VIDEO: September 11, 2006

You Tube | September 14 2006

This is a bit of that day and the events of the weekend. This is just a short first cut.

We lined up for a silent march 2 by 2 to show our respect while the ceremony was on-going. This march as you can see wrapped around the corner and was over 2 city blocks long. After the memorial services Alex Jones bullhorned ground zero with 100's of investigate black T-shirts backing him. During the entire session we owned the entire area you could not look anywhere without seeing our black INVESTIGATE 911 shirts. After the bullhorning session we marched to the Elliot Spitzers and the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) offices which are owned by Larry "Pull It" Silverstein. After we bullhorned the CFR we marched to the City Hall building and then onward to the Police station. We reminded the officers of the oath they took to protect the constitution about enemies foreign and DOMESTIC. We made sure they knew we want their support as they provided us with support throughout the day with escorted service. We gave out over 8,000 DVDs in a little over an hour and the whole day was without incident. America is Waking up to the TRUTH.

Sorry for the blips and skips my camera was on the fritz. Need more info? Purchase DVD's at TULSACANTWAIT.COM.