Taibbi: 9/11 Truthers "Clinically Insane"

The following commentary by Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone (via Alternet) needs no additional commentary from me. The part in bold type says it all.

Americans in Denial about 9/11

By Matt Taibbi, RollingStone.com. Posted September 14, 2006.

We made many careers out of assigning blame for the attacks, with the right blaming Bill Clinton, Michael Moore blaming George Bush, and the clinically insane blaming those mysterious demolition experts who allegedly wired the bottoms of the towers with the explosives that "really" caused the tragedy.

Oh, many more to blame than "mysterious demo experts..."

So Taibbi claims it was caveman Osama & his 19 flunkies w/box cutters with no outside help whatsoever. Clearly Taibbi is the one in denial.


And, I suspect his denial is rooted in his occupation as a religious leader. I've noticed that there are very few religious leaders stepping up to the plate. David Ray Griffin is the exception of course.

But, my sense is that anyone who has a position of any kind of prominence will bash 9/11 truth or just ignore it, simply because it threatens their positions (or so they think, given the stigma they imagine will be reined down on them from a vindictive god in heaven). And, isn't that the ultimate irony, especially with religious leaders who should be SELFLESS if they are going to be true to their doctrines?


15 September 2006

Terror suspect tells court

By Allison Martin

TERROR suspect Omar Khyam told a court yesterday the 9/11 attack "made me happy".

He added: "I was happy that America had been hit because of what it represented against the Muslims.

"They put up puppet regimes in Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt. "

Earlier, Khyam, 24, had told the Old Bailey how he grew up in Crawley, West Sussex, after his grandfather came to Britain in the 1970s.

He lived with his mum and sisters who were not religious and went to the local secondary school, where he captained the cricket team.

But in 2000, aged 17, he ran away and went to a military training camp in Pakistan so he could fight for Kashmir's independence from India.

His family traced Khyam - one of seven men accused of plotting to blow up the Bluewater shopping centre in Kent and a London nightclub with homemade fertiliser bombs - and he came home, the court heard.

He said: "Over the years, I supported the cause of the freedom of Muslim lands from occupation."

He send cash and equipment to support the Taliban in Afghanistan. But he denied evidence by a US supergrass that the two men he dealt with in Pakistan were from al-Qaeda.

He also claimed Britain did not become a terror target until the Iraq invasion in 2003, saying: "People didn't view the UK the same as the US. The Iraq war was the final straw."

He said: "Whereas before myself and others made excuses, now they believe the UK and America needed to be attacked."

Khyam, his brother Shujah Mahmood, 19, and five others were arrested after 1,300lbs of fertiliser were found in a depot in West London. They all deny conspiring to cause explosions.

Khyam and two others also deny possessing ammonium nitrate fertiliser for terrorism.

The trial continues today.


He's not the only one who was happy and 9/11.

Let's not forget the "Dancing Jews of New Jersey". They were extremely happy too.

So a mixed up 17 year old kid who ran away to Pakistan is now Al-Qaida's top guy in the UK. More like he was recruited by the ISI (backed by the CIA) who use Kashmir as a battle to continually engage India in a terrorist struggle. When he came back to the UK, the ISI/CIA/MI5 knew exactly what he was doing, cooked the bomb and gave him the fertilizer. Then busted this patsy from Pakistan with great fanfare and band-standing. Home made fertilizer bombs... Hmmmm.... Sounds like the Toronto provocateured bust.

Between me and you, I'd be more worried about the "Dancing Jews in New Jersey", unlike this unfortunate patsy they stand trial, and weren't questioned by the police.e.

Opinions dressed up as fact, dressed up as high-brow pop culture

This is yet another article signaling the death rattle of the main stream media as a source of serious comment or investigation. The article is intelligently written, the title engages you, and the content includes references to everything from religion to porn. However it’s ultimately empty of either factual content or connection with reality.

Opinions dressed up as fact, dressed up as high-brow pop culture.