Rep. McKinney's Congressional Briefing Transcript Now Available

As Rep. Cynthia McKinney winds up her current term in office, she was able to make available to the public the complete transcripts and written statements submitted for her historic congressional briefing; "The 9/11 Commission Report One Year Later - A Citizens' Response: Did the Commission Get it Right?" from July 22nd, 2005.

2.5 MB PDF

An amazing document. Please be sure to call or use her guest book to give her your thanks;

Do you guys remember...

When Lee Hamilton was confronted by callers on C-SPAN?

During a recent C-SPAN interview Vice-Chair Lee Hamilton challenged those who have evidence contrary to the findings of the 9/11 Report to bring it forward into the public arena, this his response to criticism of the 9/11 Report from callers and pressing follow-up questions from Washington Journal's co-host Brian Lamb.

What happened when the families asked for a new investigation? They were ignored.

"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Wasnt Hamilton the same guy

Wasnt Hamilton the same guy that ultimately decided there was no merit to "October Surprise"? I could swear he was involved in the inquiry. Am I wrong?

that would be him. he has a

that would be him. he has a long history of covering the governments collective asses.

"How They Get Away With It"

See the essay "How They Get Away With It" by Greene over at Hoffman's wtc7 web site.

i love Cynthia McKinney.

i love Cynthia McKinney.



Bin Laden’s superspy worked for the FBI, CIA and US Army

Bin Laden’s superspy worked for the FBI, CIA and US Army

CIA Learned in '02 That Bin Laden Had No Iraq Ties, Report Says:


The transcript is very welcomed addition.

What a travesty that Cynthia McKinney lost the election.
Well, perhaps one day after the 9/11 trials and busheviks behind bars she could be the president candidate.

Funny I was just watching the C-span coverage of that day now. Noticed Webster Tarpley, Sibel Edmonds, D.R. Griffin in the audience:

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check the badass V for Vendetta-9/11 shirt at the bottom of the page.