Paul Thomspon Tells Us Why "Path To 9/11" Is Crap On Randi Rhodes

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If you watched the families' press conference, you'll know that Paul Thompson, when asked a question, answers with an encyclopedic knowledge of 9/11 behind it.

Need new glasses

I read this as, "Paul Thompson tells us why 9/11 Press for Truth is crap" and I experienced a brief yet intense moment of extreme cognitive dissonance.

You too, huh? Thankfully it

You too, huh? Thankfully it was very brief.

Upon further reflection I think the letter "P" at the beginning of both titles probably had something to do with it. Something like this:

Hey Jon, What's the story

Hey Jon,

What's the story with ybbs? "Firefox cannot establish a connection to the server at"


Nevermind, seems to be

Nevermind, seems to be working again now... hopefully you're not having problems like before.

aaaaaaaaans its out again!

aaaaaaaaans its out again!