Visual Evidence of Explosive Charges (Flashes) Going Off

Pagan posted this clip a few days ago. There were only a few comments on it. Please take a look:

Now compare the flashes to this video of an acknowledged controlled demolition:

Do you see what I see!?!?

This is perhaps the clearest visual evidence of explosives going off as the tower collapses. You can clearly see the charges. Also note how the spires disentegrate after the tower has already fallen.

Is this why Bush is suddenly talking about the terrorist capabilities to plant bombs in U.S. buildings? Please view the video and share your thoughts.

What are you smoking?

What are you smoking, young fella? Don't you have a clue that there has never been any evidence of explosives ever demonstrated, most certainly not in any video inckuding this one? What is the matter that you people are so friggin desperate that you have to resort to such nonsense? Please tell us.


Lars sounds like Larry Silverstein's nephew or something?

Lars, why don't you just "pull-it" & watch the buidling collapse?

If you don't call molten

If you don't call molten metal found days after the attacks 'evidence' then I truly don't know what you need.

The flashes & the pyroclastic clouds are smoking guns!

I see numerous flashes inside the tower, plus the enormous pyroclastic clouds surely make it look like controlled demolition!

You can see the inner

You can see the inner columns still standing after its over and then collapsing. Could this be 'pancaking'

Pancaking? Ah, let's not jump to conclusions so fast..

I believe I see a few, partial columns of some sort standing briefly. What does that mean? Why did the inner columns collapse at all? Did WTC-7 also Pancake?

good points

It would be cool if we could find some documents describing how the construction wwas made. Then we could answer questions like could the inner columns stand by themselves or did they need the extenal columns. What caused total destruction of the external columns? This points again to explosives ... but it would be nice if we could conclusively show that. Maybe Jim Hoffman could help?