Swiss 'Blick' newspaper about 9/11

Ola everyone,
Switzerlands second biggest newspaper 'Blick' had a title-page and 2 page report about 9/11 today.
This paper is not exactly the most 'serious' one here, but rather boulevard-y.
But all in all, the report is fair.
The first parapgraph is online at

The title-page header is : "Is the Bush Clan behind it?"
"Now also swiss scientists say: The more we research, the more we doubt' "

Prof. Albert Stähelin (military-strategy-expert), and Dr. Daniele Ganser (you might have heard of him, he's associated with st911 i think)
are both expressing their serious doubts about the official story. It lists '5 hot questions' , including wtc7, pentagon, insider trading, able danger,
twin tower collapse) and lists the official explanation, for those points where there actually exists one that is. However, it fails to point out what exactly the problems
are with those explanations.

Anyway, my first blog entry here. Hi all! Glad to be here, not so glad about why im here.

Another rehash?

You mean to say they've been hoodwinked by your official 9/11 conspiracy nonsense.

sorry, i dont understand the

sorry, i dont understand the word 'hoodwinked'.
the general tone of the report was not 'conspiracy nonsense' at all.
It does not go deep into the topic, but thats normal for Blick.
However, its the first time i see this as frontpage and page2+3 story, in such a manner, ever.
It certainly sparked a few peoples interest here.
I might also add that another swiss daily newspaper ,'Tages Anzeiger' , had an excellent 1 page 9/11 coverage by Daniele Ganser, on the 9th september. The germanspeakers can check it out here:
This is probably the best 911 writing ive ever seen in any german media.

"to hoodwink" ==

"to hoodwink" == "hintergehen, täuschen"