Anthony Lappe of GNN formally requests inclusion on Left-gatekeeprs list

So to speak! He's probably not widely-read enough to rate mention... but the editor of Guerrilla News Network is so weak that he has to hide behind the words of Cockburn, someone he hopes has enough left cred to skate this bullshit past his well-informed audience at GNN. This is someone who has basically built his career on 911 and has had every facet of research available to him on his own site over the past 5 years. As someone who contributed to GNN for four years up until recently and gave Lappe the benefit of the doubt for far too long, I'm disgusted with his continued sleazy gatekeeper ways. His last contribution on 911 was hyping up the writer of Flight 93/Vanity Fair article, using the occasion to once again bash "conspiracy theorists" while getting his facts wrong. Way too many other examples to bother with. It's still a good site to post blogs on because they go right to the front page and they don't censor for the most part.

Anphony's hit-piece oreo:



Who the hell is Anthony Lappe?

Personally, I've never heard of the guy, but this statement deserves to have a spotlight shown on it:

"The “9/11 Truth Movement” has in many ways let the real criminals of 9/11 off the hook. By claiming outlandish and unproven theories as fact, and viciously attacking anyone who doesn’t buy into them, they have allowed the administration and the former New York mayor off the hook for their criminal negligence before and after the attacks."
-Anthony Lappe

That's a helluva charge to throw at the Truth Movement. Who the hell ever suggested that Giuliani should be let off the hook? What the hell is this guy talking about?

Thanks for posting this YT. I always thought GNN was kind of suspect.

He's a wannabe media personality

trading on war, glamorizing occupation, talking ignorant trash on any number of subjects...

he may have had an Air America show for 5 minutes, I forget or I blocked it out of my mind.

"Anphony" -- as GNN regulars

"Anphony" -- as GNN regulars like to describe this wretch -- does not represent the GNN community as a whole.

There are lots of great folks posting there.

Already there are efforts to replace GNN with a new, better alternative that doesn't cowtow to faux 'liberal" concerns.

Break on through :)



What is the USIA?

Gatekeeper Lappe linked to the USIA.