Two Days At Ground Zero With Many Great People!

I posted this on Loose Change 2 Forum, but I wanted to share it here and thank the many members who have responded to my post in the past.

On Sunday I decided I wanted to go to Cooper Hall and make it a two day
thing. My girl and I got there a little early, about 11:00 and wasn't
sure if we had the right place. I figured many would get there early
figuring as I did, that there would be a tremendous crowd. I wanted to get
my tickets and stay for a few hours and then go to ground Zero, then return
for the evening showing of Loose Change and hear Alex Jones speak.

We didn't see any signs or banners on the entrance and didn't
know if we had the right building, then I noticed a truck parked on the
side walk with the words, "Louder Than Words."

We waited to 12:30, when they started selling tickets, to be honest I was
a little surprised there wasn't more people, but thought maybe they
might be waiting for the evening presentation of the Loose Change movie
and Alex Jones.

We stayed a few hours and listened to a few of the key speakers and then
headed off to Ground Zero. I wasn't there ten minutes and I see a
crowd around Alex Jones. I didn't know what was going on, but was
concerned with seeing Secret Service and police around the crowd. I worked
my way through the crowd and there was Alex in a debate with a young Black
American man. I don't recall what the young man said, but it enraged
me to open my mouth. I yelled something to the effect, "If the EPA
would lie to New Yorkers about the air safety from all the toxins in the
soot and ash of 9/11, what makes you believe that our government
couldn't be involved in 9/11."
It got a little heated there for a while between me and this young man. I
tried to tell him tens of thousands are now suffered from deathly
illnesses and many have died already. My temper was boiling at this time,
I started shouting at him about all the schools in the area that were
reopened based on Whitman's press release about the air being safe
and how the 400,000 residents that live within 1 mile of Ground Zero
returned to their homes and cleaned up that poisonous ash and soot with a
damp mop and rag. It became a shouting match, back and forward, when I
mentioned that Bush was responsible for those statements by the EPA. The
man couldn't response with any decent reply, so he made the comment
to the effect "suck my cock." He threw me off guard with the
statement for a second and especially with all the cameras facing me. I
could only response, "This is the level of intelligence you
have." I tried to tell him the White House altered and cleared all
staements from the EPA that was to be released to the public and finally
the cops started to break up the crowd.

Well, that's how I met Alex Jones and Dylan Avery for the first time.
Alex asked me to come with him and to give an interveiw. He wanted me to
tell all about the kids and schools that reopened based on the EPA's
statement, the air and water was safe in lower Manhattan. He was
interested in the 400,000 residents that live within one mile of Ground
Zero and how they were advised to clean up with a wet mop and rag.

We crossed the street and were in front of the Century 21 Building on the
sidewalk and Alex stopped there and wanted the interveiw right there in
front of the crowd. I couldn't believe it, I never figured that. I
was so nervous, but I told my story about being there on 9/11 and
returning to Ground Zero to work, plus all about the EPA and how many
thousands will die directly from the EPA's and White House's
statements. To be honest I was so nervous in from of the camera and the
crowd I don't remember everything I said. Alex was cool and said I
did a great job and we hung out together with Dylan and the crew till we
rode the train back uptown to Cooper Hall. We talked a little on the
train, he's one hell of a guy, he's for REAL and believes in his
heart what he says. I got to see the personal side of him and where
he's from and the events that brought him to where he is today.
He's a powerful speaker, his mind is so shape and his retention for
facts and names is unbelievable.

Back at Cooper Hall, the scene was totally different than it was when I
left hours before. There was a large crowd outside with everyone wearing
the Loose Change black T-shirts. I was even more shocked when I went
inside, the audoritorium was packed, cameras everywhere. The evening
presentation was fantastic, but the morning to come was the REAL STORY.

