Morgan Reynolds never left the Bush administration!

This man is a snake in the grass, the entire 911-Truth Movement needs to distance ourselves from him. He doesn’t represent me or 99.99% of the Movement!! What he represents are the perpetrators of the attack IMO!

He needs to go

Morgan Reynolds and his little gang needs a big fat TRUTH BOOT right in the ass.

Word Up Dem!

Enough of the "tolerance" for this kind of damaging crap. For Fox viewers, 9/11 skepticism will now be equated with cartoons hitting the buildings.

I saw and heard the first plane pass over my head. I had a few words with Morgan Reynolds at the Cooper Union conference and he basically tried to tell me I didn't see what I saw.

International Truth Movement

what we saw on tv of ua175

what we saw on tv of ua175 were bogus images that were foolish looking at best - cartoons for lack of a better word - cgi's. -
whatever did or did not hit wtc2 was covered over with these foolish looking images of a 767.
click my name to see a full analyses of these images.

you guys need to stop worrying about whether people will think you are kooks or not.

You guys are cartoons.

And you should really **** off.

[dz: please tone down the language!]

ya whatever - maybe people

ya whatever - maybe people will see reynolds and wonder what's up and begin looking into 9/11 - did that ever occur to any of you guys?
you're all just so quick to proclaim somebody a cia or a disinfo - you should quit worrying about that - reynolds is not the one who is an agent.

You're right!

James Ha,

You're right!
I've concluded that this site is a CIA operation. What closed the deal was the lack of NYC-9/11 coverage on this site. Why hasn't anyone posted any of the speeches from Cooper Union?

Bingo! They don't want to spread good info, here, only dis-info!

the CIA must have some video

the CIA must have some video of Reynolds during very nasty things.

I agree: he never left the Bush administration.

I've been warning people to cut loose from these disinfo quacks but no one listened.

Armed with legions of well-intentioned idiots, they've now gained a foothold.

No doubt about it

But I disagree that they've gained any foothold with this - they just have FOX and CNN to say what they want - and they certainly do not have legions at their disposal. Everything that comes out of that office FAILS. Reynolds' boss is a moron.

Morgan Reynolds was pathetic in that Fox interview...

Reynolds actually said "a cartoon" hit the 2nd tower! He is clearly spreading disinfo to discredit the truth movement!

agreed, the guy's total disinfo

This guy is WAY OUT TO LUNCH. A cartoon? Notice how he hems and haws about everything -- he doesn't even sound convinced himself about what's coming out of his own mouth. And, at the end he sites the Scripps-Howard poll and says "we're gaining week by week -- it's out of control!" It's out of control? Why say it that way, like it's a negative? Freudian slip for what he REALLY thinks?

It's kooks like this that

It's kooks like this that ruin the whole Truth Movement's credibility. clearly planes hit the towers f***ing idiot. We have enough trouble as it is trying to wake people up with credible evidence but then these are the guys that get on mainstream news to help the Government's official Lie.

RADA Tha RebeliouZ

Damn right! I am so sick of

Damn right! I am so sick of these clowns.

He's not a kook

He's doing what he's paid to do.

He looks like a man who

He looks like a man who tries to appear as much as a freaky dork as possible. So far i was leaning towards thinking that he really believes the no-plain crap, thinking hes just slightly crazy by nature, but i more than highly doubt this after seeing this clip. This guy has to get removed from the screens!! Before he starts speaking of Lizards having planned 911!!

I had not trusted Morgan Reynolds once

I've had these feelings since I read his writings. Plus there were other people who said that He has not left the government.
Another name to watch out for is Jeff Rense..a man not known for his honesty.
There was another No planer on the History Channel doing the same thing as Nico and Killtown showing the same theory and pictures and showing which of their nodes was on 9/11 blogger. His call title was 911 Hoax and that his group had discussion forums on yahoo, so I went there to check it out.
The front page of the address he put out there was a marijuana leaf designated as the marijauna party and it also had Jeff Rense as one of the blog addresses to log onto, but I didn't check out Renses' site, since I don't trust him.
I then went back to Hoaxs' site and wrote that the marijuana cover for the discussion site seemed like such a good cover to make people think if marijuana is on the front page, it would make them believe it's not a Cointelpro site.
I added that I see he has Jeff Rense on the site also and that Rense is NOT known for his honesty. Along with the fact that this site is on one of the major media outlets(History Channel) and they are allowing him on there with his claim that it is the FIRST site to put out the NPT.
I then logged out and decided to see what his response was 2 hours later. When I logged back in 3 hours later, all of that I had written was removed.

Maybe we should advertise

Take out full page ads announcing that the 911 perps are running a NO PLANE campaign in order to distract from the legitimate ahd severely incriminating debunking of the official conspiracy theory.

Two birds, one stone.

A Red Herring?

Maybe the perpertrators see that they are losing control, and think that the best way of covering up their lies is by inventing "smoke", that partly tells the truth albeit in a deceitful way, and thus discredits those who are trying to get at the truth. Yes we know that what we were told about 911 cannot be the truth, so now that that won't wear, to stop us looking deeper, invent a modified conspiracy that even implicates the administration - which you know to be too absurd to bear logical consideration! Thus everybody will see that "conspiracies" are discredited... and those who committed the atrocities of 911 will go free!


Michael Zebuhr