A National Grassroots Campaign to Illuminate the 2006 Electoral Stage with 9/11 Truth

I believe I posted this a while back, but definitely worth revisiting, sign up today:


Fine Motives, Means & Opportunities
To commemorate the great 9/11 Commission cover-up released on July 22, 2004, 9/11truth.org and MUJCA-Net are proud to announce the launch of "Politics 911" -- a focused 4-month campaign to enlighten the 2006 electoral debate with a nationwide spotlight on 9/11 truth.

As the name implies "Politics 911" is an emergency campaign to help return democratic control, self-respect and political adulthood to the American electorate. To that end we plan to gratefully exploit:

  • the rising tide of 9/11 skepticism;
  • the dispersion & diversity of local 9/11 activist groups;
  • the organizing & communicative genius of the Internet; and
  • the political theater of the 2006 elections
    in order to saturate pre-election events with substantive 9/11 truth questions and their implications for revolutionary reform.

    Course of Action
    The campaign's initial goal is to require every candidate running for the US House or Senate in 2006 to publicly declare whether he/she will support a truly independent re-investigation* of the events surrounding 9/11 including evidence of US government foreknowledge, facilitation and/or complicity. This will be accomplished and augmented with the following steps:

    1. Develop a Roster of all Senate and Congressional candidates from all parties;


    2. Poll Each and Every Candidate (locally and personally, when possible) regarding their awareness of/interest in 9/11 issues, and their support for a new and truly independent investigation.* This includes all independents and third party challengers from the Greens, Libertarians, Reform Party, etc. See poll questionnaire here.

      (Before polling, activists can/should offer candidates a briefing packet including the most striking government complicity evidence, a list of eminent 9/11 truth advocates, and the 2004/2006 Zogby polls demonstrating widespread public support for a new investigation. See "Briefing Resources" section below.)


    3. Publish All Candidate Responses on the Internet and highlight a list of candidates who are featuring 9/11 truth in their analyses and campaigns. (This will present truth-concerned readers with the opportunity to contribute time, energy and resources to promising campaigns in their regions.)


    4. Encourage Widespread Bird-dogging at all public electoral events with crowd- & thought-provoking 9/11 questions, until every campaign spokesperson will have to have a briefing paper on the candidate's position re 9/11 truth.


      Sample bird-dog question (preferably addressed to candidate(s) in front of cameras, microphones, news teams, etc.):
      "Recent Zogby polls have shown that less than half of voting age Americans trust the integrity or conclusions of the 9/11 Commission, and 45% demand an entirely new investigation, one that also examines the evidence for US government complicity. Since hundreds of victim family questions remain unanswered to this day, yet this administration continues to use 9/11 to justify foreign wars, domestic spying, torture, no-bid contracts, ballooning deficits, unprecedented secrecy and a host of other dangerous policies, many feel that such an inquiry is long overdue. Ralph Nader, Reagan economic advisor, Paul Craig Roberts, Rabbi Michael Lerner, the leaders of the Green and Libertarian parties, and hundreds of other prominent Americans now support this demand. Do you think our citizens deserve a deeper look into 9/11 events and would you support a new investigation?"


    5. Contribute Personalized 9/11 Teaching Materials to communities where truth candidates are contending with official story defenders. (This would most likely be a Public Access TV-friendly DVD containing 9/11 documentary trailers, video clips, songs, documents, PSA templates, etc.)

    "Politics 9/11" co-sponsors will prepare the briefing kits, publication website, and teaching materials, but we need an enormous amount of grassroots involvement to make this campaign work. You and/or your group can participate at any stage, but we especially need volunteers for the polling effort. See our campaign webpage www.911truthgroups.org for details and suggestions, and contribute your own ideas to the campaign's online planning forum.

    * A "truly independent investigation" implies at minimum: a) nationally respected impartial commissioners approved by victim family representatives; b) supervisory participation by members of the 9/11 Family Steering Committee who initially demanded a 9/11 investigation; and c) legally binding subpoena power and access to all relevant witnesses and documents.


    Candidate Tracker
    To locate all candidates for federal office in your region and beyond use this nifty web tool from Project Vote Smart.