We got there early and everyone met in a little park in front of what I
learned was the PET GOAT's Bank, sorry can't remember the name.
Well as I walked up to the park I saw the NYPD brass going up to the guys
holding one of our banners. The owner of the property sent two of his
represntatives down and wanted our banner removed from the property. Dylan
and Alex wasn't there yet, Dylan was doing the Popular Mechanics
interview, so I asked the officer's what the problem was and why only
our banner and not the other banners that people were displaying. I was
informed it was the tall sticks that were holding the banner. with that I
told the guys holding the banner to take the banner off the sticks and
hold it like the others who had banners. Well, that didn't work
either, the two representatives pulled the NYPD brass to the side and they
returned saying now they wanted "THAT" banner off the property. I
tried to explain this wasn't right or legal, but to no avail. Then one
of the LTW guys showed up and they worked something out with the cops. They
put together a police escort in about a half hour and allowed us to march
of the sidewalk across from Ground Zero with all our banners and flyers.
It was a beautiful site, the line was easily a few blocks long and we all
showed the utmost respect. We marched silently and respectfully, it was a
site to see with all of us in black T-Shirts.

When I later met up with Dylan, he was pumped up, people were coming up to
him saying they did a great job with the interview with Popular Mechanics.
Dylan and I hung out all day together, we put some miles on that day.
Dylan wanted to do an interview with me and he wanted it in a quiet area,
so we decided to go over to the Winter Garden where the World Financial
Center Buildings are.

Once we finally got across the West Side Highway and in front of WFC where
they had that beautiful giant American flag, we had to take a few pictures
of how gorgerous the flag was bellowing in the wind. Jason, Dylan's
camera man got some great shots of the flag and so did I. Once inside the
Winter Garden, which is very beautiful, we decided to go to the park
behind it because there was so many people there. We found a quiet spot by
the water with the Statute of Liberty in the back ground and we were all
just talking, my girl, Dylan, Jason, and myself.

We were just enjoying the moment, when a man starts walking towards us and
wants to ask a question. He has a NYDP pin on his jacket and wants to know
what why and what we are doing. It starts off in a pleasant matter and
turns into a debate. Jason is quietly recording the conversation, then the
shit begins.

Another guy comes walking over, a stock broke, and wants to say something.
He says we have no respect and why today, there's 364 other days for
this shit. Well, I try to keep my calm, especially when he says, "We
believe that no plane hit the WTC!" I argue with him over that and he
responded, "One of OUR people was preaching it to him earlier." I
try to be respectful and tell him that's not my beliefs or that of 99%
of the Truth Movement. Well, you guessed it, it got a little ugly! The
stock broker, the second guy tells us to get the "f*ck OUT OF
THERE" and something to the effect I wasn't there and don't
know what I'm talking about. I see "RED" and I start walking
after him, I tell the so called respectfully BASTARD who cares so much that
He couldn't even take a day off work out of respect, that I was there
that day and I worked Ground Zero. He says, "sure you did", I
got crazy, yelling at him my photos are in the Library of Congress and I
donated over a dozen artifacts to the 9/11 Memorial. The guy now knows he
picked the wrong guy and just keeps on walking, while the other guy, the
retired cop, holds me back. I didn't know jason filmed the whole
thing. Dylan thought the footage was going to be great.

Well we finally find a little spot where a small pond and some ducks were
and I gave Dylan his interveiw. Again, I was a nervous wreck, there was so
many things I wanted to say but I couldn't say them. Dylan, like Alex,
was kind and said the interview was great, but I know I was a nerous wreck
and couldn't express all the things I wanted.

We stopped for lunch in a little pizza shop on the way back to GZ, the TV
was on Channel 1 and we saw coverage of Our guys protesting, we were all
so excited to see it. I told Dylan, it would be on every News station in
the world, he was so pleased that the media might finally cover this in
the right light. Only later that night I would learn how wrong I was and
thought about how upset Dylan must have been sitting in his New Yorker
Hotel later that night going from channel to channel learning the media
had screwed the MOVEMENT once again!

