9/11 Bloglines (09/15 -Updates)

September 15, 2006

Vermont Guardian about new Griffin Book
NY Villager about Grannies protest meeting NY 9/11 Truth "members"
Concord Monitor: We must examine other theories about 9/11
Larry Bensky attacks 9/11 Truth Movement on KPFA
MEMRI video about 9/11 conspiracy remarks
Frontpage Mag: CBC’s 9/11 Slanders
Claim: Most Canadians Doubt 9/11 Conspiracy
40% of Danish People believe U.S. behind 9/11
Video Podcast: Scheer on 9/11
Lev Grossman friend: Why the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories Really Won't Go Away
eric Boehlert: Why Was Wolfowitz So Clueless On The Morning of 9/11?
New Debate Over Pentagon 9/11 Photo
"founding fathers of NY911Truth.. no longer welcome"
New GZ report + pics from protest
Skeptics Society: The 9/11 Truth Movement in Perspective
McKinney's Congressional Briefing Transcript Now Available
Czech Hit Piece: "The Conspiracy of the 9/11."
Killtown on WING TV (archived link)
Dutch News + Blogs about Daan de Wit + 09/16 Conference
No $2B Bid for 9/11 heroes
09/15 -Counterpunch: 9/11: In Theory and in Fact
Swiss "Blick" paper about swiss 9/11 Skeptics
Paul Craig Roberts about LC-PM interview
New Pentagon-CITGO Tape released
'Morgan Renolds "more believable" than Steven Jones'
KUTV: BYU's 'Conspiracy' Professor Getting New Support
C|Span: Michael Shermer, Skeptic Magazine about "9/11 Conspiracy"
Griffin's new NORAD article
911dvdproject.com launched
Reynolds: Galileo’s Telescope and the Kean-Hamilton Luncheon
KTUU Alaska: 9/11 Story- "Josef Princiotta doesn't buy it"
First CNN 9/11 Rebroadcast Mirrors up
Journal of debunking CT picked up by german website
Screwloose: Blackshirts Rally With Adolf Jones
st911- Fred Burks at SF Panel Discussion on 9-11 Denial
Rick Siegel To Speak At Utrecht Conference
"Poor Poor Mike Ruppert"-Insights from 'someone in the know'
Loose Change: CNN-Deborah 'is a nice woman'
Victor Thorn article about "Killtown"
9/11 TV fakery linked by flagwaver to the "end of postmodernism"
New LooseChange bashing hints on $$ as motive
GNN-Reprehensor pushing '9/11 Press for Truth'
Jonah Goldberg: The Conspiracy Theorists Are Plotting Against Us!
st911- Cathy Carger gives thumbs up for Wood/Reynolds
More Pictures of the Ground Zero Protest 9/11/06
New Updates at 911stealth.com goes more holo/fakery cross-over
CBC Rex Murphy spins Shayler version of Fakery/NPT
Prof.Jones announced silence on the "whodidit"
9/11 Press for Truth -full video length
Hatred Cartoon vs. 9/11 Truth Movement
Political Theatre opens: "A National Grassroots Campaign to Illuminate the 2006
Electoral Stage with 9/11 Truth"
Dutch News "Twee Vandaag" about 9/11 Truth Movement
CovertOp's newest conclusion about NY attacks
"9/11 Truth Elections": Joshua Smith is challenging Rep. Jim McDermott
Sander Hicks' new "megaphone" is out, pushing Howie Hawkins
Comedian Abby Scott/ConspSmash about NY 9/11 Truth Protest
Hangouter Jon Albanese ranting at Haupt on Heller
New WTC 9/11 Forum launched: WTCreality.com
Flagwavers continue to oppose "9/11 Conspiracists"
Pentagonresearch.com: The Bob Pugh Video
PrisonPlanet about protest at CFR (09/12)
FOX TV: Morgan Reynolds about "9/11 TV fakery" + Controlled Demolition
Blogosphere also silent about 9/11 Truth protests