    Election Analysis Maps
    Race projection toys from the New York Times (Handicap Alert: the Times remains congenitally blind to Greens, Libertarians, etc, even when they are printed on the ballot. Use Vote Smart to find all the candidates.)

    Politics 911 Candidate Questionnaire

    Campaign Planning, Organizing & Discussion Site
    www.911truthgroups.org/911Truth - please register and pitch in...

    The following files may be downloaded and printed to create a briefing kit for local candidates and their staff.

    Please suggest other useful files and documents you would like added to this online collection. Send your ideas and/or files to webmaster(at)911truth.org


    • The 571-Page Lie: Dr. David Ray Griffin's brilliant 115-point deconstruction of the 9/11 Commission Report
      Word .doc Format Acrobat .pdf Format


    • August 2004 New York Zogby 9/11 Poll: Showing 40% of New Yorkers believe the government is complicit and 66% want a new criminal investigation
      Word .doc Format Acrobat .pdf Format


    • May 2006 National Zogby 9/11 Poll: Showing only 48% of Americans believe the 9/11 Commission Report and 45% want a new criminal investigation
      Word .doc Format Acrobat .pdf Format


    • The 9/11 Truth Statement: 100 Prominent Americans and 40 Victim Family Members call for a new criminal investigation into 9/11
      Word .doc Format Acrobat .pdf Format


    • Doonesbury "9/11!9/11!9/11!" Cartoon: Why the Truth Still Matters
      Word .doc Format


    • 9/11 as Mother of All Issues: Famous Manchester, NH Speech by "9/11 Truth Candidate" John Buchanan during his 2004 New Hampshire GOP Primary Challenge to George Bush.
      Word .doc Format Acrobat .pdf Forma




    911truth.org Press Release

    Media Advisory: September 11, 2006



    Five Years On, 9/11 Truth Movement Reaches Critical Mass -- Near Majority Support, Powerful New Tools and Energized Activism Promise Endgame Soon

    Escalating mainstream mistrust of "official 9/11 story" driven by important new films, books and activist campaigns; promises new openings for insurgent candidacies and radical reform initiatives.

    (PRWEB) September 11, 2006 -- The year leading up to the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks has been marked by an unprecedented upsurge in public mistrust of the official story portrayed in the 9/11 Commission Report. Respected national polling firms Zogby and Scripps Howard have shown that less than half the public believes in the conclusions or integrity of the 9/11 Commission, and 36% of Americans now think the administration was actively complicit in the attacks to advance its preplanned Mideast war agenda...... (Continues at website)

    Adding to my site

    Im adding this to my site - I encourage all to spread the word!

    video--as it happened

    This has to be the most evil

    This has to be the most evil and hate filled cartoon directed at the 9/11 truth movement:

    Good thing nobody gives two

    Good thing nobody gives two shits what that Nazi thinks.

    desperate measures

    It shows their true desperation. This is what they have to resort to in an attempt to divert people from the facts.

    look closer at the cartoon

    do you see skulls & bones all over the place. written by cocks and fore cum. sexual innuendo attached to a secret society? nah....

    In America?!

    No way! ;)

    This is really cool

    I'm not into electoral politics but we need to be using every tool in the toolbox. I'm gonna print this out.

    Sean Penn on Larry King earlier tonight

    [PENN]: Now, we were attacked on 9/11, and we were right to go to Afghanistan. Then that was exploited, and we were suckered into our own macho ego of this idea of being tough guys. But people who want to be tough guys ought to really know what war is, and I -- some of the people I met in Iraq -- I mean, this young girl that I -- I'm very close with her mother and her brother, who had already been maimed in the '98 Basra attack, American attack.

    They were on their way into Baghdad and she had her jaw and her tongue shot out. This is a 19 year-old girl.

    And I think that people have to look -- have to follow that bullet trajectory and see what that is and who it's happening to, before they start pounding. And out of that, before you're going to let that happen, or let your American son go, you've got to really say, wait a minute, how do you know they have nuclear weapons? Why do you want to go there?

    And if you don't do that, then you're just a sheep and you're not macho, you're a little man, and those people are little men that brought us into that war.

    KING: Do you think your government is devious or wrong?

