Is There Literally A Spirit Behind The 911 Truth Movement?

There is much to be depressed about with regard to the entire 911 story. If that were also a pretext for war, you might justifiably be cynical too.
Yet amid all the gloom must you be religious to wonder what great force is at work bringing truth out - against (what at first must be said to have been) all odds? Am I the only one who has noticed that there is something really different going on right now? It is almost as though there were some higher power at work that is propelling the truth movement almost everywhere at the same time.
To give you an example of what I mean, nobody asked me to start researching 911. It was not even one of those "coincidences" either that got me suddenly downloading material like a madman.
Indeed given that my father passed away a little over a month after 911, I associate that tragedy - which I myself thank God was not involved in - with that particular time in my life. Given too the Great Twins' iconic status, and the fact that they were constructed when I was growing up, at a time when (as Team Twin Towers) aptly put it man walked on the moon, I have consequently come to associate those icons with the time before my father's death and my childhood. Yet that is but a subjective personal association of interest but to myself.
The demise of the Great Twins was nevertheless a before and after event for us all. We know that somehow the world has changed, forever. It has become acceptable to be spied on by CCTV cameras, all in the interests of security, and I am sorry to say that such cameras now meticulously watch the movements of every child at the school I grew up in. I am glad I no longer live there. Whatever has changed our world, we know that it began to change on 911.
So what was it that got me to start looking into the matter again? Maybe I did have a feeling that our world has become different (read "worse"), and maybe it started off as trying to research where I believed it all started. Except that I find that lots of people are beginning to do the same thing! Among the younger generation here in Norway, 911 Truth is already well established.
I found that out last night when singing in a choir. During our break I was discussing 911 truth with a fellow singer, who was new to the subject. This person had an eleven year old son who was with us, and he just butted in - oh, but all this is old hat. He knew all of this. Could have told us ages ago.
Which brings me to the question I started off with. As surely as the forces behind the slaughter of 3000 or so people on 911 were evil, and real, can it be that there is another force at work in the exposing of 911 truth? It seems to be happening, then establishing itself all over the globe, and we could very well soon be in the situation where whatever is acknowledged or proven, everybody basically has worked out 2+2 is 4 anyway.
What is happening seems somehow different. It is almost like it has its own "life" to it, which is what makes me wonder if The Spirit of Truth Himself is at work here. Sorry about the religious take on this, but just looking at what has happened in the last year it makes you wonder.

The Time of a Great Spiritual Awakening is Upon Us.

I agree with the premise of your post. I too am one who has been deeply affected by 9/11 on a spiritual level.

9/11 occurred two weeks prior to the birth of my only son. As I was one who fel intuitively that this was an "inside job" from the start, I became highly distraught over just what kind of world I was bringing a child into.

I must admit that I have lost faith in America. But that faith has been replaced by a renewing of my spiritual faith. As a consequence my world view has grown to such an extent that I am seriously considering leaving America.

I only hope that the sentiments that you espouse and that I sense are indeed growing. We are certainly living in some dark times. We are in need of light.

Christopher, good point...

I believe it is the eternal Spirit of Truth that empowers us and pushes us forward.
However, I've also looked at the evil that festers and spreads if "good men do nothing". We are in a battle against the force of darkness that is attempting to envelope this country and the world.

Whatever one's spiritual beliefs, each of us must carry a light, no matter what the intensity, to expose the great deception. Some lights might burn brighter than others, but what truly matters is that each of us shines the truth as brilliantly as we are able.

the revelation of the 911

the revelation of the 911 hoax is the signpost of the evolvement of mankind---it will lead toward harmony with true liberty and technology in joyful coexistence

in the movie '2001 a space oddyssey'---they kept showing a monolith that resembles the world trade center---everytime beings were around it --.>they evolved

in the real 2001 the monolith was the actual wtc buildings---and now people are evolving

strangely coincidental true art imitating life or vice versa

Yeah, I don't think so.

Yeah, I don't think so. Technology is not interchangable with energy. In fact, technology is dependent on energy and energy growth is ending. We are experiencing and living the peak of industrial civilization, fueled by a couple centuries of increasing availablilty of cheap energy. It's downhill from here, but without recognizing and exposing the truth of 9/11 it will be much worse than it would otherwise.

Everyone open to 9/11 truth should also be aware of energy depletion what we might do about it. A good starting point is Powerdown by Richard Heinberg. It's relatively short and makes a good introduction. If you prefer audio/visual media like I do, watch The End of Suburbia.

The human spirit can be a powerful thing but human denial seems to overwhelm it most of the time. At least that's what I've been learning since 9/11.

after the 911hoax

after the 911hoax revelation---

we're gonna build a windfarm the size of oklahoma and give free (almost?)energy to the whole planet

we're gonna have transportation thats better than gas powered cars that are faster and non pollutive----

limitless communication--upmost respect for individual liberty

after the impeachment of the pnac---etc.---the barriers will be gone

That is wishful thinking,

That is wishful thinking, rand. I leave open the possibility that you are correct but from everything I have read and seen, it just does not seem to match with reality. Please, check out Powerdown, The Long Emergency, or The End of Suburbia.



ok... i'll try to be


i'll try to be 'mature'

there is a windfarm here in ok---my stepdad works for the power company----it supplies up to 1/5 the amount of power that the old generators make--

now these windmills are probably only on about 300 acres---

surrounding this is about a 6 hour drive of just ghost town vibes
if they spent a tiny fraction of what theyre spending on the iraq war for windpower -----we would all have free electricity forever

One of the big problems with

One of the big problems with alternative energy is scale. Do you have any numbers or sources to back up your last claim? How tiny a fraction of our Iraq war expenditures would it take? Free electricity forever is simply not possible. The earth is finite. The sun is finite. Generators require maintenance and have a lifespan. Electricity can't power the interstate highway system.

I'll say it again; it's wishful thinking. But don't take my word for it, or your step-dad's or his employer's. Find some other sources and read about it. Or don't. I'm just trying to share what I've learned.

Peace, randkiller.

you know what was incredible

you know what was incredible about that windfarm----
(besides the fact that it looked really cool and futuristic)

there werent that many windmills (prolly about 20)

these things were inexpensive,,,and when i heard that this small gathering of windmachines was creating an equal load to 1/5 of all the old og&e regulators

i was floored---

it is all right there---amazing ---the solution to all the world's energy problems---and it's freaking inexpensive and non pollutive too...