Tarpley and Morgan Stack in Dublin

Report from Dublin, 9/14/2006

The sun is shining down on the good people of Dublin's fair city this morning.

Last night's 911 Truth event in the Irish capital was a great success.

Over 50 people sat transfixed upstairs in the lounge at Doyles bar, to listen to the presentations of Morgan Stack and Webser Tarpley.

Morgan, an associate member of Scholars for Truth from Listowel, Co. Kerry, lectures in accountancy at University College Cork, is standing on a 911 Truth platform in next year's General elections.

Morgan introduced the evening with the history of the Irish 911 Truth movement and a summary of their campaigning efforts to date.

No slouch is Morgan, as he described his efforts to inform each and every member of the Dail with hand delivered 911 Truth packs and the uncompromising, intimidating rejection he received from RTE and subsequent action by the Garda.

For his efforts, Morgan described how he has been the subject of a police investigation for attempting to raise awareness among Ireland's politicians and media.

Webster Tarpley, who needs no introduction presented the case for Synthetic Terror. Hobbling around on crutches as a result of a torn ankle ligament, received he says, "all in the line of duty" at his previous engagment as a guest of the 911 Truth Movement in Berlin.

The evening concluded with a lively Q&A session.

A small group of us went for some food afterwards with Webster where the debate was dominated, oddly and unexpectedly, by the interests of peak oil. Not by Mr Tarpley you understand.

Listening to Webster Tarpley close up, is a priviledge. He is an accompished orator and his refined, encyclopedic knowledge and experience of his subject provides a powerful and persuasive case.

I met Banish who had travelled with his partner all the way from Dundalk and retired for a couple of night caps with a real solid thinker, Ken, a real Irish patriot, a man with his heart in the Republic that was once the dream of Ireland.

His idea that the opportunity for a true Irish Republic has been sold and abbrogated by the new Dublin bourgeoisie is difficult to counter, but as Webster tarpley says, everything is 911, once we understand that, the rest is easy.

I like to think that the Republic lives on Ken, if somewhat diminished and dulled in the post modern fug we now live in, I saw it, last night, upstairs at Doyles.

As one voice said last night out on the street, pointing in the direction of the Dail: "this debate should be taking place over there, not in a bar, in the Parliament".


-Thanks, Morgan.

someone asked about 9/11/2006 NY pictures, here are mine:

Flickr uploaded them in reverse order, so chronologically they begin from the last picture to the first.


"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

Irish Expats

Last Monday, my friend Ken Becker organized a 9/11 Truth Alliance event in Ashland, Oregon. 400 people attended and watched our latest salvo against fraud, "9/11: Press For Truth"

We are uniting from Dublin to the hinterlands of America.

We are an unstoppalbe force.

Solidarnosc, Ray

Does this unstoppable force now only need


A recent San Fransico Radio debate re: 9/11 here...

A recent S.F. 9/11 radio debate is linked to on this homepage:

If you want to hear a Jewish lefty play endless devil's...

If you want to hear yet another Jewish lefty (he calls himself an Israeli-American journalist) play endless devil's advocate against a 9/11 truther, this is a good show for you.

Ludicrous Diversion - 7/7

Ludicrous Diversion - 7/7 London Bombings Documentary

Top 25 Censored Stories of 2006

More experts come forward about WTC 7


Ausland – Samstag, 9. September 2006

"Nach meiner Meinung ist das Gebäude WTC 7 mit grosser Wahrscheinlichkeit fachgerecht gesprengt worden», sagt Hugo Bachmann, emeritierter ETH-Professor für Baustatik und Konstruktion. Und auch Jörg Schneider, ebenfalls emeritierter ETH-Professor für Baustatik und Konstruktion, deutet die wenigen vorhandenen Videoaufnahmen als Hinweise, dass «das Gebäude WTC 7 mit grosser Wahrscheinlichkeit gesprengt wurde. "


"In my opinion WTC7 was with the utmost probability brought down by controlled demolition done by experts" says Hugo Bachmann, Professor emeritus for structural analysis and construction at ETH*. And also Jörg Schneider, another Professor emeritus for structural analysis and construction at ETH, interprets the small number of existing videos as indices that "WTC7 was with the utmost probability brought down by explosives".

*ETH is in Zürich, Switzerland.

They can no longer say that

They can no longer say that , "no structural engineer in the world agrees with your looney conspiracy theory that WTC 7 was brought down with explosives".

Now we've got Jowenko, Hugo Bachmann, and Jorg Schneider for sure.

awesome. i wonder what the


i wonder what the excuses will be now?

Frankfurter Rundschau 10 Sep 2006

The only centrist newspaper in Germany reports:

Washington's 9/11-Legend pops.

