My letter to the Nation

To my dear fellow citizens:

I write you to let you know what I have realized of all the information flowing around either for us or against us. The latest I’ve seen is letters by US embassies trying to defend the official story to all foreign countries. They try to validate the official story by pointing out the 9-11 commission, which by the way lasted 1 year and a half( I just can't believe Clinton sex case deserved more time and a budget of 100 million dollars, compare to the death of 3000 people witch was given a budget of about 15 million dollars.) They refer to the NIST investigation, which they claim did extensive research, analyzed 7000 pieces of video, had 200 or more pieces of steel samples and debris from the WTC towers(by the way, where are the samples that they use?, also most of the plane fuel burned in the massive fireball outside the towers, fires burned from less than an hour at temperatures that could not melt the steel found days after the collapse, they do not take into account the grade of steel used, which can withstand fires of the like of kerosene for several hours even with its fireproof removed, they also claim the towers had its steel columns which hold lateral load sheared off by a 757 and its vertical load bearing columns removed by the impact of the airliner, and that being enough proof(according to them)for the towers to collapse.)

Rather they try to narrate a story that tries to explain the behavior of the collapse sounding convincing if it where to be the truth, but rather ignored that the top part of 1 building broke off to the side reducing dramatically the weight to other side, yet the building fell evenly straight down to its footprints ignoring resistance from the remainder of the intact tower, they try to counter by stating that the momentum of the falling weight was to much for the lower floors to do anything to stop it, but I would counter it by pointing out the they ignored the top part broking off, therefore it would have been impossible for the falling body to have evenly downward pressure at all sides, yet it collapsed evenly ignoring the shift in weight at the time it broke off. The NIST fails to address key points and most of their latest fact sheet has already been debunked if you do research. Now for the 9-11 commission report, if you watch the movie " 9-11 press for the truth" , it will give you a clearer idea of how the commission was nerfed and doomed from the beginning. They where given tons of documents but no time to analyze them; they withheld several documents that never made it to the 9-11 commission and its final report. If a government or individual has nothing to hide and is completely sure that its not guilty, he or it will give access to every document, will not hide and withheld video and audio tapes from firemen, pentagon, gasoline station, etc. The bush Admin would have done everything in its power to store all evidence for future analysis. They claim that the withheld materials, tapes and documents are for an ongoing criminal investigation. How can Bush Admin launch 2 wars, that have killed our troops and thousands and thousands of foreign citizens by claims of solid proof that now we know they don’t have, while withholding evidence of crime that they surely claim they haven't committed.

If you where totally innocent you would rush to show all the evidence that you have to prove your claims are valid and help identify and indict a guilty individual, group, organization or country. The bush administration has no one indicted. There is no proof that Bin Laden did it. The Bin Laden most wanted page does not list him for the attacks of 9-11. The Hijacker list is not verifiable and there is not any autopsy on record of any hijacker. They try to claim the list is valid but when asked about where they got the DNA from where to match the hijacker’s identity, there is no response. Therefore there is no proof that al Qaeda did it. Many of the Bin Laden tapes are fake, the latest tape is a mix of all other tapes and been proven that is not officially from al Qaeda and made by amateurs. Those tapes come conveniently before the congressional elections to create confusion, now that the truth is coming out. Around 9-11 anniversary of 2006, history channel and other mainstream sources showed video of survivors and witnesses, roughly only 2 of them, most of the witnesses and survivors that heard explosions are not given media exposure, interviews and have been totally ignored. The widows that made the first investigation happen where totally ignored and not remembered at all by the mainstream media; instead they showed families that lost loved ones in 9-11 that had no idea of all the anomalies of the official story. Their cover-up is in full effect. Talk about the declassified Northwood’s document that was exposed by President Kennedy which you can find in this link that proves US sponsor terror:

The list goes on there is no weapons of mass destruction on Iraq, There is no Al Qaeda-Iraq link confirmed by the US senate, here is the US senate official link:
The Bush administration has more information against it, than the bush administration has against a made up enemy. The official story cannot be proven at all, has so many wholes, discrepancies, omissions, loops you name it. Also they been recently caught lying about Iran, I agree Iran has been far more of a threat than Iraq has ever been, but still the Bush administration has lied about Iran just like it did to Iraq here I provide a link to the story: and for CNN:

To keep on adding against the bush administration I found that the days following 9-11, they claim they had no idea they would use hijack airplanes, that no one had envision such an attack could happen and that they had no intelligence regarding those attacks. Here is a transcrip of a memo of august 6 2001: that states that a terrorist attack would happen soon. Several Inteligence from other countries warned the Bush administration of attacks using hijack airplanes, the use of bombs and other methods, the days and months before 9-11. They did nothing about it. They lied in our faces about not having an idea a hijacked terrorist attack could happen. They acted clueless of what happened on that day.

