What is a blog?

I used to always make fun of blogs, simply for the way the word itself sounds. I really used to hate them because I used to think it was America's selfish way of getting people to see ME. My old expression used to be, "You can't spell American without ME." I saw my fellow Americans, the ones in the dark anyway, as self-important know-nothings and wanted nothing to do with anything involving America's pop culture. To me, blog sounds like what I do every time I eat at McDonald's or something. You know that sound you make as you hang your head over the commode?? HAHAHA. Anyway, I now realize that a blog is a critical way of sharing factual information to debunk the Official Story of 9/11 and I will use this frequently because I have 5 years of pent-up frustration living in Tennessee to release. I didn't even use up all my energy at the Truth Movement weekend and from 6:30 am, 9/11/06 until 230 am, 9/14/06, I slept a grand total of 3 hours with at least five complete walks around Ground Zero, carrying a 20 lbs backpack ALL WEEKEND LONG, not to mention a 450 trip to North Carolina. And I’m still not exhausted. I’ve barely slept since I got to North Carolina because I’ve been so busy on the internet email people videos of mine and talking to all my new friends. Anyway, I think I messed up my blog already by accidently posting the same one five times…it’s my first blog so bare with me. Later