Tarpley Broadcasted live from Bologna Italy Today

Tarpley broadcasted his radio program, "World Crisis Radio" live from Bologna, 4-6pm Central today. Check the RBN archives later for MP3 downloads;


RBN live:

Show started with an interview with David Ray Griffin, followed by interviews with various members of the Italians putting on tomorrow's conference.


Tomorrow there will be a big 9/11 conference in Bologna;

First Italian International Conference on the events of September 11th, 2001

Bologna, Teatro Arena del Sole

Sunday 17th September 2006

from 14.00 to 23.00

Five years after September 11th 2001, the real criminal nature of the WTC and Pentagon attacks has finally been made clear, as has the culpability of the Bush Administration in orchestrating those dramatic events.

Thanks to dedicated research activities by an increasing number of scholars—Americans and others—the truth concerning the tragedy of New York has definitively surfaced. Staged by the financiers and giant firms behind the American Government, September 11th emerges as a consciously fabricated event concocted on political grounds and aimed at the implementation of a strategic, geopolitical agenda for the realization of a new empire.

This New Pearl Harbor on American soil was devised and clinically executed precisely with this goal in mind. However, the accountability and responsibility of individual officials and political forces can now be demonstrated. The first Italian Conference on September 11th – in Bologna, September 17th 2006, at the Teatro Arena del Sole – promises new revelations and a detailed account as to how and why such crimes were perpetrated by the American political élite and individuals in high office, people who are still dominating our planet.



Introduction by Emanuele Montagna (writer and essayist, member of Faremondo group)



Stage play on September 11th. Stage manager: Gabriele Ciampichetti (member of Faremondo group)


Opening speech by Franco Soldani (essayist, member of Faremondo group) and Roberto Di Marco (essayist and novelist, member of Faremondo group)


The Official 9/11 Conspiracy Theory: Revealing its Lies

Speech by Prof. David Ray Griffin, author of the books The new Pearl Harbor. Disturbing Questions about the Bush Administration and 9/11 and The 9/11 Commission Report. Omissions and Distortions


Giulietto Chiesa (Euro-MP, journalist, chairman of Megachip) and Webster Griffin Tarpley (researcher and journalist, author of the book 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in Usa) comment upon D. R. Griffin's speech


Giulietto Chiesa and Webster Griffin Tarpley talk about the nature and meaning of 9/11




Massimo Mazzucco (editor of www.luogocomune.net, producer of the video: 11 settembre 2001. Inganno globale) and Maurizio Blondet (manager of www.effedieffe.com, author of the books 11 Settembre: colpo di stato in USA and Israele, Usa, il terrorismo islamico) introduce the video-conferences.


Video-conference: Prof. Steven E. Jones, physicist at Brigham Young University in Provo (Utah), co-founder of the Scholars for 9/11 Truth Society and author of the essay Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?


The September 11th Attack: a staged event to create anger towards Arabs

Video-conference: Eric Hufschmid, researcher, author of the book Painful Questions. An Analysis of the September 11th Attack, and editor of the video Painful Deceptions.




D. R. Griffin, G. Chiesa, W. G. Tarpley, S. E. Jones, E. Hufschmid, M. Mazzucco, M. Blondet and R. Di Marco debate with the audience.

F. Soldani and E. Montagna moderate the discussion.

OT: American Vesuvius on History Channel

im watching a doc called American Vesuvius on History channel. its comparing the collapses of the WTC towers to the volcano Vesuvius. ummm did they even realize volcanos EXPLODE and thats why they look similiar!

I stand to gain nothing for

I stand to gain nothing for "plugging" this website other than sharing historically relevent documents and media to anyone interested: http://oneflewover76.com/

great site. thanks

great site. thanks

DRG in Italy

Ijust had to write in and say how this is effecting me emotionally. WOW The more and more I realize that this truth is going to have to emerge it scares the shit out of me. Kind of a fear of success becasue I know how "they " are gong to react. These guys play for all the marbles and have proven that they are totally ruthless. So there's that barrier then you realize that the only way to go is all the way, once you see it.
This BBC interview is FANTASTIC, just look at the way people grapple with this. DRG is by far the best spoksman but I am so proud of all you guys who made it to NY it brings tears to my eyes. Look at the way they are wanting to wade into this now. This is going to wake so many people up becasue they will do the research. The trouble is it's such a can of worms, I guess we'll just have to make it the most intersting, historic, truth the world has ever seen.
i want to make a difference so bad, there should have been three million people on the streets of N. Y. Where the hell is that so called antiwar movement, they can only hide for so long. Amy made good in my book though, now I don't have much of an excuse not to give them money. For the past three years everytime They would ask for money I would say not until Amy Goodman address 911 well now she pretty much has, for now anyway.
I live in Houston a city of millions and I can't find anybody to organize with in a meaningfull way, not yet, someday we are gonna wake up like those people in th emovie Vendetta and EVERYONE will be compelled to OPEN YOU WINDOWS AND YELL " i'M MAD AS HELL AND i'M NOT GONNA TAKE IT ANYMORE.
Trouble is all these people isolated on their computers is not getting the job done, it has to be bad, it has to be nationwide. We still need a strong leader to emerge someone who will ring the bell and say this is it, we have to have massive non violent protest with millions in the streets. Education isn't enough, there has to be some kind of ghandi like gesture, DRG is really hitting it right on the head about Christianity, he is calling them on their hypocracy BIG TIME, I think Jesus would be at the head of the protest, he wouldn't stand by and see it, he would do something. How would JESUS protest how's that for a thought, a lot like what DRG is doing I think......
Any comments on my post ???

