VIDEO: Homeland Security Troops yell at Alex Jones in New York

You Tube | September 14 2006

Homeland Security Troops yell at Alex Jones in New York after a wrestling event on September 11, 2006.

it is so awesome to watch

it is so awesome to watch footage the footage of all yall at 911-06--

this footage is pure gold---the moment is captured forever with honor and now gets to snowball all over the internet

alex jones really is great----

i'm so happy

I like Jones, and I've got a

I like Jones, and I've got a lot of respect for what he did at Ground Zero on 9/11, but I think this clip should probably be renamed "Alex Jones yells at Homeland Security Troops after a wrestling event on September 11th, 2006."

I think just about anyone is going to get a little testy if you follow them around with a camera in their face. Most of the troops actually did a pretty respectable job of keeping their cool in light of the situation, and as much as Jones likes to point to others as "provocateurs," he seemed to be the one trying to bait these guys into a confrontation.

I'd chalk this up to basic human reaction, as opposed to "Police State Conditioning."

Second that

I cringed at that "move to Russia" comment. Hello, Alex? The Soviet Union collapsed circa 1989-1991 leaving the United States with no enemy, which is why they needed to carry out 9/11, the new Pearl Harbor, for the grand chessboard. Hello????

Maybe he meant to say, "Move to China." That would have been more technically correct for making his point but it still seems like he would be trying to provoke.

Oh, well. He was tired, right?

You are a "sheeple"...

I'd chalk this up to basic human reaction, as opposed to "Police State Conditioning."

Oh you would? In light of 9/11 and all that happened since, it's no big deal to have uniformed goons running all around NYC yelling at people.

Subtle shills/fools like yourself will say anything to try and discredit an Alex Jones, the man who has probably done more than anyone to expose 9/11 truth & protect all of our rights.

People like you make me sick!

You're totally right.

You're totally right.

<---- Total shill backslash f00l.

In fact, my third cousin is actually Michael Chertoff.

The point I'm trying to make is this:

Even though, yes, 9/11 was a massive inside job and we're all angry about it, that doesn't give us a green light to irresponsibly toss objectivity out the window.

The facts of the video don't lie:

These troops CLEARLY were not looking for any kind of a fight. They were simply leaving a wrestling event at Madison Square Garden. Hell, I TiVo'd RAW that night, and I remember them being in the crowd. They looked to be having a good time.

They weren't on the streets of New York keeping protestors in check and "conditioning us for a Police State," they were walking to their cars.

For all we know, they could very well be genuinely good people.

We're all angry about what happened, but again, that doesn't make it responsible to villify people without valid reason for doing so.

I don't know about you, but if things ever do break down into violence, I'd much rather have those guys on our side than against us.

There not going to be on our side, imbecile!

Most all the gov't goons & rent-a-cops are not going to be on our side, you jerkoff! That is Alex Jones' point. Wake up, sheeple!!!

Jones can film who he wants & when he wants in the streets of NYC!!! Get that through your thick skull!

Ken242 & BCS: Let's wait until the Brownshirts are on us...

Ken242 & BCS: What do you two think happened in Germany only 65 years ago? The police & military were used against their own people. We've already had a Reichstag fire. Should we wait until the Brownshirts are upon us?

Spell it out for us, anonymous.

"Should we wait until the Brownshirts are upon us?", before doing what, exactly? What is it you are advocating right now that I am not? You sound like a provocateur.

It was a homeland security TROOP (i.e. singular) who yelled at Alex Jones, and only briefly at that. Jones continued to bait them and the rest of them either ignored him or covered their faces. I can't hold that against them. Like Ken said, the title of the post is a bit backwards.

As I informed the other moron, Jones can film who & when...

Alex Jones may film anyone on the streets of NYC, where & whenever he wishes to, you fraud!