They had the military in multiple drills of terrorist acts happening that day, also involving hijacked airplanes, keeping them busy and clueless of what was going on that day. They never mention that. If the government had delivered a message to the second tower, and had been evacuated right after the first one was hit, No one should have died in that tower. The fourth plane crashed 10:10am, first plane crashed at 8:45 am, that's a 1 hour and 25 minutes and not one plane got intercepted. Here’s the CNN timeline:
Building 7 fell off and no plane hit it, the collapse is totally similar to control demolition, they avoid talking and researching about building 7, only giving unbelievable explanations. The all time record inside trading of American and United stocks that have never been investigated. If the bush administration wanted to keep us safe, it would have used the more than 350 billion dollar it has spend on both wars, making sure every container that comes to any US ports get inspected 100% of the time, it would have made an impenetrable boarder security. It would have equipped all airports with the highest technology detectors of all kinds of weapons and explosives. Keep 90% of the military ready to deal with any domestic threat and only 10% on drills and rotate personnel to those drills as necessary. All the military around New York was busy in drills in 9-11(very incompetent and irresponsible), which by the way was on purpose because they new those attack where going to happen. A great amount of containers that come to the USA go undisputed. They claim they want our safety but they are creating more terrorist than they kill, by the way those terrorist which they claim made those attacks where from Saudi Arabia and there's been stories that link Pakistan to those terrorist, yet they never attacked Saudi Arabia and Pakistan being 2 countries that had more links to the 9-11 hijackers than Afghanistan and Iraq ever did.

I don’t mean Saudi Arabia and Pakistan did it, but they use Saudi Identities to make the cover up hoping no one will question anything. Bush administration was not careful enough to check if any of those identities had links to Pakistan as it has turn out. Their hope was to use the 9-11 attacks to invade Afghanistan and Iraq to complete the oil pipeline that goes into Pakistan. They didn’t not see any need to attack Pakistan because that government is in full Compliance with the bush Administration, but Afghanistan and Iraq which have the majority of the oil remaining in the world did not wanted to trade oil with US companies unless they where attacked to take the oil by force. I suspect that Pakistan had a deal with the bush administration on helping them supply a list of hijackers and to benefit from oil trading once the pipeline is complete. Not to count that China and Russia are the biggest challenges to all corrupted corporations, cults and billionaires around the world. Those countries also would serve as base of operations to attack China and Russia.

If the Bush admin really wanted our safety they would spend more money in coast security. They would have increase homeland defense spending and not foreign offensive expending. Think about it, Bush tax cuts do not benefit the middle class much less the poor class, state and local taxes have been forced to increase to compensate for lack of federal funding, eliminating any benefit from such tax cut, we are spending more money federally with wars than we are taking back through tax cuts. That tax cut only benefit corporations and billionaires. Most of the money that the population spends goes to private businesses and corporations, which keep the money and in return pay less taxes, making the government budget for services to the citizens smaller and weaker such as Healthcare, Food, benefits to veterans and education.

Bush is not doing anything to keep us safe, he's created a crisis by making our deficit to 7 trillion dollars by spending more money through wars than in taking through tax cuts, that do not benefit the majority of US citizen witch are poor and middle class and do benefit the richest corporations and individuals in the world. He didn't go after the countries that have more links to the 911 hijackers which where Saudi Arabia and Pakistan because it was not part of their plan, and yet have created more terrorist in Afghanistan and Iraq. He's endangering us by ignoring port security which doesn't scan 100% of the containers, which they should, if he had spend the money making us safe and not using it through wars. He's ignored boarder security, which will prevent any illegal immigrant or shipments from entering the USA. He has ignored coast security which will prevent any unknown ship or airplane to enter the USA; Instead of killing our troops oversee they should be here in our homeland protecting the boarder and coast. That will make us safer. This wars haven't been for peace, security, freedom and democracy they been on favor of corporations and the wealthiest individuals in the world, specially the oil, construction, weapons and yes the drug industries. Let’s not forget the cults which all this corrupt individuals belong to.


A proud American Gustavo.

The 9/11 Commission, LOL!

Yeah, let's have the U.S. Government investigate itself. I'm sure we'll get the truth! LOL!