Was This The Appropriate Response For Abby Scott?


During the rally at Ground Zero, there were three invidivuals who were going around, telling everyone that everything we say is a lie, that we're nothing but nuts, and so on.

One of those individuals was Abby Scott. The same individual who frequents 911ConspiracySmasher.blogspot.com, and the same individual who recently made a movie called, "9/11 Conspiracy Wars", where she made sure to focus on those of us with the most outlandish theories, and acted as if they represented us all.

She claims that she confronted me with 9/11 Truth, but the only thing she said to me was, "Are you John Doe?"

Apparently, she's infatuated with me because she kept asking me that all throughout the morning.

When I was relaxing with a cigarette, Abby Scott decided to take my picture. Knowing who she is, I decided to let her know what I think of her, and her kind.

Was it the appropriate response?

[dz: innapropriate image removed from blog, left the link.. we can't have ppl post images like this and not expect others to come here and do the same]

Abby Scott & friends are shills at best...

Abby Scott & her cronies pretend to be young, hip, conspiracy bashers. In reality, they are very aggressive shills who mock truthers and spread loads of disinfo.

Hahahaha, that's definitely

Hahahaha, that's definitely what I would have felt like doing. But I think you dignified her there a bit with that acknowledging courtesy. “Conspiracy Smasher” hahahaha classic, what a load of geeked out pathetic assclownery. Those jokers dance for us dude, you should have just laughed and enjoyed the show.

You can represent my 9/11

You can represent my 9/11 Truth Movement any day, Jon.

Appropriate response to

Appropriate response to jokers who want to dance for you = laugh at and/or ignore.

does anyone have a picture

does anyone have a picture of this Abby cunt? she has the same name as a well known FBI provacatuer. i doubt its the same Abby but wouldnt mind seeing a picture of her stupid ass regardless.

Abby Scott made this ground zero mock-u-mentary...

Abby Scott made this ground zero mock-u-mentary

I've got nothing against

I've got nothing against geeky looking girls, but she looks like a geeky looking girl. There's like a team of them though if you check this wack video they produced;


^ Its so lame, it's like they've tryed to choreograph what they think are "comedy" sketches LOL, what’s funny is how pathetic it is.

Looks like Abby's plane crashed

in Skanksville.

Chris, plz watch the


plz watch the language dood.

sorry man.

sorry man.

oh, and yes Jon, totally

oh, and yes Jon, totally appropriate. you showed more restraint then i would have.

Where's Abby Scott's Work...

Supporting the family members for a new investigation? Where is her work supporting those who are suffering because of the White House/Christie Todd Whitman's lies regarding the environmental disaster of 9/11? Where is Abby Scott's work trying to bring the troops home? Where is Abby Scott's work trying to hold those responsible for the worst attack on American soil in history?

It doesn't exist.

This is Abby Scott's contribution to the world.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

But if you really want to

But if you really want to experience the depth and nuance of Abby Scott's comedy genius you need to go to http://www.dailycomedy.com/abby_scott/home/

HAHAHAHA, heres one of her

HAHAHAHA, heres one of her "jokes"-Mariah Carey constantly has dreams where she shows up to work with all her clothes on.

not everyone can be a comedian i guess.

She honestly...

Believes she's a comedian?

"Hi, this is Abby Scott... I believe that dissent is unpatriotic. I think that questioning your Government is unconstitutional. Aren't I funny?"


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

check out her site. its

check out her site. its laughable but not in the way she wants it to be. are all "comedians" as self important as her?

heres another comedic gem

heres another comedic gem from Abby- A woman in Beijing suffered a car accident after trying to teach her dog to drive.

He is already set up with a license from the New York Taxi and Limousine Commission.

HAR HAR HAR. almost funny. almost.

one more "joke" from Abby

According to researchers, boys with some music tastes, such as techno and pop, are more likely to contract HIV than other styles.

Least likely to be infected? Fans of Weird Al Yankovic.

