Occam's Razor shaves the $2.5 Million Question

Among the welter of 9-11 anomalies still begging for a plausible explanation, one stands out as a convincing entree for those who dismiss "conspiracy theory," and as a compelling lead for a new investigation: The $2.5 million reward for "put option" stock trading that remains unclaimed to this day (below, I apply Occam's infamous razor to solve this stubborn mystery).

The unusual stock betting that preceded 9-11 is well-known (for those unfamiliar, the details are cited at end of this article).

“The uncollected money raises suspicions that the investors – whose identities and nationalities have not been made public – had advance knowledge of the strikes...They don’t dare show up now. The suspension of trading for four days after the attacks made it impossible to cash-out quickly and claim the prize before investigators started looking."

Wall Street analysts tell us that peaks of put/call options are not that uncommon--there have been episodes in the past. True, but it is the significant disproportion between put and call options that is supposed to arouse the suspicion of Wall Street police--the SEC, FBI and CIA, which tracks such suspicious trading in real-time as a signal of possible insider trading or other criminal activity. Moreover, securities analysts in other countries have stated that these agencies have the capacity to identify the culprits--there is no unbreachable firewall here.

In other words, it is not a secret--except to the public at large. Who placed those bets, why haven't they claimed the loot, and why don't we know this by now? Why hasn't this lucky gambler been nabbed and forced to rollover on his criminal confederates?

The only explanation is that the investors wisely decided to forfeit their winnings rather than their freedom. And I am sure they are being protected because divulging their identities might endanger "national security." But wait--that leads to the forbidden zone of "conspiracy theory." Could there be another, less disturbing explanation?

Yes! Using Occam's Razor, that favorite tool of "coincidence theorists," we can shave away the matted fur of conspiracy theory and arrive at the simplest, nakedest--and safest!--explanation: like many an undisciplined rube in Vegas, our lucky "put option" gambler imbibed too many vodka-tonics, got drunker than George Bush at an Alabama National Guard toga party, and staggered out of the Wall Street casino, forgetting to pick up his jackpot, and drove away--straight into a brick wall of the World Trade Center. He is now braindead, vegetating anonymously in some obscure hospital ward. Compounding the tragedy, his next of kin are completely ignorant of his lucky $2.5 million strike!

My heart aches over this true-life soap opera, but in consolation, we've finally solved one of the great mysteries of 9-11!

And if you believe it, please contact me -- I serve as the agent of a fabulously wealthy but terminally ill prince in the Asian republic of Nanjeenowak, who seeks an American partner to safeguard his fortune from the onerous death taxes that godless socialists have shackled his nation with. Send your Social Security, bank account, and PIN numbers to me post haste, before the billionaire croaks! We all get lucky sometimes, and this is your day!

Details of Suspicious 9-11 Stock Trading

Between September 6 and 7, the Chicago Board Options Exchange saw purchases of 4,744 put options on United Airlines, but only 396 call options… Assuming that 4,000 of the options were bought by people with advance knowledge of the imminent attacks, these “insiders” would have profited by almost $5 million.

On September 10, 4,516 put options on American Airlines were bought on the Chicago exchange, compared to only 748 calls. Again, there was no news at that point to justify this imbalance;… Again, assuming that 4,000 of these options trades represent “insiders,” they would represent a gain of about $4 million.

The levels of put options purchased above were more than six times higher than normal.

No similar trading in other airlines occurred on the Chicago exchange in the days immediately preceding Black Tuesday.

Some of the insider trading

Some of the insider trading landed at the foot of a man named "Buzzy Krongard" ...once it was determined that the trading went directly back to Krongards company, the investigation was dropped. Why? ..because he was third in charge of the CIA from 98 to 04...he was also the CEO and chairman of the board of Alex Brown Inc.....the nations oldest investment banking firm.