Religion and Cults are at the core of all human events.

My 2 cents for a stronger psychological shield:

I long investigated religion and its effects on society, and it’s known that is a tool used for control and unconscious manipulation of people’s judgment. I don’t mean that religion is all bad, it's been very useful to bring order into society and bring a psychological backbone to the majority of the population of any given country, kingdom or empire. It gives individuals a reason to accept their current situation, gives them a motivation to thrive despite their poor conditions.

Religion is a way to explain, situations, things and behaviors we don’t understand. Kings, Emperors and secret societies needed ways to keep control of their populations by releasing manuals or books, in this case a bible's or manuscript that focus on a all powerful being that at the end will bring justice to those that decide to believe in such idealism, therefore backing up a story with such a powerful perception makes the bibles or books have solid a backbone.

The human brain is capable of an immense diversity of feelings, behaviors, ideas and perceptions that give way to Arts, sports, music, acting, personalities, imagination and so much more.
As you can see there is are huge amounts of functions that our brain is capable of.
How will we make sense of all that our brain is capable and how we will organize the different personalities and lifestyles that humans have?
Religions, cults and the like have been the natural response to all the chaos of human nature.

Each bible or book that belong to any give religion, has precise definitions to a huge amounts of behaviors of humans, and therefore have judgments or praise, depending on the moral of the book for each behavior. These texts have huge amounts of examples of human situations, stories and events where they try to infuse their judgment or use those as an example of something they will categorize as good or bad, depending on the values, morals or beliefs they want individuals, groups or whole societies to learn.

The Christian bible, which contains both Old Testament and New testament, along with the Jewish bible which only contains the old testament and the Muslim Bible, guide or whatever you want to call it, are the most detail texts in which its developers, had a strong insight into human nature and understood the most important behaviors and thoughts as to create a text, that would bring specific order, discipline to the minds of those that are raised since kids under heavy exposure of those teachings.

So in short Religion, cults and the like which try to give meaning to life, give individuals a purpose and try fill the void that exist in human minds, they are accepted as explanations of things that don’t make sense to us, they give us comfort by making us believe in a all powerful entity. Even if an individual whole life has been a disaster, he is given an absolutely comforting idea that at the end he will be given paradise where he will live happily for eternity and the guilty will be punish forever.

The authors of the religions didn't necessarily made religions exclusively for it to be used for manipulation or to give psychological power and authority to the group sponsoring the religion. Some religions like Christian have extremely good morals, values and a sense of justice that any civilize and rational society should have. It might have been written for good purpose, but certain groups or secret societies could use this same information to manipulate and control people, by disguising themselves and blending with the bible. Therefore they can get away with anything that they do, because they shield themselves with the words behind the bible or scripture.

I could point so many examples how religions and cults mix morals or how they use the situations certain people find themselves on, to take advantage of them and get them to support their group.

It is in our nature that we need to find a cause; a belief and a purpose to make sense of our lives, religions and cults have been of use to keep society organized. Personally I like to see the truth and not limit myself by any means. We do need rules, regulations and laws to maintain our darker side on control, but society has evolutionized, from kingdoms and empires where there was not much information available to anybody, to more flexible societies, where we can share immense amounts of thoughts, ideas and data, therefore it is logical that control of nations by small families and societies is in it's last stand at keeping massive power and control over large societies and they are trying their hardest at using fear to keep people away from the truth. World Government is their last attempt at seizing the power that totalitarian bloodlines of families that have lost the Kingdoms and Empires that ruled most of human history. This is their last grand stand of human control in a global scale.

We have to understand the influence of religions and cults on society, and how at all points in human history it’s been used for psychological comfort or control of crowds, therefore we need to start outgrowing the need for them and still have the morals, values and principles that we need as a civilized society. I like to point out all this information because of how important is the roles of cults and religions on our current and past affairs. We should also not deny people their beliefs of religion as their psychological stability depends on them, that’s why America stands for freedom, but we should enforce the separation of government and religion. We should ban the use of government resources and capital for the benefit of any religion (popular or not).

It is not hard to believe that the bush administration, groups and secret societies behind them or similar, have deep beliefs systems similar to a religion or cult that motivates them to pursuit power, manipulate and control societies and countries or as in the past kingdoms and empires. The first step to defeat them is not through force, but through understanding their ideals, beliefs, modes of operation and specifically EDUCATING OUR PRODUCTIVE WORKFORCE AND MILITARY ABOUT ALL THIS INFORMATION. I know the manipulators are powerful, but not invincible, they have huge amounts of money and influence, but as you see they are still defeat able, since the need to cover 911 shows that they are not confident (cocky) or powerful enough to take out the United States, therefore they must mislead the public as they weaken the nation to avoid being discovered. They also try to weaken the country by spending more money that they get from federal taxes. The tax cut made by bush only benefits wealthy corporations, not the middle or poor class, which makes for most citizens, when state and local taxes have been raised for lack of federal funding thus eliminating any possible benefit by federal tax cuts making our deficit even large. Our deficit is past 7 trillion dollar as of September 17 2006. Who owes the money? The American People. Who finance the deficit? Banks around the world. How do we pay for the national deficit? Federal Income tax. Therefore if you lower taxes you pay the debt slower, enslaving the American citizen to pay the growing debt by an illusion of tax returns. By the way there is no law that states that we need to pay income tax and the Federal Reserve is unconstitutional. I still pay it because they have the IRS to forces us and most people don’t do anything about removing the illegal and unconstitutional IRS. The federal tax code is thrown in our faces as the law when in reality it doesn’t have real a law to back it up. Public officials like Bush, Cheney, rice, Rumsfield are just decoys but still part of their hidden network.

So it is easily perceived that Religion now a day is used to manipulate groups and countries for the benefit of a few that understand on how to shield or divert attention from their operations. Change happens with teamwork, first we have to understand the minds of those that we are up against, and their dynamics, the limits that their beliefs impose, and we have to be ready to replace the infrastructure that they controlled with capable workers.

I believe that certain secret societies, those that hide behind religions and cults, would use code words or set up names and events around certain dates, places to execute their plans.
It is of no surprise for those that realize this to spot those attempts at scaring people with pre-organized narratives of correlating events which are clearly chosen by those who organize their plans.

Let me tell you one more manipulation that don’t require a cult or religion but its part of the branch of the control tree, the Bush administration is earning less federal money by cutting taxes and expending more through war. War expending only benefits those making the weapons and supplies. Local and state taxes have been force to rise to cope for the extreme lack of federal funding. They are trying to get the country into a crisis, where people is more worried about securing their pay and basic needs, giving them the opportunity to push all their agendas by spreading fear to all USA citizens, that if they don’t support them and elect them they are not going to be safe and remain on a crisis. They are creating anxiety by making the country broke and using fear to get their plans going. 911(which was an inside job) and most of the terror plots that come on the media are used to scare people into supporting their wars.

To end this post, Maslow's hierarchy of need pyramid says at first level we need to cover our basic needs such as shelter and food, second level is to secure our basic needs(need for security which Bush admin is exploiting), then our social needs, after that is our worries about our status(Which corrupt people worry about). Bush is leading us to worry about how we secure our basic needs which includes our jobs, which feed us and pay for our house (shelter); therefore we are busier surviving than worrying about what's happening behind the curtains.