Most likely? Listeners of the hit song "Come on Everybody, Lets Get Together and Share Heroin Needles".

wow. this girl sure is "witty" huh? poor slag.

ha ha---freakin hilarious

ha ha---freakin hilarious

from Abbys site

So with my other patented Abby's Jokes Via Powerpoint being so successful (read: not at all) on this blog, I've decided to keep flogging that dead horse with another one. Enjoy:

As some of my readers know, I've been on Paxil for quite some time. There are some side effects. For example, it takes me a long time to orgasm.

But I was suicidal before...

It would take me a lot longer to cum if I was dead.

awwwwww, the poor girl is a head case. and that picture of her on the "comedy" page is misleading. shes actually a pasty looking hag as you can see in the ground zero pics. glamour shots does wonders i guess.

LOL, she went and got a

LOL, she went and got a "glamour shot" hahaha. Damn right she needed to be airbrushed.

"It would take me a lot longer to cum if I was dead."

Hay this girl is funny..... funny as a hart attack.

It's not a "glamour shot",

It's not a "glamour shot", it's a head shot, which is not uncommon for comedians -- even bad ones -- to have.

You should never flip off a lady.

It's uncouth.

I said, "lady".

I think I have a new avatar.

Anyone in New York want to try a different approach?

Abby Scott will be performing at Peoples Improv Theater at 154 W. 29th St in New York tomorrow night, Friday the 15th. The show starts at 8pm.

Instead of psychoanalyzing her from afar, calling her a pasty hag, or poor girl, anybody want to show up and give her a copy of 9/11 Press for Truth? I would do it but I am nowhere near NYC.

Just a thought.

She doesn’t deserve the

She doesn’t deserve the attention, but I'd say she would probably like a pie in the face, that’s “Comedy” after all.

I didn't suggest it for the

I didn't suggest it for the sake of giving her attention. I suggested it because instead of just throwing ad hominem attacks back at her, which undoubtedly only fuel the fire, if she watches PFT she might actually change course.

My reaction to 9/11 truth and the people questioning the official story was never like hers, but at one point I did dismiss the notion of government complicity outright. We are all capable of denial, personal attacks AND having our eyes opened, even Abby Scott.

I think...

If you're in New York, you should go heckle her with questions like...

"Abby, why do you fight against those who are trying to help 1st responders that are sick and dying?"

"Abby, why do you fight against those who are trying to bring closure to the families who lost loved ones on 9/11?"

"Abby, why do you fight against those who are trying to bring those responsible for the murder of 3000 people on 9/11 to justice?

That should make her real popular.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

That is exactly what you

That is exactly what you should not do. Jon, I won't tell you that flipping her the bird on the streets of NYC when she's going around harrassing people is not the appropriate response. But what you just suggested is definitely not appropriate. Plus you run the risk of being humiliated yourself. Some comedians heckle back.


That IS what she does. Regardless of whether someone heckles her with it, or not, I thought I'd point it out so she can see what she has to live with.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Of course it's what she

Of course it's what she does. If she jumped off a bridge would you do that too? :)

All I'm saying, Jon -- and I'm a little surprised I'm having this conversation with you of all people -- is that 9/11: Press for Truth is, for its objective, as close to an airtight case for a new investigation as I have seen.

Rather than just using the same tactics that Abby Scott uses, I think it would be better to take the high road and, if not ignoring her outright, give her a copy of PFT and ask her to post a review of hit on her blog. Maybe it's a one in a million shot and maybe she wouldn't even watch it. Who the hell knows. I'm just saying it's better than going into a comedy club, which is a private establishment, and yelling about 9/11.

You can watch that shit on

You can watch that shit on google video, if you care so much mail it her;


You sound like you want to

You sound like you want to join her fan club of 1 dude. This stupid individual chats shit all over the place, and tries to stir people up. In that lame video she and some other c*cksmoker pick on an old man talking about 911truth, who can't really defend himself, deliberately hounding him because he's a bit inarticulate and not as witty as he use to be. That's despicable, and only shows cowardice. If it's not that then she's interviewing other shillis or nutjobs talking about "no planes hitting the WTC". Then when she finds angered citizens who don't understand 911truth, she stokes the fire like a true manipulative scumbag and says things like "I'm with you sir", deliberately encouraging conflict, it's appalling. So sry, she doesn’t deserve the attention, and neither does she deserve my sympathies for her ignorance and f*cktardation.

