Hit Piece: "The Conspiracy of the 9/11." But Czechs Fight Back.

Mf Dnes hit piece. "Circus CIA" screenshot

A hit piece article, not far fetched to be described as mostly based on pure demagogic overtures appeared in one of the most distributed Czech daily newspapers, the Mf Dnes, which is seen by many as rather renowned outlet for its regular unbalanced and slanderous political "journalism".

But firstly, to tackle another recent controversy, the Mf Dnes editorials called for unquestionable and unconditional support for accommodating a proposed US military missile/radar base which should be part of the controversial anti-ballistic missile system deployed within the Central European region and outside the NATO/EU security structures. Despite the, fact that the first '06 summer poll showed 83% opposition across the party line of the general Czech public to such a proposal.

Grassroots rallies "Ne zakladnam! No to bases!" and antiwar initiatives have mobilized against both the large part of the corporate as well as the public broadcasting media, which were firstly reluctant to cover the issue before the summer parliamentary elections at all. Large chunk of the media later jumping on the unpopular pro base rightwing government bandwagon.

Although, the author of the main conspiracy article and additional "expert" interview did plug the recent Scripps – University of Ohio poll and also mockingly mentioned in passing the science community on the issue (not mentioning specifically 9/11 Scholars for Truth or any individuals) the articles were conducted in bluntly uninformed, and dishonest distractive manner, not unlike the infamous Ann Coulter style.

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A "sociology expert," Mr. Hartl, known non-polemical figure of the Czech media scene was invited to balance the openly hit piece main article and referred in the interview to conspiracies as not uncommon concept of "fairy tales for adults," so much for the informed and balanced reporting of Mf Dnes.

In reaction, a vigorous rebuttal has been filled to the "Ethics Commission" with the guild organization, Syndicate of Czech Journalists. The complaint is reportedly a hefty dossier consisting of various examples of current Czech and international as well as official "9/11 commission"/review related documents, all neatly tight up with apparent higher factual and journalistic standards in comparison to the substandard approach of Mf Dnes.

In addition to the alternative outlets not many national mainstream media covered the issue so far, with the exception of the Metro (Czech edition), which featured on the anniversary day a relatively balanced, detailed coverage. However, even this very article has been cropped by the editor in breach of initial contract, according to the contributing author, so the full version is available on the alternative news media webzine. Other European Metro editions such as the Dutch mutation had in comparison given much more space to the topic.

Ruling of the syndicate's ethics commission on the case is not to be expected sooner then at least in two months.

(Full English transcript is pending)

Mf Dnes (pdf) featuring that hilarious “Circus CIA” cartoon:

9/11 Anniversary day Czech Metro edition article (page 7):

9/11 Anniversary day Czech Metro edition full version:

9/11 Anniversary day Holland Metro edition article (pages 10-11):

"Ne zakladnam! No to bases!" campaign site:

July '06 poll: 83% Czechs against the US base
(US ambassador: "..Czech public doesn't understand it.."):


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