A Time Comes When Silence Is Betrayal

(For anyone who missed this speech, check it out!)

"A time comes when silence is betrayal" - These words are just as relevant today as when Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. first spoke them 39 years ago. At first glance they might be overlooked as just a simple protest against the war in Vietnam, but the relevance of this entire speech to the modern world we live in today, particularly issues like the truth of 9/11, can be heard in almost every inspiring point made. MLK mentions how "conformist thought" can end up preventing people from challenging their government sufficiently, especially in times of war, and how those who do speak out often then find it a "vocation of agony" because the current political climate deems it controversial or unpatriotic - nevertheless he says, "We must speak".

Although the speech is full of great parallels, that line alone - "A time comes when silence is betrayal" - is extremely poignant, because in the context of not questioning 9/11, in the face of overwhelming evidence that it should be questioned, that silence is a betrayal. It’s a betrayal not just to ourselves but to all the past generations who fought and died so that we may live in freedom, that silence is a betrayal to all the future generations who will inherit the world we leave them, and if we don’t question 9/11 that silence is a betrayal to all those who perished in the attacks and in the subsequent wars that 9/11 has disgustingly been used as currency to justify.

But for this silence to be a betrayal, whether it’s because of denial, forced circumstance, or just plain fear to speak out, the person not speaking out has to already know the facts and understand full well that they’re not doing the right thing. So, for the vast majority of uniformed people their silence can’t be described as a betrayal, because like the majority of people in the 9/11 truth movement - who also initially believed the official story - their silence most likely stems from being naïve, innocent, and ignorant to the facts.

That same understanding though can’t be applied to those in charge of the mainstream media who should be informing the uninformed masses, and whose silence is in effect a full betrayal - because they undoubtedly know that the official explanation, when critically analyzed, is the most outrageous and massively improbable conspiracy theory of them all. It is also beyond doubt there are many honest journalists and editors in the mainstream media who want desperately to break their silence, but have been prevented by "higher-ups".

So, it is up to those fighting for 9/11 truth to not only do the job of the media and inform the uninformed, but to also help those who are in denial - or who feel forced or intimidated - to break their betrayal of silence by making it socially acceptable to publicly question the previously unquestionable official account of 9/11. We must do that by establishing a credible, factual, and moral high ground which welcomes honest debate, and encourages individual research. Charlie Sheen’s inspiring efforts are a shining example of this approach as he has concentrated on a few key issues that make people think, and asks people to look at the information for themselves, draw their own conclusions, and debate.

Like the Charlie Sheen inspired "Challenge Me on the Facts" slogan for the 9/11 truth movement, a similar Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. inspired "Silence is Betrayal" slogan would make a great, simple, and thought provoking comment for anyone still convinced by the official story who can’t understand why questioning 9/11 should be so important to them.

so beautiful in its simplicity


Fantastic job, Dem


Propz guys!!

Propz guys!!

LOL Oh this is on the front

LOL Oh this is on the front page, thanks GW!


This is some excellent writing! Thank you!

Nice post.

I've used this quote in at least one email I have sent to Amy Goodman and the Democracy Now crew scolding them for their silence on 9/11. I've used it when writing to others, including John Conyers, whose otherwise excellent work is overwhelmed by his silence on 9/11.

I think a combination of Press for Truth and this wisdom and candor from MLK can make a good cocktail for awakening people to 9/11.


Love that video dude,

Love that video dude, thanks!

this last april

I was listening to this speech, in a bulletin I put together. If you guys don't know he gave this speech 1 year to the day that he was assassinated.

Anyways it was one of those days, and what he had to say their vindicated everything I'd been doing since last semptember. It was a big emotional release, but at the same time a realization at how far some of us might have to go to get this done.


Pretty nice find on this comment. I also noticed the same quote is in the back of the "Whos who of the Elite" book. Very apt line for this movement too.