A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Mf Dnes hit piece. "Circus CIA" screenshot

A picture is worth a thousand words, and this is a good one taken by 911Blogger regular YT, showing someone reading Metro Silicon Valley's June article on 9/11.

I posted this picture because it captures the feeling of the millions of normal Americans all over the country starting to learn that there are serious questions about the "official" story.

now i understand

why Bush wants to change the laws regarding torture

New article by David Ray Griffin

9/11 Live or Fabricated: Do the NORAD Tapes Verify The 9/11 Commission Report?

Part 1:

Part 2:

From The Wilderness remembers....

I Remember

Michael Kane
FTW Staff Writer

September 14th 2006, 2:22 PM [PST] – New York - 9/11 entirely changed my life and the path it has followed since.

I had always been somewhat politically aware, but as I stood 10 miles away (as the crow flies) from the Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, a realization came over me that the topics I had only entertained in armchair debate up until that point actually impacted my life directly.

What do I remember about 9/11 looking back over the past five years?

* I remember seeing 18-year-old girls quivering with uncontrollable tears as they desperately tried to find out if their fathers were dead that morning.

* I remember thousands of hours of research that consumed my being for four years.

* I remember organizing one of the most important 9/11 related events of all time on September 11, 2003, at the Riverside Church in Harlem with Kyle Hence and NY 9/11 Truth where Mike Ruppert, Cynthia McKinney, Ray McGovern, Dr. Faiz Kahn and John Judge addressed the Truth and Lies of 9/11.

* I remember that Dick Cheney (and his Secret Service detail) unexpectedly showed up to the Riverside Church for a Port Authority event right as we were setting up for our 9/11 Truth event.

* I remember protesting at Ground Zero holding a sign that said “The Bush Regime Engineered 9/11” and having to battle the police to ultimately prove that the sidewalk was public property.

* I remember producing the first rock song focused on 9/11 Truth.

* I remember sneaking the phrase “Bush Knew” into the George Soros funded Bush in 30 Seconds contest.

* I remember interviewing Immortal Technique about his music and how it related to 9/11 Truth for GNN.tv.

* I remember confronting General Ralph “Ed” Eberhart and the 9/11 Commissioners at the final 9/11 Commission hearings and not one of them would answer my very simple question.

* I remember having lunch with a then-Assistant Editor at Harpers, Arno Kopecky, who questioned me about CROSSING THE RUBICON for three hours (Mike Ruppert was questioned even longer on a separate occasion) only to find out Lewis H. Lapham (Editor Emeritus at Harpers) ultimately decided not to cover 9/11 from RUBICON’s point of view.

* I remember Barrie Zwicker including me in his documentary “The Great Conspiracy,” and being flown out to the west coast by 9/11 activists to speak at four premiers of the movie in California.

* I remember receiving an email from Paul Thompson, author of THE TERROR TIMELINE, informing me that his book was the required textbook for a class at Yale University taught by former Bush Administration Counterterrorism Advisor Richard Clarke.

* I remember when FTW’s publicist Ken Levine first informed me that CROSSING THE RUBICON had been accepted into Harvard’s Business Library.

* I remember dozens upon dozens of emails from activists swearing that the next event, or the next documentary, or the next CSPAN broadcast relating to 9/11 Truth was going to be the “breakthrough” we were all waiting for.

* I remember receiving one of those emails last week

I have many memories.

* I remember dozens upon

* I remember dozens upon dozens of emails from activists swearing that the next event, or the next documentary, or the next CSPAN broadcast relating to 9/11 Truth was going to be the “breakthrough” we were all waiting for.

* I remember receiving one of those emails last week

I have many memories.

FTW, ALWAYS belittling 9/11 truth now. im so sick of that shit. we get it Ruppert, the movement is "dead". go away. im sorry, im just so sick of this. its a constant theme with FTW now. "just give up". no thanks.

There's no way they can stop it

The cat is out of the bag... in fact it's walking around and giving interviews. How can they stop the truth? Rounding people up? You know they'll do it as soon as they feel they have to. That's why I'm hitting the streets... this shit is too crazy, people have to wake up and people who have woken up need to be encouraged to speak up.

GW, thanks for posting this on the front page - I really like that one too. The guy in the photo is actually an oldschool truther haha.

Going downtown to spread the word.

You misrepresent Mike's work

I think he is just reminiscing. One can see the strides the Truth movement is making – while lamenting the loss of unity of those early days.

There is a strange dichotomy to the New York movement where most of the founders of the New York movement have moved on to other forms of activism, while the New York movement itself has grown larger, yet less clear in its research and message, and hostile to the older members of this organization.

A recent gathering on the eve of 9/11 illustrated this shift. Literature was distributed by ny911truth attempting to connect 9/11 with the Rothchilds and Bilderbergs and Rockefellers.

I thought, could the Illuminati and Knights Templar be far behind? Grist for the standard conspiracy theory mills. Standards of research and public outreach hitting rock bottom.

And while great activists like Kyle Hence premiered a film “9/11: Press for the Truth,” with the full support of the Jersey Girls, and other victim’s family members, and held a press conference on CSpan demanding that 9/11 be reopened and investigated…… not a whisper of support could be found on the ny911truth.org website. Instead you find that they pump the fear with headlines on their website entitled: Planning for Pandemic.