Old man

That old man is a self-proclaimed physicist. And hey... we were just asking him questions.

Oh so you were the

Oh so you were the c*cksucker attacking him them?! You despicable piece of trash, who the f*ck do you think you are asshole!!! Go and plead to people ignorance some more, such a good little 1930s German f*cktard! What a professional dickhead.

Attacking him?

I was doing no such thing. He was explaining to us how the fires weren't that hot and was going to show us pictoral evidence.

All I did was ask how one can tell temperature from a picture. For a physicist, I figured it'd be an easy question. Not my fault he lost his cool.

No I saw the shit you did,

No I saw the shit you did, you weren’t listening to him and saying "no this why I think you're wrong", which is what any decent person would do. You attacked him and took advantage of his lack of articulation, which is a result of the man's old age. Fucking disgusting! Debate me on this asshole if you think you have all the answers.

I'm sorry

I'm sorry, were you there? Are you there every week? I've actually had a couple civil conversations with the same guy you accuse me of harrassing. It just so happened that the video was meant to highlight the ridiculousness of the truth movement. Hence, why that clip was chosen.

And please stop referring to his age. If he was in that poor of shape, he wouldn't be out there every Saturday. Give the guy some credit.

"Give the guy some credit"

"Give the guy some credit" yea you certainly didn’t. Debate me asshole! Ask me about what he said to you!

He said the fires weren't

He said the fires weren't that hot.


Have you considered that insulting Americans with claims that 9/11 was an inside job without evidence is harrassment of our intelligence of the most reprehensible kind?


Then I suggest you think for a change.

Help find closure? That's

Help find closure? That's what you think you guys were doing there? The family members of 3,000 people were down at Ground Zero on Monday, and all you guys did was follow Alex Jones around like a lost puppy chanting things like "Murderer!", "Traitor!", "Inside Job!" over and over and over again over a fucking bullhorn for all to hear.

How in God's name will that help bring them closure?

You guys say you want a new INDEPENDENT investigation? Well what the fuck are you waiting for? You got your "experts". You've done some "research". Hell... according to that recent poll, 30% of Americans think the government had a hand in it!! Rally your fuckin' troops dude.

That's all we did, eh?

I have an hour and a half movie that says something different.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


Hurry up and upload it. Can't wait to see it.

Any comment on that independent investigation you guys want?

The answer is easy

Jon, we all know that you are not doing that. We all know you live in a world of your own fantasises.

Abby Scott reminded you of that and you didn't like facing the truth of it.

Grow up.

"He said the fires weren't

"He said the fires weren't that hot.

Submitted by Chad (not verified) on Thu, 09/14/2006 - 1:46pm."

The fires were between estimates of below 200C to 600C, and randomised;

"Of the more than 170 areas examined on 16 perimeter column panels, only three columns had evidence that the steel reached temperatures above 250ºC… Only two core column specimens had sufficient paint remaining to make such an analysis, and their temperatures did not reach 250 ºC. ... Using metallographic analysis, NIST determined that there was no evidence that any of the samples had reached temperatures above 600 ºC. (NIST, 2005, pp. 176-177; emphasis added.)"

So they were at best as about as hot as an average house fire at 450C-600C, and evidence suggests they were in most part no hotter then a domestic oven at 200C. The official narrative is an unsubstantiated collection of theories, none of which I personally find convincing at all. A new investigation is paramount, you'd be better of investing your time in helping to call for a new investigation so that everyone can put all this to rest.

You're confusing temperature

You're confusing temperature of the steel with temperature of the fires.


Go there. Start at about page 166 of the PDF (page 112 on the actual report). Regardless, even if you assume that steel exactly matches its surrounding temperature, a 600C fire is still pretty damn hot. Over 1000F.

Also keep in mind that as far as the fires go, they were affecting the floor trusses more than anything else. And if you pay attention to the towers' design, the floors are just as integral to the structure as the core and exterior columns.