Conspiracy Theories.. Some are helped along by the US government , some are fought off.

the alledged Iraq connection is the official legend... the bush-government was instrumental in its dissemination and nurture.


11 mio people saw Loose Change.


The US state department made a dossier on its website about "identifying false information" .. but a correction of the iraq-theory is not to be found there.

Confessions of a Conspiracy Theorist
Orgy of conincidents by Mathias Bröckers


Some my friends, with whom I speak frequently about the notices 11 September, are coincidence theoreticians. Like conspiracy theoreticians assume behind almost everything a dark conspiracy, coincidence theoreticians assume the pure coincidence is at the work behind the largest improbability.

One points out for example that Mohamed Atta was already supervised since at the beginning of of 2000 in the context of the Pentagon program “Able Danger” at every step and turn, or its colleague aluminium-Midhar, which was looked for as a suspect of the terrorist attack on the USS “Cole” in the Yemen, constantly fresh US visas received and in San Diego with a FBI informant to the subtenancy lived - it, it means Behördenschlamperei and coincidence are even that the “Hijacker” was not in time arrested. If one quotes the numerous warnings, which the US Government in the apron of the notices received from friendly governments, without reacting to it, also this failure was simple a unfortunate coincidence.

The reference that interceptors must be after international standard within 10 minutes in air and that this lasted to 11. 9. over 100 minutes, also this misfortune owes itself in opinion of the coincidence theoreticians simply a coincidental series of breakdowns. We know not all Murphys law - which can go inclined goes inclined - there you are!

Okay, then we provoke pc. Murphy and its entire himmlischen coincidence army crowds with a further fact: In the morning 11. 9. took place of the radar Blips on the screens of all air traffic controllers, wrong in the air space of the east coast several military exercises - Wargames -, with which the kidnapping of passenger jets by Hijacker was simulated, with wrong airplanes and dozens. “Is that genuine exercise or?” - this question went on this morning through the ether, 11 airplanes as “kidnapped” was several times announced -, and as finally interceptors in air were, did not know they not, where they should fly. After it had already hit in the north tower of the WTC, the air traffic controllers had the machine “American Airlines 11” still on the screen, but completely elsewhere as over Manhattan.

The fairytale of the spy in the US Government

The fact that a simulation exercise with “Hijackern” and kidnapped airplanes becomes suddenly real, an improbable four times, because genuine terrorists use it as free riders, is very, but not completely impossible. But how did Osama get to know the details of these Wargames, in order to dispatch the gang with the 19 carpet measurers on this morning and accurately to the correct time?

Since for each second burning garbage can meanwhile “El Kaida” is made responsible, to have the coincidence theoreticians also no more problem thereby, also still another feeler gauge of this superorganization in the US Government to platzieren, military planning fire-hot to its headquarters in an Afghan cave notifies. And then also still directly for it it ensured that president Bush refused one and a half years long strictly, the crimes examine to let - and only on solid pressure of the survivors a commission furnished, that went then however none of these coincidences on the reason, but explained everything to a series of Pleiten, pitch and breakdowns.

That Atta & CO. under the Obhut of various secret services acted, thereby exactly the same one ignored like the terror Simulationen of the “Wargames”, which occurred only in a footnote. With the statement of the caretaker Rodriguez, which as last humans left the north tower living, and reported of vibrations and fires in the ground floor, which already occurred some seconds before the impact of the airplane, it can concern around a coincidence - or a proof that it did not happen with the point-exact collapse of the towers with right things. From the 9/11 commission anyhow Rodriguez, like many other important witnesses, not heard - and sued its government, that lent a hero medal to him, meanwhile, because of accomplice shank.

Thus it comes that a crime with global political, economic and military consequences is still unexplained also after five years, and the official version of the events only with a true Orgie by coincidences, not however with hard proofs to be justified can. Compared with it most conspiracy theories in such a way specified work to 11. 9. nearly already solidly. To that extent it is not a miracle, why such alternative theories meet more and more agreement; facts would not have been hushed up like the military terror Simulationen in the morning 11. 9. two years long successfully, the myth of a pervasive El-Kaida-Weltverschwörung and its surprise attack with magic carpet measurers as robber fairy tales would have from the beginning fallen through.

Meanwhile it believes 52 per cent of the US citizens that the government in things hushes up 9/11, and 36 per cent assumes she had the fingers in the play - which does not have to do anything with the general distrust in relation to governments, but simply with the fact that a fairy tale does not become true by the fact that one it continuously repeated, in order to legitimize a mad “was on terror” thereby. In order to contain terrorism effectively, an international commission of inquiry is overdue, which background the true and causes up 11 September 2001 determines and clears finally.