The actual mainstrea interest in Europ is exploding. DRG for 2.5hrs on BBC, they are fascinated. The world is going to find out that our only chance for any kind of peace is to expose the 911 HOax. Another great thing about 911 truth is that it exposes you and opens you up to the other information generally known now as the New World Orderbut we have got to stop using that name and start to put some names and faces, names and faces, what did you know and when did you know it? There has got to be a way to leverage the aawareness into action. Action is the essence of power. DRG and the big boys are doing their part , information isn't enough though/. It looks like the whole world is finding out that the leadership is rutheless enough to murder many to gain the upper hand in the batle of the minds. We are going to win the hearts and minds of the people , they may be able to manipulate the mind but they can't manipulate the heart, not way down deep where it really counts. Pardox and confusion always guard the truth. We need another BIG event before the november elections. We need somebody BIG to stand up. All this information is useless without a face. If DRG said be at a certain place at a certain time to do something I think MANY would show up.
Hey guys am I mistaken or did I hear the popular mechanics editor say that United Laboritories doesn'
t do steel testing? Did I hear him equate 911 truth with holocost denial? Does this show desperation or what? Does United Labs do steel testing?

DRG for 2.4 hours?

"The actual mainstrea interest in Europ is exploding. DRG for 2.5hrs on BBC, they are fascinated"

I didn't hear anything about DRG on the BBC, when was that?

DRG was on TalkSport(not the

DRG was on TalkSport(not the BBC) for 2.5 hours...he was on BBC TV for about 5 minutes....both of these appearances are linked to a few days ago here. :o]

UL tests steel

A quick look around the UL website found this issue of UL's FIRETALK magazine, with an article on NIST's wtc 'investigation';
"UL was selected to evaluate the fire resistance of the World Trade Center floor system..." and "Actual testing of the specimens required the distinct capabilities and facilities of UL’s Fire Protection Division. UL of Canada’s Toronto fire test facility tested 35-ft lengths of the simulated floor."
Also an article titled, "Role of Structural Steel Shape on Performance of Intumescent Coatings"...

So yes, I think it can be said that UL tests steel.

It's true they test it, but

It's true they test it, but you'll only hear the popular (propaganda) mechanics say they don't certify it, they try to mislead the people with semantics. I'm sure no one here is shocked at this revelation. It's also true that ul couldn't get the steel to fail, only in computer simulations, which they refused to release.

Names and Faces.

I will put some names and faces on it. How does Rockerfeller and Rothschild sound for starters?................................................"Every Dog Has His Day".....................................


I tried to connect to tarpley's broadcast but I could not get anything
Is it because there is not a bandwidth ?
the .pls and the .ram are useless for me. My Windows Media player (newly updated) barfs these formats up.
And the streaming was barfed up too except for 16K but then I got a server error.

Do you have real media

that's what I use for those type of files and they work well, but I have no knowledge of bandwidth or connection for the site.

There Is No War On Terror

The War on Terror is a

The War on Terror is a euphemism (whew) for a War on Individual Rights and Freedom.

Until Congress declares a war, like the previous wars have been,

I see no reason to vow unwaivering loyalty to this Fuhrer.

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

Pakistan and the 9/11 Commission

OT, but does anyone have any information they can give me about Pakistan and the 9/11 Commission. I know I saw something on Jon Gold's site a while back about Pakistan bribing the Commission so that they'd take out information about Pakistan or something like that.

That's a charade by Bush's

That's a charade by Bush's Paki Patsies to shore up the official version

Does anyone know if we can

Does anyone know if we can tune into the the video conference? If anyone can supply a link that would be great. Are those time local Italy time?

Poorly Produced Radio Program

Wow, listening to that was almost a huge waste of time. About 5 minutes of it was informative while the other part amounted to endless commercials, opera songs, etc. This is poorly produced radio and it is frustrating to listen too. The Italians could barely speak English - give me a break! Why interview people who can hardly speak English for a radio program. Where is common sense here? Its just a wasted effort to put up this kind of radio programming as it does nothing for the movement.

Cheryl M - San Francisco, CA