Jesus Was a Revolutionary

Jesus Was a Revolutionary

For David Ray Griffin

Michael D. Morrissey

Sept. 17, 2006

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I had never looked at it that way.
Jesus not Christ but the man.
The fight is far from over.
The emperor, naked as a jaybird, still rides our wizened hearts
and laughs. We know we will be next
at Abu Ghraib, Guantanamo, or right here in god's country
covered with our own excrement and suffocated
underneath some sergeant's ass
unless we fight. But still we say,
the emperor is good. One nation, under emperor, with liberty and justice
and most of everything for just a few.
Caveat preemptor warfare, mighty rigger of elections, building bomber, anthrax mailman,
liar, executioner, pox americano.
It takes a while to come the second time, but we'll get there.
Introibo ad altar Dei.
Gimme the bread, I 'll give it to the people,
in Jesus' name we pray.
Make love not war, the Virgin said and meant
Fuck ye. Do it in the streets.
Put your AIDS back in the test tube where it came from.
Make us happen before it does to us.
The next holocaust may be the last.

Fuck ye?

Aren't you THE Michael Morrisey?

Article about AIDS etc?


Hey, that reminds me..

Griffin said that JESUS was an ANTI-IMPERIALIST

in that wonderful BBC interview!

Thanks for the comments

Yes, I tried to do some work on AIDS (see Ch. 4 of "Looking for the Enemy" at but Alan Cantwell is the man to google on that subject, which now seems to be dead.

And yes, anti-imperialist was my message, too.