What happened to the Pentagon videos?

So many people here on 911Blogger were worried that we were being set up for a smoking gun video that would PROVE once and for all that it was Flight 77 that actually hit the Pentagon. OK, it has been 4 months since Judicial Watch posted its ridiculous video obtained by a FOIA request. September 11 anniversary has passed. Nobody is talking about it any more. Too many other "fires" to put out I suppose.

So, what's the consensus of opinion now that all this time has passed? Have any of you changed your minds? I never bought into the idea that this was a set up, simply because the government has had so many years to produce a believable tape and all they could come up with is that lame "video" that so many talking heads said would put an end to the conspiracy theories. Seemed ridiculous then, and seems even more ridiculous now.

I still think that Flight 77 did not hit the Pentagon, and I still think the government is looking really bad on this one. I'd be very surprised if any other tapes are ever made public -- tapes that really show what happened. Of course, with a new investigation and subpoena power, perhaps we could actually see whatever it was that hit the Pentagon.

Meanwhile, in the court of public opinion, I believe the government is losing this particular argument about 9/11.

judicial watch

I called them this week . . . no answer. sent an email and indicated I was wanting to support the effort to get all of the tapes, cd's, stone tablets (whatever). Well, as expected, no return call or email. {;-[

No Flight 77 at Pentagon

OK, let's play devils advocate and say they do produce a video showing F77 hitting the Pentagon. I can't wait to see the new alien techology that shows the plane shrink just before it hits the pentagon, so that it may fit into the hole that was on the pentagon before the outer wall collapsed. If F77 did hit the pentagon, I've got a bridge in New York to sell you. Wink.

this IS the smoking gun, do

this IS the smoking gun, do not be distracted



united 93 changed its image

remember when it was first released they showed a plane flying towards the wtc

the only problem was that flight 93 never went near the wtc

they changed the website, because they got busted

How about the back of the U93 case

How about the back of the United 93 DVD case where it shows the plane ENGINE on the GROUND in SHANKSVILLE! Have they changed that back to the accurate account of a HOLE in the GROUND with NO WRECKAGE?

What was that "thing" in the video flying 3 feet off the ground?

It looked very much like a SkyWarrior to me, nothing like a Boeing 757!

I have to wonder, CK, under

I have to wonder, CK, under what circumstances the Pentagon would release a video showing a cruise missile striking the Pentagon?

I don't think the truth matters for this issue. Either 77 really hit the Pentagon, and the tapes will show it, or it didn't hit the Pentagon, and the tapes will be doctored to say it did.

Sheer speculation

I think there are so many unknowns about the Pentagon (and not only the known unknowns, but the unknown unknowns, as per Rummy) that conclusions are impossible, but...

I think there's a substantial possibility that the tapes show Pentagon defense weaponry in action, and that's why we're never, ever going to see them.