Michael Shermer is 95% Hot Air on the WTC Collapses

Has anyone noticed that there is a new "911 Truth Denier" phrase floating around?
It goes somethng like this: "The WTC Towers collapsed vertically because they were 95% air".
I realize it is hard to believe anyone would use this "reasoning", even government shills.
However, here is one example of it's use, from a recent article by Michael Shermer in Scientific American: "Conspiricists argue that the buildings should have fallen over on their sides, but with 95 percent of each building consisting of air, they could only have collapsed straight down."

I believe the "95%" claim was originally made by Thomas Eager in this paper,.
and then parroted by Shermer and others, such as here.

This statement, of course, is not only meant to explain a vertical collapse, but also to imply that the towers were somehow insubstantial. It is a ridiculous, obvious shill tactic, transparent to anyone with two brain cells to rub together. Whover uses this idiotic phrase needs to be called on it by the 911 truth community immediately.

I have a simple physics question for Eager and Shermer: how is it that I, at 175 pounds, can stand on two empty soda cans (one under each foot) without crushing them, vertically or otherwise? What percentage of air are they? The towers, of course, had 47 massive steel support columns going up the center, which my soda cans lack :)

Passenger ID's @ Pentagon & Shanksville--Smoking gun!!!

The more I read about DNA identification, the more I realize that it was absolutely impossible to ID any passengers @ the Pentagon & Shanksville. This is a huge smoking gun in the "official story."

first sighting

That morning, when the first reports were coming over the radio, the initial report was that a private plane had hit the first tower. This is what eye witnesses had said. This was the report that prompted me to tell my client to turn on the t.v.
I subscribe to the observation that it didn't matter too much what the first aircraft looked like; its design (purpose) was to allow enough time to get cameras rolling. Thus, it makes sence to me that the second 'craft was indeed loaded with extra fuel for the fireworks...a little shock and awe. Apparently a missle shot out, too.
Because of the pacing of time that morning, a lot of detail was glossed over, but also a lot was recorded.
Here's one for the Denyers; if this was truly a "terrorist attack", I would be prone to think two planes hitting at the same time would make more of an impression.
As well, Osama "That's MY camel, Black Bart" bin Invented only appeared in the first video, and did NOT claim responsibility for the attacks, logically stating that such action was against his Allah. So later, "he" then claims he DID. I should think lying would be addressed SOMEWHERE in any religeon...except, of course, in Modern Judeo-Christian Fascism.
Again, to submit just an idea...soda machines are only seen on three sides, and could be moved into a building with actual welcome. It's anyone's guess. Butt that sucker up against a pillar, just like Osama's camel to Black Bart, and let 'er fly.

Cutter fingerprints:

Yep, those core columns sure are full of air! Seriously, did they use such charges *after* the collapse? The same thing and another example is shown in the '911 Mysteries - Demolitions' video series. This appears in part 2.

WTC Column Cut

I've found yet another reference....

...to the 95% air baloney, here, at eSkeptic.com, where it is stated:

"The towers had a lightweight “perimeter tube” design consisting of 244 exterior columns of 36 cm square steel box section on 100 cm centers, with 95% of the structure’s interior consisting of nothing but air."

If I drive my car into a

If I drive my car into a steel wall, with that logic I could state the steel wall should not cause me to die because of the empty air infront of it...

 Utter nonsense.

Eagar and others

Eagar and others conveniently ignore the multiple redundancies of the WTC tower designs, which made the towers capable of withstanding multiple airplane impacts, or a 150-year storm.

The other popular line I have seen repeated often in recent weeks is the claim that jet fuel raced down the elevator shaft about a 800 feet and exploded in the lobby, then a few more floors and exploded in the basement. Oh, and along the way the jet fuel stopped on multiple floors (re: eyewitness accounts of secondary explosions) and exploded.

I would like a physicist to discuss the probability that jet fuel could do this given the design of the towers. How does the jet fuel travel so far (over 1000 feet in all), explode on multiple floors, not show signs of fire on any of these floors, and manage to explode BEFORE a plane hit the north tower (see Willie Rodriguez)?

This I would like to know.

Jet fuel down the elevator shafts

I wish I had the diagram handy. (So I could roll it up and do some upside-the-head smacking on a debunker.) Kinda hard to go all the way down the elevator shafts when they're discontinuous.


...am I detecting a theme, here? I'm talking about the Bush Adminisration, of course. I'd like to see someone get together a bunch of old films and show how the wrecking ball technique never caused inward collapse, both, ironicly, yet another referrence to the Bulshites, I mean Bushites. There are countless films that feature building demises.
None of those collapses started out looking like Side Show Bob from "The Simpsons"; it was always crippling to one side or the other,
or splaying in random directions like Jim Carey.
casseia, don't damage perfectly good building blueprints with sensible violence; calmy ask them;
"Why do you refuse to address the issue(s) with disinformation tactics?"
for 25 tactics for Truth Suppression

That's an excellent list you linked to...

...royster, and I recommend everyone have a look:
for 25 tactics for Truth Suppression

Back to the topic...

It occured to me that if Shermer and others want to insist that the Towers were made of 95% air, then they would also have to concur that the upper floors that supposedly came crashing all the way down, destroying the buildings, were also made almost entirely of air.

Their silly argument is self-defeating.