And as one of the founding fathers of NY911Truth – Nicholas Levis – who was THERE from day one with Nico Haupt and Mike Kane and Les Jamieson - organizing and protesting and educating – was told that he is no longer welcome at NY911Truth events, with emails circulated accusing his research of being a “Trojan Horse” for darker sinister intentions, one wonders what has become of a New York movement that forgets its own founders, and the chief organizer of events at Riverside Church, The Symphony Space, The Brecht Forum as well as countless other events that DIRECTLY led to a New York movement that now reflects the robust nature of a movement that was seeded so well in the early days.

And as I, John Albanese, have watched the years roll forward and reflect back on the many freezing cold and scorching hot weekends at ground zero holding up the “9/11 Was An Inside Job” banner– back when it was dangerous to do so - I remember an aged war veteran spitting chewing tobacco at me, and Nico Haupt running to my aid, placing himself between the veteran and myself, baring the brunt of the veteran’s ire. These were the days when we were all on the same side, and unity was our only option against ignorance, and Les Jamieson and Nicholas Levis and Nico Haupt and Mike Kane and a handful of others including myself all agreed to disagree – for the good of the movement.

But later, as I invested thousands of dollars in producing my own film, renting out the Tribeca Screening Room at my own expense during the Tribeca Film Festival, placing myself financially and emotionally in debt, producing a not-for-profit film with the hopes of creating a media stir…..at the risk of own personal safety and a bomb scare and personal threats - again, not a whisper of support came from the ny911Truth.org website or resident crew.

And as St Marks church offered to show my film, and do a fund raiser to help defray the costs of my event, the ny911truth crew circulated emails accusing Nicholas Levis of stealing church funds – in retaliation for his public appeals to keep anti-Semitic literature out of St Marks church.

The movement is strong. I do not believe anything can stop it now. I do interviews regularly on TV and radio, and my second film is in the works. Perhaps I have outgrown the local movement. Mike Kane has moved on to taking control of FTW. All of the early member are busy and engaged. But, there are those of us who lament the unity of those early days – and I share Mike Kane’s melancholia over those memories. I remain excited over how quickly this movement has grown – and appears to be popping out everywhere. Finally – the news blackout is over!! I look forward to what is coming next. But, the victory is mixed with sadness when I consider that everything that we have worked for resulted in success – but at the cost of unity – and appreciation.

Bush predicts new attack

From Rawstory,

""I wish I could tell the American people, 'don't worry about it.' They're not coming again. But they are coming again."
"Time is running out," the President concluded.

He seems very sure......

They played the terror-card

They played the terror-card too often, the only option to rally the post-9/11 type of support would be to really do it and stage a new attack.

If Bush's plan for terror-suspect military tribunals goes ahead, there'll be many "convicted" 9/11 plotters at the end of the day. No problem when you have "guilty unless proven innocent" courts a' la' Mousaoui.

see what I mean?

l8 for real

He seems very sure because

He seems very sure because operation "god knows what" is already in the works. I bet you on that day, there will be drills identical to the real event YET AGAIN! Just like the London bombings and 9/11.

Anyone seen this yet?

McKinney lays the SMACK DOWN!

"Cynthia McKinney (D-GA) asks questions about: Dyncorp Sex-Trade, Pentagon Missing $2.3 Trillion & 9/11 Wargames"


No wonder the sonsofbitches tried to intimidate her.

Do you know when this took place?

Didn't this happen a while ago?

I think it's fairly recent,

I think it's fairly recent, I'm searching. I saw the first time she asked about the war games, this definitely isn't that confrontation. Here's an old link.


March 11th, 2005

Pictures from Breakthrough Rally, Ground Zero 9/11/06

Here are some more 911 Truth related pictures.
Part 1

Part 2

Has anyone seen other pics from that day?
Or even a decent report-back?

— JV

Mike McCormack assaulted by Federal Swat Team

Big big 9/11 story you may not have noticed - Alex Jones interviewed Mike McCormack.

He's a 9/11 hero
He's dying from the dust
Apparently he knows too much

That's a dangerous guy for the perps.


mp3 interview available - astounding guys - dying man with a story to tell

Wow, that was quite an

Wow, that was quite an article. I wonder what the circulation of that paper is?

Just to reiterate folks, ONE


This should be a big headline on here :)

i agree, hopefully it will

i agree, hopefully it will be.

shocking.. I hope these

shocking.. I hope these people rot in hell!

Actually, LOTS of ground

Actually, LOTS of ground zero heros have come out, saying that 911 was an inside job.

The most notable? Willie Rodriguez.

If you dont know who he is, you need a serious lesson in 911 history.

This cover story was also in Santa Cruz Metro

This same cover story was on the Metro Santa Cruz paper (same company) during the same week and got a LOT of attention. As a result of a theater in Santa Cruz showing Loose Change on 9/11/06, the editor added a comment about the movie showing at the end of the article!!! (we ended up getting a sold out crowd of about 700 people). I'm sure the effect that this story has had on Santa Cruz and Silicon Valley is IMMENSE.


that's awesome... is there an SC truth group?


Yes, there is, I am a part of it


hell yeaH

Hard Copies Available!!!

Folks, I have tons of copies left of this paper (for the santa cruz version). If you would like a hard copy and are willing to pay for postage, please email me at pdegiere@sbcglobal.net