    PENN: I think that they're both. I think there's a lot of -- this is where they have been so successful. To say they're devious is to take the attacks of my friends like Christopher Hitchens, who is a friend of mine and a wonderfully articulate men, and there are many -- he is the most talented of the supporters of that war.

    [B]But the people in government who are doing it, it has been proven that they deceived us. I mean, over and over again, and to say that they're deceiving us is to be a conspiracy theorist. But conspiracy doesn't happen in America, as Gore Vidal said, because conspiracy doesn't happen in America. And all you've got to do is be willing to believe that, and you are sacrificing your children's future.[/B]


    My Space 9/11 Truth Group "Adult Only"


    Just when the 9/11 Truth group on My Space got large enough (yesterday) to become the 9th largest MySpace group in the Government and Politics list, thereby putting it for the first time on the home page of the Government and Poitics Groups listings, all of a sudden today 9/11 Truth group will not show up on that page at all unless you sign in. Furthermore, you must then agree to a statement warning you that the group is for "Adults only" because it has "adult content." Thus, unless you sign in and agree to that dialogue box, you will not see the group listed at all on the home page.

    My guess is that this is MySpace's efforts to slow the growth of this group.

    you've gotta be fucking shitting me

    I messaged taylor. A little background, somone hacked his profile and changed his password, after the group was set to private because of spam attacks, thus for almost 3 months no add requests for the group were answered, at one point in it's height the 9/11 truth group was higher than it is currently as it will return to if it remains public, but this seems to be a clear effort to keep kids from learning it. but all they have to do is change their age. it's really not that hard to do.

    Rupert Murdoch owns My Space

    Rupert Murdoch owns My Space just like he owns almost everything else. cant say im surprised.


    I just did a search on Myspace, the 9/11 truth group was 262nd, at 22,393 users. That's after I signed up.

    It was right under Death Cab for Cutie fans at 22,437 members.

    I'm not sure where you're getting 9th place from?

    Major Mike McCormack –

    Major Mike McCormack – Medic; specialist in collapsed infrastructure rescue and hazmat
    Major Mike McCormick, at the time holding the rank of Captain with the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary Patrol, arrived at Ground Zero about three hours after both towers had collapsed. He worked throughout the first six days of the rescue effort, until it changed from search and recovery to recovery only. While engaged in this work, he found the World Trade Center towers' flag, which was later displayed at the Olympics. Major McCormick now suffers from respiratory illness and gastro-esophageal reflux disease. He was awarded a Congressional Certificate, a thank you letter from the President, and a commendation from Governor Pataki. He was denied coverage by the September 11th Victim Compensation Fund because it asserted that he had not proved that he was there.

    This true 9/11 hero just got raided by the SWAT team, and was on Alex Jones show saying that 75% of the NYPD/NYFD believe theres a coverup, and a lot of those think its an inside job ; that many rescue workers inside the towers know explosives were going off.

    new 9/11 cartoon

    I called my congresspersons

    I called the offices of each of my congresspersons today and ask for their position on the need to open a new 9/11 investigation. They all said that they were unsure and would find out. I asked for a written response and gave them the necessary contact information. Now we will what, if any, response is given.

    The calls were really easy to make and it only took about 10 minutes.

    Note: to Marketing Dept. Staff

    Moot point: Those of you who might question AJ's sincerity, (or his methodologies, ie: in Buchanan interview,) need to recognize that Alex began all of his activism in the hotbed of Austin's local political scene, WAY before 9/11. He's been notably concerned about the Spanish influx/(now an invasion) since I met him in the midst of a shoot in the parking-lot of a big Mexican grocery store on I35. His assistant told me what they were up to, so I let him know I was also a 'Community producer,' from Denver. It infuriated him to learn that I did not have my own TV show, and I agree. We wasted our opportunity 'to fight The Man,' when the law was on our side. Now, we have no choice but to use our brain-power, as well as our physical bodies at the point-of-purchase on this issue.

    Thank God somebody has the wherewithall (sp?) to organize this raggamuffin movement! I'm really just a painter by training, everything else I stole from Academia. Here's my slogan(s):

    "Democracy by Diebold?"
    "What Election, -?" (-works great with offensive tag for minority repulsion!)

    (more later)