Inner columns still standing after WTC collapse

I just watched the video provided a few blog posts ago

and noticed the inner columns were still standing and then fell down.

I'm not sure if it means anything (regarding whether or not explosives were used) but it sure will help us understand the nature of collapse.

Any thoughts?

i don't know if it really

i don't know if it really helps anybody but i have a thought -

since we can see for ourselves that the top of wtc2 (which was powder long before) fell to the ground straight down thru the entire length of the 110 story tower in only 10 seconds (9/11 commission said) and that's the same time it would take to reach the ground falling from the same height thru thin air only with no resistance from each successively lower floor, what caused 110 stories worth of 47 extra massive steel core columns and 200+ regular massive steel perimeter columns not to mention huge steel spandrels and extra sturdy steel corner assemblies to provide no resistance to the top of wtc2 as it fell to the street below as fast as a bowling ball dropped from the same height thru thin air alone would?

were they simply terrified at the thought of being enveloped by all that powdered concrete which was suspended in the air above them and leapt out of the way? or were they spirited out of the way by magic? or were they perhaps assisted out of the way by explosives as they failed in a sequential order from top to bottom at the rate of 11 floors per second?