That' s right I am talking

That' s right I am talking about the temperatures of the steel, as apposed to the flame temperatures. Because that's the extent to which fires damaged the structure. The actual temperatures of flames would be higher then the heat levels recorded on the steel. Because steel in contact with a heat source won't match that temperature easily as the steel conducts the heat away. With the effect of dissipating the heat along the beam, and so keeping it cooler then the heat source etc. Mentioning the estimated flame temperatures would be misleading. But not as misleading as the distorted half-truth government commissioned reports, that you’re not able to bring yourself to look at critically. NIST started with the presumption that only the observed impacts and fires could be the expiation for collapse, and worked backward from there.

In reality true science is meant to follow reason, and accept and analyse uncomfortable evidences to find out what the true state of affairs actually is. The idea that the trusses failed and that then caused the entire building to go into meltdown and collapse absolutely is frankly absurd to anyone with a shred reason. It's uncomfortable to consider and I did think it was crazy initially. But just look at the facts, I'm not trying to change the subject because the Tower's collapse as explained "officially" I am not remotely satisfied with, and suggests a clear cover up. But how do you explain Building 7's collapse when to anyone that building was blatantly demolished in the street? If that event alone doesn’t spark your curiosity, then you might as well be brainless, period.

Obviously this discussion

Obviously this discussion will lead nowhere. You cite the NIST report when it backs up your point and then disregard it when it doesn't because it's "government funded". Getting into a back-and-forth in a comment section on a blog is time consuming and obviously pointless. If you're ever in the states and feel like making a trip to Ground Zero, I'd be more than happy to have a civil debate with you in person. Although I have a feeling we're both convinced that we're right, and so odds are it would be equally pointless.

Regarding WTC7, NIST has stated that it will be looking into some of the theories of demolition before it releases its final report on the building next year. Will that calm some of the conspiracies? Time will tell.

I do feel that there are questions that need be answered concerning that day. What we knew. When we knew it. What breakdown in communcations could've led to uncovering the plot. These are the things that need to be answered in order to prevent another attack. I live in New York City. I work a block from where the Trade Center once stood. If I felt there was even the smallest shred of evidence that the government was behind this, I'd be with you guys 100% - if only in the hopes it would save my own skin one day.

I just have yet to see that evidence.

Chad, I'm glad to hear that

Chad, I'm glad to hear that you have questions about the official story and are not afraid to ask questions. Since you have an open mind about this, I wonder if you have watched or will watch 9/11: Press for Truth. You can watch it online, for free on Google video.

As an aside, I am curious how long you have worked near Ground Zero and what, if any, health issues you have experienced because of that. The health issues for rescue workers and other survivors is just now starting to get a lot of coverage. I was mostly in the dark about it until recently.

BCS, first off, thanks for

BCS, first off, thanks for the civility of your comment. It's refreshing. I've just started seeing a lot about this Press for Truth film, so I imagine I'll get around to watching it sooner or later.

Regarding how long I've been here. I actually moved to New York a year after 9/11 and didn't start working downtown until mid 2003. The health issues have been getting a lot of press lately, as well they should. I myself haven't noticed any health issues personally, but I was here long after the dust had settled so to speak.

Back atcha, Chad. Let's keep

Back atcha, Chad. Let's keep it that way!

I hope you will watch Press for Truth sooner rather than later. Also, since you seem to know Abby Scott personally, would you pass along my request for her to watch it as well and post a review on her blog? I am interested in hearing both of your comments after watching it.

Additionally -- and I'm just going to throw this out there -- I wouldn't mind if you registered on this site and posted for discussion your questions about the events of 9/11. Or do you blog somewhere else?

Take care.

BCS, I'm sure Abby's heard

BCS, I'm sure Abby's heard of the film by now as well. I pass along your recommendation, but as to whether or not she writes a review of it is up to her.

And while I appreciate your invitation to register here, I honestly have no desire. The questions I have regarding 9/11 do not involve a broad government conspiracy to murder thousands and in the 6 hours I've been posting here, I've gotten a taste of how people like myself are regarded.

