New evidence from British Intelligence hurting "Loose Change"

I don't know if there is a website to find this evidence but I got it from my book called "War on terror" that discredits the movie"Loose Change". The movie was right in saying that "puts" were put into the United Airlines which caused suspicion among the intelligence community. But thinking from the movies point of view is that they think that most investors are American, some are but most are international businessmen. Also Arab investors with many companies pulled stocks from the stock exchange, including the business' that Bin Laden helps or suports.
Also the guy was saying on "Loose Change" that there was no way Iraq and Afghanistan could fund the September 11 attacks nevermind conduct them. But Bin Laden is a multimillionaire a billionaire in fact. Being the son of a wealthy father who owned Bin Laden Construction in Saudi Arabia building presidential palaces and such. Now Bin Laden owns companies such as a holding company called "Wadi Al Aqiq", a construction company named "Al Hijra", an agricultural business called "Al Themar Al Mubaraka", and two investment companies called "Ladin International" anmd"Taba Investments. But SAl Qaeda personally inherits billions of dollars every year from the ditribution and selling of opium poppies that are refined into heroin every year. The funds for Al Qaeada are limitless. Iraq and Afghanistan needed someone to carry out the attacks for them so they had to get support and funds from Al Qaega to do it for them. Also in August and early September of 2001, Bin Laden warned his close associates in North America to return to the midfdle east by Septmebr 10,2001. When the British Intelligence service heard of this they called the United States and warned them. So that tells you how the CIA found out about them asead of time. The United States had to do something so they called the people like the San Fransisco mayor and told him not to fly tomorrow on Sept 1. Of couurse the US had no idea that planes would crash into the WTC and other places but knew that something to do with terrorism was going to hit American soil on September 11. The US couldn't stop all air travel so they just called the people in high places to not fly.

Phil, you're mixing-up many things at once...

I suggest you read a book like The New Pearl Harbor: Disturbing Questions About the Bush Administration and 9/11 by David Ray Griffin. You can find it used on Amazon for about $8.

your post seems to focus on

your post seems to focus on the financial issues surrounding 9/11, do you question this statement made by the 9/11 commission report?

on page 172 of their report, stated that the question of who bankrolled the September 11th attacks was "of little practical significance."

One of the reported ties involved General Mahmoud Ahmad of the Pakistani ISI routing $100,000 to Mohammed Atta a week before 9/11, unfortunately that link wasn't even examined.

We can hypothesize all we want about who had the financial abilities to fund 9/11, but the focus should be that those challenged with doing an investigation decided it wasn't important to do, and willfully ignored what little information was made public.

But do you see what I'm

But do you see what I'm getting at there are errors in the "Loose Change" video. I wasn't just talking about funds but the actual pulling out of stocks by arabs in the middle east and the call back of bin laden supporters before September 10, 2001. Al Qaeda knew of the attacks not because the United States gov't told them but because they were carrying out the attacks themselves and knew exactly what was going on. The conspiracy video is pointing the fingers at the US while the truth points to Al Qaeda.

what i'm getting at is that

what i'm getting at is that there are errors in the 9/11 commission report.. i dont think anyone claims that loose change is some definitive account, or even a fully encompassing documentary about 9/11 questions.. it is a work by a group of 3 guys, the 9/11 movement is made up of millions, each with different views and focus of research, none of them perfect.

i looked back over your post, and i have never heard the following before, i would appreciate some reference as this sounds more like an assertion than fact:
Also in August and early September of 2001, Bin Laden warned his close associates in North America to return to the midfdle east by Septmebr 10,2001.

Osama bin-Laden--Is he even still alive?

How do you suppose bin-Laden operates the business you list and funds world-wide terror operations while hiding in caves & being chased all around Pakistan by the U.S. military?

He himself funds them but of

He himself funds them but of course does not head them physically he has men under him and al-Zawahiri who would run these business' and plus these are legitimate intelligence from MI5 I said that on the blog. I was not using just my opinion but brought some proof with me. But even these business' were destroyed Bin Laden would still hold on the billions of dollars from Bin Laden construction which he is legally entitled to. I suggest reading "Homeland Terror" that goes into the life of Bin Laden starting with his father Mohammed who started up Bin Laden construction and all the way to the Russian invasion of Afghanistan which Bin Laden help fund the taliban and supported them with building equipment such as cranes and bulldozers to create trenches and hidden caves in the mountains where Bin Laden could be hiding today. Bin Laden has so much money from the opium poppy business and bin laden construction and all the other business' he has no bottom line.

The U.S. would have frozen bin-Laden's assets long ago...

If bin-Laden is still living, he couldn't send a dollar to his mother, nor her a dollar to him at this point. All his money would be traced & his assets frozen.

You are way off on the "getting out of stocks." Numerous brokerages not only handled put options but also sold short huge volumes of airliner stocks immediately before 9/11. One of the top firms involved was headed by a former CIA chief. Just a co-incidence. Sure.

legitimate intelligence from MI5' that is an oxymoron if I've ev

'legitimate intelligence from MI5' that is an oxymoron if I've ever heard one.
It has to rank as highly as impartial BBC news report, as far as the British establishment are concerned.

MI5 are the same people that brought you the Downing Street memo, the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction and the 45 minute warning. Not forgetting the unexplained death of Dr David Kelley (weapons expert) and the 7/7 London Bombings. The same agency exposed by David Shayler (who spent 6 months in prison) for using Al-CIA'Da/ Al-Quaida to assassinate Libyian leader Colonel Gaddafi.

As for Zawahiri, this is the man who can seem to produce and Al-Quaida video threatening hell, damnation and extermination at the most opportune moments for the Anglo-American war on terror. Lets just remember who Zawahiri is: A key part of the Sadat (president of Egypt) assassination, who after the assassination was protected by m15 in London. Sadat’s widow, Jehan Sadat, recalling in a television interview given after 9/11, that Zawahiri had lived in London or years after the assassination while extradition to Egypt was refused by the UK/MI5.

So Bin Laden can operate his multi-trillion dollar terror empire via proxy, and through opium sales. Yes I don't doubt you, his proxies are CIA, MI5 and Mossad. Bin Laden is their stooge, puppet and their creation.

I'm afraid you are confused. 9/11 was an inside job and it was done by a clandestine group which cuts through all intelligence agencies of the world.

As for suggested reading I suggest you start again, and start with 'Synthetic Terror Made in the USA' by Webster Tarpley, and then move onto work by your fellow Canadian 'Towers of Deception' by Barry Zwicker.

Please start again with your analysis and stop putting out this disinformation before you are labelled an agent of disinfo.

anybody heard of

anybody heard of N.E.S.A.R.A.? It might also play a crucial role regarding 9/11. Just a thought.