Report from the front...

Greetings fellow truthers! Just back from my local popular town square and thought I would let everyone know how easy it was to hand out 25 or so DVDs. 2 hours, no hecklers, and a bunch of good conversations with the usual variety of concerned citizens--a group of young women and one guy from high school, the guy mentioned that one dude at their school recently did a project on 9/11 conspiracy theories. A couple who said they were friends of friends of the Loose Change guys, a couple of older Canadian women, a tatooed dude and his girl on the train, the father of a group of rambunctious toddlers--they were all out tonight, and they all agreed with RT that something is wrong with the official story. I've been truthin'in the streets for about a year now and I can't overstate how much easier it's getting to be a truther. In the early days we were looked at as curiosities, maybe slightly crazy folks with too much time on our hands. These days you get a different feeling being out there--people either stop to thank you or glance over as they walk by with their friends, only to begin a discussion about the phenomenon of 9/11 truth. We are, in other words, relevant and being acknowledged as legitimate voices. Of course not everyone out there is ready to take the plunge, and there are still those who shake their heads as if to reassure themselves that in fact it is the rest of the world that is going crazy and they will resist the pressure to let go of their faith in... what is it again? Oh yeah, the fairy tale of the evil Arabian hordes permeating the world with their explosives and fascist designs based on Islam. If anyone would listen to them, they would tell them that Popular Mechanics has laid these issues to rest by filling in the gaps left by the 9/11 comission. You see, these people (the real truthers) are just unwilling or unable to face the reality that we are at war with Islamofascism, so they retreat into their fanciful notions, like the one about World Trade Center building 7 being deliberately destroyed with well-placed explosives, when everyone knows that while we don't understand exactly how, fires made the building collapse the way it did. So said, these "truthseekers", unable to accept that yes, governments sometimes fail at their job of preventing attacks on their military headquarters--it happens all the time, or actually, it is so inconceivable that our less than competent government was caught off-guard. Yes, that's it. I can trust the government, because they are incompetent. I fear Islamofascism precisely because our leaders cannot protect us from them, unless we give them even more leeway with which to wield their incompetence. Why can't those conspiracy nuts see that there are no conspiracies, except those conducted by Arab Muslims who hate freedom? Why are people talking to that nut? Why are they taking that DVD? I will go home and listen to Hillary Clinton, who will one day provide the competent defense against Islamofascism that we need. Yes, the future is not far away, if only people would stop asking all these questions!

Tipping Point?

I have also noticed a significant change in the way people react to me when I am spreading 911 Truth. We have gone from being a fringe group to a legitimate position in the political mileu. Now is the time to press our advantage. The American people are becoming aware of the destruction of their freedoms, too many bogus terror alerts and false arrests are taking their toll, we are on the verge of a radical transformation.

The truth is not yet welcome in the south

Living in a southern state, I have found that most people here are far from being ready to open their minds to any alternate versions of 9-11.

This mostly republican area is still very patriotic and shows no desire to question any part of the government's story. In groups where I have tried to approach the subject and "feel out" the situation before making my opinion clear, people have displayed disgust and anger toward the idea that the buildings could have been brought down by something other than planes. These are educated people, many are engineers.

One person admitted that explosives helped bring the buildings down, but went on to tell me that all highrise buildings are constructed with democharges built-in so that they can bring the building down easier when it comes time to do demolition. The planes simply triggered the preset demolition that had been waiting to be initiated since the towers were built!

It is outrageous to witness what people will do in order to protect the fragile reality they are comfortable with!!

The truth movement still has a long way to go before it can even be taken seriously here.

Oh Yeah!

That's an awesome report RT, and your doublethink parody is wicked!

The reception you describe sounds pretty much exactly like what I've been getting... amazingly postive. And I've got a bullhorn lol. So many people have thanked me and a lot of people are very serious and look in my eyes and ask me what's up and I tell them.