Nafeez Ahmed: "What the 9/11 Families are Saying"

"What the 9/11 Families are Saying"

Friday, September 15, 2006

One of the things that really bothers me is the marginalization of the 9/11 families, the people who lost their loved ones in the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Not only have the families, and their call for an investigation even now, been marginalized by the Bush administration; they have also been marginalized by the 9/11 "truth" movement which has largely shown little interest in what the families have been saying.

More than anyone, it's been the 9/11 families who have been at the forefront of the ongoing campaign for an independent public inquiry into the attacks that might truly hold the authorities to account, and result in full disclosure of what happened, how and why. Indeed, one of the most powerful resources demonstrating how little we really know about 9/11 comes in the form of the huge list of 9/11 Unanswered Questions on the website of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee for the 9/11 Independent Commission. In all, there are, I believe, several hundred questions pertaining to virtually every single dimension of the terrorist attacks. (NOTE: by the way, when I cited 9/11 widow Lauri van Auken in my article below "Interrogating 9/11", although she spoke on behalf of many 9/11 families, she did not speak on behalf of the 9/11 Families Steering Committee as the latter had been disbanded in January 2005 already)

Readers familiar with my work on 9/11 in The War on Freedom and The War on Truth will note the numerous parallels between the lines of inquiry set out in those books, and the questions and anomalies raised by the 9/11 Families Steering Committee. Last year at the McKinney hearing* in the House of Representatives, two of the Jersey widows, Mindy Kleinberg and Lauri van Auken, told me that The War on Freedom was quite literally the first book they had read offering a deeply critical perspective of the 9/11 official narrative. Very early on, my colleague Kyle F. Hence of 9/11 Citizens Watch had ensured that copies of the book were passed on to family members as well as Congressional representatives.

While the 9/11 Families Steering Committee website offers a litany of pounding questions that the 9/11 Commission ignored, those who want a no-nonsense factual reference point for understanding the extent to which the 9/11 official narrative is riddled with holes, would be well-advised to check out the work of Paul Thompson at the Centre for Cooperative Research, whose 9/11 Timeline inspired the Jersey widows and fed heavily into their new documentary film, 9/11 Press for Truth, for which Thompson was story adviser. I'm pleased to note that my research in The War on Truth is cited in a Cooperative Research Timeline project on "The use of Islamist militants by American and Israeli militarists - The War in Afghanistan to September 11 and beyond". Thompson's work is pivotal precisely because of its nature -- it's not theoretical, it's not hypothetical and its not speculation: it's purely and simply a chronological collection of continually updated raw historical and empirical data. My method of analysis is somewhat similar in that I avoid theoretical speculation as far as possible, and instead insist on discerning breaks, shifts, and interconnections in the data itself by which one can observe clear patterns and their implications.

One reason I bring all this up is to flag-up Thompson's data on the WTC investigations, in particular in relation to the burning question of the huge deposits of molten metal noticed by dozens of eyewitness -- fire fighters, scientists, and other experts -- for up to five weeks after the 9/11 attacks (appended below with this post) ...


* I subbed in a hyperlink to my transcripts of the hearing in place of Ahmed's link to a summary. -r.

9/11 Toxic Dust

9/11 Toxic Dust Whistleblower Raided By SWAT Team
Ground zero hero Major Mike McCormack says he was deliberately targeted for helping release documents on EPA government cover-up, says 75% of police, firemen believe 9/11 cover-up

Paul Joseph Watson/Prison | September 15 2006

A 9/11 toxic dust whistleblower, a ground zero hero and one of the individuals influential in the release of documents proving a government cover-up that deliberately put police, firemen and rescue personel at risk, has been raided by a New York SWAT team - who ransacked his home for three hours after he was arrested.

While I Agree With Nafeez....

And thank him for writing this article... not everyone in the 9/11 Truth Movement "marginalizes" the families.

Not by a longshot.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."



"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Listen to Wafa Sultan, an

Boston United Airlines Flight... 93?

This is where LC is coming from I suppose. This, and that news article that was retracted.

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

damn. thats new to me,

damn. thats new to me, havent seen that footage before.

Flight 93

I was reading an article in St. Anthony's Messenger about the little scraps of flesh left at the crash of 93. Again, no seats, no wings, no engines, no bodies. Just small scraps of flesh and in-tact bibles, passports and a terrorist jacket. Again, we have four planes with no remains...of anything, except scraps. How the F**k does this happen. There were personal items found from the passengers of 93, and their DNA was identified. This is a hideous situation, but has anyone ever thought that these people did actually land at Cleveland...were quickly shuttled into a remote controlled plane, unaware of course (when do you ever see the plane that you are is simply a chute), and then into a remote controlled plane/missile that was supposed to be used on a building? This would explain the deep hole in the ground, the unburned grass around the hole, and scraps of flesh that were later identified, and personal items. Any comments, of course, are appreciated. I am simply speculating.

dont forget the perfectly

dont forget the perfectly in-tact red bandana from one of the hijackers. haha. what a crock.

Flight 83

Oh yes, and one in-tact red bandana ( the name "Ziad Jarrah" printed on the inside with laundry marker) placed securely on the food try on top of the human remains pile with perfectly filled glass of juice, eggo-waffle and snausages. Writing on tray said "Jarrah and Al-qaeda was here".

Fred Burks debates Joel Shalit on 9/11 Truth


The closing statement in the article...

It is such independent investigation that the 9/11 families continue to call for, not to support some preconceived lunatic fringe theories, but to get to the unsullied truth -- not simply for the sake of their own "closure", but because the phenomenon of terrorism since 9/11 continues to play an integral role in the international system, and continues to kill and maim innocent civilians around the world.

That's one sentence. :-)

It's a damn good one, though.

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

Kristen Breitweiser--Jersey Girl

I sat through a 1/2-hour interview of Kristen Breitweiser by Larry King on CNN. She said nothing whatsoever about our gov't being involved in 9/11. I didn't know what to make of her.

Different voices for different ears

Jersey girls know who did it. They are just wise like foxes. These are sophisticated educated ladies who are playing chess. As long as they avoid the label "conspiracy nut", they are dangerous to the touch. Ann Coulter is paying dearly for her blather now. There stories by design don't have endings, but they lead to where we all think the story ends.

I've noticed this myself.

Great comment. I've noticed that their behavior and language will lead you to the right path.

If you watch very closely to the statements of these ladies in 9/11 press for truth video you can see where some are trying to lead the viewer. It is very subtle but it in there.

Please stand behind these women/families, it may be the only (Best) way we ever get to the truth.

The bottom line, we don't know what the truth is and the government doesn't want to let the truth be known. It is not too difficult to understand why.

You think Larry King's handlers will let...

Ms. Breitweiser stray from the set topic path?

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

new article on Counterpunch


Watching her side by side with pix of Coulter...yikes, it was like watching Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz meeting the Wicked Witch of the West. Anyone that likes Coulter is screwed. Better them than me.