Understood. In any case,

Understood. In any case, thanks for the polite, albeit short, conversation.

so Chad, your girl was

so Chad, your girl was talking all big earlier. whats wrong, she send you to defend her honor? tell that unfunny pasty chick to come do it herself.

also Chad, she coudlnt

also Chad, she couldnt answer these simple questions. most shills usually dont. maybe you can?

what the hell, i'll ask another one. so abg(or Chad), what motivates you to come to this site? is your life so empty that you feel the need to come to a 9/11 truth site to argue and disagree with people? does that fill some sort of need in your life? why EXACTLY did you feel the need to come to this site? does the government really need your help in defending the "official story" or is your life just so goddamn empty that you have nothing better to do? what motivates you? what do you get out of it?

First of all Chris, there's

First of all Chris, there's nothing really to defend Abby against. So no. She didn't send me to "defend her honor".

In regards to why I'm here? I just popped in today. Kind of a slow day at work. Lots of various links out there since the anniversary passed, and I came across this site. If it makes you feel any better, I don't think I'll be making a habit out of visiting often.

As to what motivates me? A year and 3 days ago, my friends and I went to Ground Zero for the memorial service and the first thing I saw was a sign that read "The Bush Regime Engineered 9/11". That struck me as being in bad taste. In my opinion, GZ is hallowed ground. It is a place for people to remember, reflect and mourn. That these people were here pushing ANY kind of idea (regardless of how sane or crazy) I felt was in bad taste. Yes, they have a right to be there (something that is in direct opposition to the ever-present "police state" you people think we live in.) Yes, they can say whatever they want. But it bothered me. Not only that they were there, but that they were spreading lies. At Ground Zero. On the anniversary.

Since that day, I've looked deeper into the evidence. Watched many of the videos you folk hold dear. And have come to the conclusion that there's nothing to them. As such, I've recently started going to Ground Zero every weekend. If the truthers insist on being there, I will be there to confront them and their "facts". That's what motivates me. Respect for the site and the people who died there.

You can accuse me of being a government shill all you want. I've heard it all before. It's quite frankly the most un-original accusations out there now.

I suggest thinking up of something new next time you're getting wasted at The Rat.

"you people","you folk".

"you people","you folk". yeah, real good. do you really think the government needs your help in defending the official story? you feel the need to go to ground zero every weekend to "confront truthers"? do you mean harrass? how old are you? do you belong to a political party? if so, what party? did you really used to date that unfunny, pasty hack wannabe comedian Abby? and for the record, The Rat is for preppy trash like yourself.

When did I ever say "the

When did I ever say "the government needs my help"? And if by "harass" you mean "question their theories and request they show proof and evidence", then yes. I guess I am "harassing" them.

And seeing as how you seem to know I'm preppy trash, I gather you'd also know my political affiliation and whether or not I've dated that "pasty hack wannabe". You want to know so much about me, Google me. That's where you find all the truth right?

What? There's no mention of me on PrisonPlanet.com or UniversalSeed?

... I must not exist.

just simple questions. cant

just simple questions. cant say im surprised you wouldnt answer them.

you are in that video

you are in that video correct? thats how i know you are preppy trash.

Chad said:In regards to why

Chad said:In regards to why I'm here? I just popped in today. Kind of a slow day at work. Lots of various links out there since the anniversary passed, and I came across this site.

really? your partner in "confronting truthers" Abby comes on this very site just hours before you happen to come on it? no communication between the 2 of you about it? you just stumbled on it mere hours after your partner did? honestly? what a coincidence.

I came across the link

I came across the link through the comments in her blog, genius.

But you go ahead and think it's some conspiracy between the two of us to infiltrate this site....

::: evil laugh :::

so are you the ex-boyfriend

so are you the ex-boyfriend that she uses for his "music collection"? do you think shes funny? her jokes seemed pretty weak to me. in fact, im pretty sure she stole the weak ass Mariah Carey joke from Leno. what a hack.

Actually, I've never seen

Actually, I've never seen her stand-up routine. And you're wrong about the ex-boyfriend connection.

If you pay real close attention to the film, all the answers to your questions regarding "if I dated her", "political affiliation", etc. are all in there.

oh, i couldnt stomach it for

oh, i couldnt stomach it for more than a minute. funny how you cant just tell me what party if any you belong to. and honestly, i could care less if you dated her, i just thought she was pasty is all. and painfully unfunny.

