Even Mainstream Media Has Valid Points Sometimes

This blog is very long. I apologize but it’s the most important point, in my opinion, to make for us 9/11 Truthers. I know the media is controlled, but I found a really good speech on Bush's use of the deaths of 3000 people for his political agenda. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14687895

The quote comes from MSNBC. Obviously, part of Ollberman’s argument is Clinton good, Bush bad, but just listen to what he says. Everybody, EVERYBODY, no matter how corrupt or evil they are, always has at least one idea that makes us think as long as we take off our angry hatred sunglasses. For example, Hitler said, “The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.” One of America’s biggest weaknesses is our inability to LEARN from our enemies. Yes, we all know they are bad, but don’t shut them out. Listen to what they are saying. If it’s bad, shoot it down. But if it’s correct, no matter how they used their correct statement to perpetrate evil, learn from it. Another example of this happened to me personally at Ground Zero on 9/11/06. I saw a rescue worker challenging in a very heated way, the 9/11 Truth Movement. Boy, was he pissed, yelling, cussing, and screaming and a truther was doing his best to convince him, yet to no avail. HOWEVER, when the truther mentioned Larry Silverstein’s PULL IT quote, the skeptic said, “He’s another asshole.” I immediately jumped in and said, well if you both agree that Larry’s an asshole, why are you two arguing? You two are agreeing on something and both of you don’t even realize it. Why don’t you go on that agreement and build from there?” He didn’t have anything else to scream and walked away as soon as I said that. Folks, my point is that yes, these people are pissed at us for suggesting that 9/11 was an inside job. We are pissed too…OUR COUNTRY WAS ATTACKED! But just because we disagree with someone on why 911 occurred does not justify ANY of us in the Movement to shun the skeptics away, especially those who were there that horrible day rescuing people. Whenever you come across a skeptic, no matter how many times they cuss, spit, yell, and threaten violence, we truthers MUST NOT LOSE OUR COOL. Show them respect for voicing their first Amendment right just as we ask those same people to do to us. Don’t make us out to be hypocrites because as soon that happens, we lose credibility and without credibility, our message, no matter how convincing our evidence is, is F**KED. I had a 9/11 firefighter screaming and spitting in my face about how I was a kook, and I never once raised my voice, cussed him, or pointed a finger in his face because disrespect only breeds more disrespect. He did plenty of that for both of us so I let him hit me with it and he came down hard on me. He was actually going to listen to a few quotes I had with me on my laptop, until a cop got confused, thinking we were going to fight, and made us walk separate ways. These people are pissed just as we are that our country was attacked and most are just in denial to the truth. This firefighter wanted to hear my quotes and was sticking the earphone in his ear to listen when the cop broke us up. The right there tells me that most of these skeptics WANTS US TO CONVINCE THEM THAT 9/11 was an inside job. And I’m positive I could’ve convinced this man had the cop not broken it up. But before we split, I made it my responsibility to stick my hand out to this firefighter, shake his hand, and thank him for his opinion and his heroism on 9/11. The bottom line here is that we need to convince as many people as possible of the truth and the ONLY way that we can be 100% effective is to take what they dish out to us, ignore it, keep our mind on business, NOT EMOTION, and most importantly, ESTABLISH COMMON GROUND with skeptics and build from there. You’ll find that most, not all, but MOST of these skeptics will respond a lot better when we truthers show them respect. They are Americans too. Their country was attacked too. And they have a right to be just as angry as we do even if we disagree with why they are angry. Being a speech major in college, I learned that anger is a SECONDARY emotion that begins with fear. The human psyche has two primary emotions, LOVE and FEAR, Remember what George Humphreys said, the guy who made the movie 9/11: The Great Illusion? All the others human emotions, including anger, are SECONDARY. That’s where racism comes from. People hate because they fear other people are going to harm them, physically or emotionally. Everybody, no matter how evil or good they are has something we all can learn from. That why I think you should listen to this MSNBC quote before it’s taken down. It is our patriotic responsibility as 911 truthers to hear them out, establish common ground, and then go from there trying to convince people of the truth. The TV always does a good job of dividing us, rather than focusing on our similarities. We all have similar silly and funny things about us in common. To quote George Carlin:

“Toenail clipping are a good example. Did you ever notice that when you're clipping your toenails, the clipping part flies far away? CLIP...ZING!...CLIP...ZING!...CLIP...ZING! These things fly all over the bed and when you're finished clipping you have to gather them all back into a little pile. Yeah, you can't leave them lying around; they make little holes in your legs! You don't need that sh*t. You have to gather them all back into a little pile and did you ever notice this? The bigger the pile is, the more pride you have in the pile. 'Take a look at this, Dan, the biggest pile of toenails clippings we've had since the day the Big Bopper died. Call that Andrew Loyd Webber and tell him we have an idea for one of those fine shows he's always putting on Broadway.' And then you search around the pile for the biggest piece of clipping you can find and you bend it for a while, don't you? YES!! Yes, you do. You bend it. You squeeze it. You play with it. You have to, you have to. Why? Because you can!"