After eating, we returned to Ground Zero and the little park where it all
began, that's where I finally met Jason Berma, I really like this guy
he's a character. as we sat in the park for a minute we heard that
undenable sound, which could only be started by one person, "IT WAS
AN INSIDE JOB." It was Alex Jones and gang around the block in front
of Spitzer office. Naturally we headed toward the sound, as we reached
Broadway, we saw a large crowd in the street. The cops had to close half
the street for them, it was beautiful, The Movement and Alex Jones had
closed down a section of Broadway.

Then it was off to Police Head Quarters, at first I thought it was a
terrible idea to protest there, especially in light of how the cops
treated us that day. But I quickly realized that the gentleman, I"m
sorry I don't know his name, was speaking to the crowd was thanking
New York's Finest and Bravest and that we understand how the
government failed all their sick who went to Ground Zero to help! I
watched the faces of the cops as the speech focused on them, it was clear
they were with us, yes silently for most part but totally in HEART! They
know what happened that terrible day and they want the TRUTH also.

Dylan and I finally sitting on the train heading for his hotel, the New
Yorker. It was a time of reflection, he was proud of what the day turned
out to be, respectfully! The video that Louder Than Words had put together
had touched people around the globe and with prayer and hope the Truth
would one day come to light.

As we said our good byes in front of the hotel, I gave him a little slap
on the cheek and told him, "Stay Strong, KId!" To each and
everyone who was there in body and those that were there in spirt, I thank
all of you from the bottom of my heart.



The police are realizing the

The police are realizing the treason that was committed at ground zero, they are hearts and minds that need to be won. Jack McLamb ( syas it best when he says when tyranny comes to your door, it'll come in a uniform. But if those in uniform refuse to enforce tyranny, then the tyrants are impotent. Embrace your local law enforcement, foremen and city council members, buy them coffee or lunch when you see them and let them know You're infuriated at the treason committed upon them at ground zero, let them know you support the constitutional principles of local control through local government, let them know ou trust locals more than federals sent from washington corporate whores who commit treason and profit from mass murder. And when you have a bad applein your police, file compliants and law suits till the city removes tham, but don't let those indivdiuals turn you into stereotyping all police, this is what tyrants want most, the police and citizens to see each other as the enemy.

I got my hometown police force to learn the score...

and at Ground Zero I had a good conversation with two police officers and provided them with many DVDs that had EGLS, What's The Truth, Terrorstorm, and the CSPAN symposium and much more on it.

Thanks to Frank in the Carolinas for sending me the DVDs. I've made many copies and sent them out.

"There's a shadow on the faces of the men who send the guns to the wars that are fought in places where their business interest runs."

Way to go!

could you share a little more detail about your encounter, success stories can be greatly helpful to others, It might give us a little confidence that we need or a starting point to approach with.
Agian, way to go!!

Thanks for sharing--great work!

And word to glowform--knows the score.

"Among the 'spider-man' skeptics are those who claim that no human can shoot web and stick to walls... They conveniently ignore the fact that he was bitten by a radioactive spider."

Daily Bugle editorial debunking the claims of spider-man deniers

Wow, great report & personal commentary...

That was a great report from Ground Zero from a personal level, thanks!

I often wonder what motivates peple like the young black dude to confront truthers with such hatred. If Bush could kill our soldiers + hundreds of thousands in Iraq based on proven WMD lies, why couldn't the gov't also have had a hand in 9/11???


To all agents..... you're just being used by them, you should use your intelligence on good things (because I know u're usually very intelligent), and besides its no use, we have won :) I pray you are set free from the demons that haunt u and prevent your souls from being free. You will only live once, do you really want to be a pawn of empire? Or a part of the liberatory movement?


Back home in Iowa

It was great to be there with all you fine people, having flown out from Iowa. I was proud to march with you all. Let's hear it for the Louder than Words/Loose Change folks, what a fantastic job they did. I'm proud to be a member of their family. Again, great job. Chris in Iowa..

Real nuts were there