Why in God's name would I

Why in God's name would I willingly divulge any information about myself to you? If I'm a registered Republican, I'm obviously a Bush shill. If I'm registered Democrat, I'm one of those left-wing gatekeepers who's secretly a Bush shill. I honestly don't see what party affiliation has to do with 9/11. You know my stance on the conspiracy theories.

You're just looking for additional information for name-calling.

no, im genuinely interested.

no, im genuinely interested. but the fact that you seem to think you only have 2 choices says a lot about you.

Well unfortunately, right

Well unfortunately, right now the political climate of the country is being run by the extremes of both the right and the left. Third party candidates, while providing an alternative, are essentially a wasted vote, in my opinion. For me personally, with all that's going on in the world, I feel it's better to vote for someone who actually has a shot.

That said, every election I've participated in, my vote has always gone to who I feel is the lesser of two evils.

If you must know, all those online "what's your political affiliation" surveys you can take, I've always come up libertarian.

im a leftwing libertarian.

im a leftwing libertarian. most libertarians tend to be republican. im assuming you voted for H.W. Bush and W both times? you fall for the "war on terror" farce right? did W get your gullible fear vote?

... Exactly why I didn't

... Exactly why I didn't want to post any response to your question.

You obviously have me figured out dude. You're smart. You're special. You're the man. Thanks for the conversation.

spoken like a true coward.

spoken like a true coward.

so you admit it? your a true

so you admit it? your a true believer in the "war on terror"? you voted for W out of gullible fear correct? you can admit it.

I will concede...

Something to Abby Scott. She didn't refer to me as Jon Gold. She referred to me as John Doe. With the traffic, and the crowd, to me, it sounded like Jon Gold.


"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."


I have no idea who John Doe is.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

JohnDoeX is the handle of

JohnDoeX is the handle of someone who posts on the Loose Change forum. I wasn't around when you two were talking, but she had said later that both you and he had similiar phrases, talking points, whatever.

That's why she thought you might be him.

Apparently you are infatutaed wth yourself, Jon

Jon, let's be honest and straightforward. You believe 9/11 was an inside job. You repeat it as a mantra, a given fact of life, one that causes you to write, "I KNOW 9/11 was an inside job."

Unfortunately for you, however, you know no such thing.

You can't stand the Abby Scotts of this world becuase she dares say Emperor Gold wears no clothes.

Most of us live in a rational world but you chose not to. You live in a world where beliefs that you hold count more for truth than any evidence against them. Your world is no different than that of Creationists, where geological evidence is cast aside becuase it is contrary to what a book called the Bible says.

In this case you live in a peculiar world where thousands of pieces of independent evidence is discarded in favor of a deeply-held belief in another man-made book: The Official Story, a story you have invented in your mind that is supposed to be a document defending the "government" in a case for which they are not even defendants.

You live in your own concocted world, Jon, huddled with your freinds against the cold world of your imagination. You daily confirm the real world is after you, not for any real reason, but for the imagined reason that you are persecuted for holding the "truth."

But you must know as we do that the real truth is far different than you imagine, that you must sense that you have earned nothing but derision and contempt for not using your mind. You think the Abby Scotts and Conspiracy Smashers of the world make fun of you for every imagined reason OTHER than the real reason: your refusal to embrace objective reality when you are perfectly capable of doing so.

You don't like those you remind you of that fact.

Open your eyes, Jon Gold. You chose to be blind about 9/11, blind as a bat.


That was a really long winded insult. However, that's all it was. You're attacking the messenger, and ignoring the message which is extremely common.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

No way

I am addressing you and your claims, Jon Gold. I am not insulting you nor can you pretned to be just a messenger.

What i wrote is the truth about you, the truth that you know is true. There is no way you can hide from it but there is something you can do about it: you can stop lying.

Conspiracy mongering is a vicious instrument

For some people, any official explanation of an event is always and only a synonym for a cover-up.

For such types, reality is a labyrinth of shadows and speculation, nothing is ever as it seems.

One plus one always equals something other than two, and there is no such thing as a straight line from "A" to "B".

They live in a world of spies and schemers, of aliens who are never seen, corporate forces who manipulate whole countries, governments who plot and kill their own citizens, and where Zionists or Freemasons, the Templar Knights or Opus Dei, have been running the planet for ages.