Most of my tears shed this week at Ground Zero were tears of joy because I'm being proved wrong in my previous belief that America's future is hopeless. Seeing all of us come together, white, black, yellow, green, blue, Christian, Muslim, Buddha, Hindu, atheist, proved to me that America still has the ability to put petty BS aside in order to focus on the task at hand. They just need to stop watching things like the new Survivor. This season, they are dividing the groups up BY RACE! What The F**K??? How come the TV never seems to focus on the things we have in common? Nothing on TV ever focuses on the universal experiences we human beings all share and have in common. The constantly try to DIVIDE US, hence the phrase, "DIVIDE AND CONQUER." We all work hard. We all love our families and friends. We all want to enjoy life. We all want to have a purpose in life. And to quote JFK, “We all breathe the same air and inhabit this tiny planet.” God rest his soul. And as long as we never sit down and shut up and KEEP OUR COOL, and continue to grow in our truth movement, this tyrannical, crime syndicate in our government that has hijacked our great country doesn't have a hope in Hell of destroying our spirit, our motivation to seek justice, and our beautiful sovereign nation. NOT A HOPE IN HELL!!!!!!!!!! Now listen to Keith Olberman and listen close. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14687895



Do you really think that a lot of us have the attitude you caution against? We do have our uneducated, unusual, and nefarious participants, yet we certainly have no authority over their actions.

I have spent a great deal of time trying to address many of the issues you raise here with people in the movement. I have found 9/11 truthers to be fairly obstinant in their particular reading of the events. It has not been the free flow of information and debate that I hoped. But as you suggest, we have more in common than not.

One of the least discussed aspects of the movement is the extent to which political ideology guides various projects. Some, like Cooperative Research, are relatively neutral, while others, like PrisonPlanet, advocate a revolutionary electoral transformation of the country. They both offer facts, and then relative levels of opinion, and advocacy. I get the impression that both are genuine. However, there are some projects, that I will not create controversy by naming at this time, that appear to be run by people with very conservative ideologies. This puzzles me, and you are right, it would be more productive to question than to attack.

I have talked to conservative 9/11 truth activists, and found that somehow they are able to absorb facts that imply the need for revolution in this country through personal transformation, while maintaining a certain structured view of what the result should be. I'm more curious about what is likely to emerge that we could not predict. Either way, right now we really need to hear the voice of our Constitutional conservatives. We can keep the fundamentalist at bay. The movement has some oldschool conservatives who strongly stand for democratic principles, and question the events of 9/11. Its difficult to impugn the patriotism of retired generals or victim's family members, many of whom consider themselves conservative while questioning the official story.

I think an important point that I take from your post, and that we should all focus on, is that stereotyping is anti-educational. We don't really have an enemy. We have those who are uneducated, and most indoctrinated in the authority of the mainstream view. These people, some of them very incompetent journalists, such as Anderson Cooper, for instance, know next to nothing about 9/11 truth, and yet are willing to do a segment about it with the specific intent to dismiss it. He, just like so many of his peers, simply stereotype people in the movement, insult our patriotism, and feed millions of people the intellectual bigotry of calling us insane.

I'm not building any bridges with those people any time soon. Good post. Ya got me thinking. Keep it coming.


Good post Gideon!

We also have to realize,I found this out with My mother, that many people do not investigate things as thoroughly as We do cause we have learned to sift through the bullshit or are begining to recognize it more quickly than ever before.
Whereas all they got for their news is the MSM and thats it. Many of them believe the media tells the truth, for the most part they do, but not about 9/11 and any part of wars "connected" with 9/11. That is why it makes convincing them so difficult.
But, as your post says, keeping calm and eventually finding some common ground works, but no one ever said it was going to be easy. That goes with the territory, but it does not dampen My spirit any. There is a long way to go here and along the way We will sharpen our skills for listening and telling the most accessible facts for people to check out, to check out the things they were lied about and prove it to them.
9/11 Truthers are 2 legit to quit