Would anyone happen to know why the Alex Jones radio archive does not seem to be available anymore at http://www.nw0.info?

The last three days in the September folder contain 0 bytes.

I am missing hearing what he has to say about recent events.


Also try the podcast subscription.. itpc://xml.nfowars.net/Alex.rss
to your itunes or something.
Friday's show was a replay of an older show.

A reason for so many left gatekeepers?

Is a reason why there are so many left gatekeepers that Israel and/or Mossad helped the Neocons perpetrate 9/11, and if this came to light, it's feared this would be devestating to Israel and/or Mossad???

Sounds very plausible to me!!!

"Is a reason why there are

"Is a reason why there are so many left gatekeepers that Israel and/or Mossad helped the Neocons perpetrate 9/11, and if this came to light, it's feared this would be devestating to Israel and/or Mossad???"

Depends what kind of "lefitsts" you're talking about. For certain liberals that may be a motivation, but the radical left is Israel's most vociferous critic, so no.

From Bush's recent speech....a curious reference

The President said....

"The bill I have proposed will ensure that suspected terrorists will receive full and fair trials, without revealing to them our nation's sensitive intelligence secrets. As soon as Congress acts on this bill, the man our intelligence agencies believe helped orchestrate the 9/11 attacks can face justice.

The bill would also provide clear rules for our personnel involved in detaining and questioning captured terrorists. The information that the Central Intelligence Agency has obtained by questioning men like Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has provided valuable information and has helped disrupt terrorist plots, including strikes within the United States.

President George W. Bush holds a press conference in the Rose Garden Friday, Sept. 15, 2006. White House photo by Eric Draper For example, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed described the design of planned attacks of buildings inside the U.S. and how operatives were directed to carry them out. That is valuable information for those of us who have the responsibility to protect the American people. He told us the operatives had been instructed TO ENSURE THAT THE EXPLOSIVES WENT OFF at a high -- a point that was high enough to prevent people trapped above from escaping."

idea of WTC explosives being subtly introduced?

I saw this too here:


Are these government criminals now trying to subtly introduce the idea of explosives?

Are they now introducing the idea at a time when a rapidly growing number of people are suspecting U.S. criminals had all three WTC buildings wired for detonation?

He was probably speaking of

He was probably speaking of planes being used as explosives. Funny how he made no mentioning of osama bin laden in the press conference.

Imprison real 9/11 perpe(traitors) & stop killing Arabs!!!

My country needs to imprison the real 9/11 perpetrators & stop our "mercenary army of thugs & goons" from killing Arabs for no reason!!!

My fellow Americans need to learn no more his & her SUVs...

American families need to do without his & her 4-ton SUVs that get 10mpg to drive their lard-asses all over! This while millions of people around the planet suffer & die without food to eat!

US americans are Sepos

Dublin 50 Attendees

Are we supposed to be blown away at the audience count on this? A whole 50 people showed up and you are claiming it a success? That is an extremely small number of people, more show up for new book release discussions at their local bookstore! Come on here, don't try to cover-up the truth just like the opposition. Fifty people is not a sucessful turnout, and the photos of the happy men on this blog entry is really bizarre.

Get real - we won't be brainwashed in this movement to believe things that aren't true - like that this Dublin thing was a success worthy of a photo and a blog article. It is barely worth mentioning and not headline material.

Cheryl M - San Francisco, CA

REPLY Dublin 50 Attendees

Its a start word is spreading fast. Be thankful there are other countrys outside the US that question this subject. We have a better chance of getting this in Irish media than you have of getting it in the US media.
Conor Dublin.

50 Attendees not worth talking about?

Think Conor has a point. Why anyone would dismiss or denigrate this event, i really have to question.
Surely 50 is better than 1 or 0. 50 people have a lot more friends and colleagues and mailing list contacts than 1 or 0.
Any step forward no matter how seemingly small is a step FORWARD.

When you consider this stuff gets next to ZERO publicity in the mainstream media over here except to address the Conspiracy Theory before concluding that the case is closed, i think it is surprising there were as many as 50 people in the country that knew about the event. Go back to sleep, we figured it all out for you.

Any step forward deserves our support. 911 truth delivers the biggest bang per buck for a vast array of smaller activist groups who would also benefit from the regime change that's coming as a result of Democracy in Deed not Word.

Time to put our democratic apparatus to the stress test worldwide. The house needs to be put in order. Justice must be done for the dying first responder heros who ask for our help to recieve it. For the victims families who are still calling for a real investigation of 911. For the people of the middle east who have been steam-rolled over by a huge lie. Pick your cause, we all need the same medicine.

and the Truth will set you free