This is the mentality that argues Roosevelt staged Pearl Harbor, that John F. Kennedy had more assassins than the entire cast and extras of "Ben Hur" - it was really crowded on that grassy knoll - and that Princess Diana was most likely done in by members of the royal family; Elizabeth II, the Buckingham Palace Soprano.

On a pop level, this is the world that finds an audience of millions for the lukewarm stew and plastic history of Dan Brown's fatuous Da Vinci Code and has tentacles that reach towards those true believers in the mystic power of New Age crystals, spirit channelling, of people who talk to trees and fully expect the bored trees to talk back to them.

On a much more sinister level, conspiracy mongering is a vicious instrument of defamation and hate.

The hideous granddaddy of all conspiracy theories is also the most durable one: the infamous Protocols of the Elders of Zion, the document that "proved" the most lasting of malicious fantasies, that the Jews run the world and seek its ruin. The Protocols are loopier than a bucket of eels on a Ferris wheel and known to be a hoax for over a century, but of malicious gullibility there is no end. 9/11 has spewed conspiracy theories almost from the moment the first plane hit the first tower. Among the earliest and the most despicable - an echo of the Protocols here - was that 4,000 Jewish employees stayed home that day. In other words, the Jews did it.

Lately, there has been a whole whirlwind of broken logic and wishful thinking, malice and misinformation trying desperately to dress up as truth.

One of my personal favourites is the claim that no planes at all were involved in 9/11, that those were missiles wrapped in holograms that slammed into the buildings. Hand me a pointy ear, Spock, someone's been watching far too much Star Trek.

The overarching theory is that Bush and the neo-Cons, not bin Laden, not al-Qaeda, not Mohammed Atta and his virgin-hungry suicide team, but slow-witted George and his puppet masters, that they are the real villains, that the president and his plotters murdered 3,000 of their own citizens.

I do not know why we give any oxygen to these extraordinary libels. Detestation for George Bush may qualify a person for many things, but it is not a degree of metallurgy, just as anti-Americanism is not a branch of physics.

These theories that suggest a sitting president and his advisors would murder their own citizenry are a calumny, as lunatic as they are contemptible. They come from the imagination of hate, the pernicious concoctions of minds allergic to reality, and are beneath the dignity of reasoning human beings. For "The National", I'm Rex Murphy.

What a silly question

What do you think, genius? Are you incapable of evaluating hardcore evidence? Or will you believe anything a bunch of amateurs will tell you?

Sheesh... you people who never learned how to think rationally are amazing.

Now read this carefully and learn something truthful for a change, Andy:


President wasn't in on it, Lars

Lars, It's too easy, convienient and lazy to "debunk" a point of view which you mischaracterize.

But then again, if you got your facts right you wouldn't be a "debunker!"

I feel sorry for Abby. If she not getting paid to harass the 911 truthers, it means she's really trying to be a comedian.

I love it when she fake pouts. It's so pathetic.

"When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains - however improbable - must be the truth!" - Sir Arthur Doyle

You don't get it

Sorry, Peggy, you don't get it. We're laughing at you for being such gullible children at your age.

Remember, Jon Gold will tell you that "9/11 was an inside job" but REFUSES to support the assertion. In fact, when confronted, he runs away like the coward he is.

Do you REALLY think there is any reason NOT to make fun of him? Or your whoile irrational movement?

Come on, Peggy, grow up and make an effort to think.

You're not making sense

What does this have to do with John Gold? Who brought him up? You did. You're changing the subject. I was talking about Abbie, the "good" comedian.

You're the child, since you only think what you are told.

At least Jon Gold, whoever he is, can see the obvious.

Also you mischaraterize me again. Did I ever say there was a reason NOT to make fun of us? I guess you have nothing better to do.

You really miss everything , don't you?

It's too easy, convienient and lazy to "debunk" a point of view which you mischaracterize.

My advice would be to ignore her

she only craves the attention.

that's her thing

she's an attention whore.

I would also add that probably part of her rabid obsession with us is deep down she knows we are right but is unwilling to accept it yet.

as the old addage goes.

ignore you

fight you

you win

You may...

Be right.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."