Webster Tarpley in Dublin

The meeting itself was a bit ramshackle and chaotic- true to Irish stylee, the PA was borrowed from a cave in Afghanistan, unfortunatley, but the Guinness and the chatter flowed. Webster was on form despite his tiring tour. The meeting itself was organised by Morgan Stack of http://www.911truth.ie/. Morgan is standing for election on a 9/11 truth ticket.

There was a representative from the Irish Media who claimed that the Irish media dealt fairly and squarely with 9/11. She didnt last long. A chap from mujca (Chjristian -Muslim- Jewish Alliance) was there to spoil the proceedings with cries of "what about the victims" and "Israel"?


They gathered their tapes and notes and left very soon afterwards, but not without a departing encore of -- "what about the victims"? The nerd in the quasi military gear from mujca gave a NAZI salute. Charming.

I spoke to a few people, before leaving, we had a long drive home. Mark Gobell from the uk's nineleven.co.uk, and Chris from Tallanstown, best described as the "Stepford" of Ireland, whom I shall be in touch with again.

Was the nerd really from MUJCA or agent provocatuer?

Was the "nerd" really from MUJCA, a fringe member of MUJCA, or an agent provocateur to disrupt the meeting & discredit MUJCA?

His being there was

His being there was disruptive - he did keep interrupting, shaking his head and generally disagreeing with everything that Webster Tarpley and others said, arguing that kerosene would melt steel etc.

In the Q&A seesion he introduced himself as being a rep or member of "mujca" and started going on about "you know who"!!

Probably an idiot - nothing more.

An elderly gentelman approached at the end, he said that -- he had "spoken to someone whose daughter was on Flight 93". And, that the man was paid by the government to indetify his daughter's body in Washington -- a point which I missed at the time. I told him to go look at the photos from Shanksville.