from David Duke and other hatemongers who want to scapegoat Jews."
Fight against those ADL liars!

Democrat-Republican is typically a WASTED vote for change

Democrat-Republican is typically a WASTED vote for change.............How true. The problem is most Americans will vote for one of the two parties. If you vote for a third party such as the Green party you waste a vote or help the Republicans win. The only third party candidate in my lifetime that had a chance to win was Perot but he dropped out. I assume he was under threat from the "Puppet Masters" and figured it wasn't worth it. I am sure his family was threatened also. This is what we are up against. Until the American people say enough is enough expect more of the same. Push MIHOP, it is the only way out of this mess...................................................."Every Dog Has His Day"

Perot was already a bit

Perot was already a bit crazy(though obviously more qualified for the job than Bush or Clinton) but he really lost his mind near the end there when he dropped out. i always wondered what really happened there.

goddamnit i wish i could

goddamnit i wish i could vote for this guy.

Republicrat - Two headed monster

I was manning the 911Truth table at my local festival a couple of days ago, and the Green Party were right next door, trying to get people to sign a petition to allow the Green Party to continue to exist in Maryland. One Democrat refused to sign saying”the Green Party, that’s why we have Bush”. As if things would have been different with Lieberman in the White House. As if Clinton wasn’t responsible for Waco, and massive cocaine shipments through Mena, and covering up the murder of two teenagers. As if there was a blind bit of difference between the two corporate parties. Democrats, Republicans, -sheep, the lot of them.

Election Fraud.

That's why we have Bush.


> ”the Green Party, that’s why we have Bush”.

well, because of the voting system, thats true.

> "Election Fraud, that’s why we have Bush”.

Now thats true, too.

The voting system is VERY BAD.. an embarrasment to "democracy"

I can only recommend you listen to