Morgan Reynolds: special effects good, thermite bad

I normally let a little hypocrisy slide as we're all guilty of it occasionally. But I've recently read two articles by
Dr. Reynolds that I just can't seem to reconcile.

The first criticizes Dr. Jones' thermite theory because he believes thermite cannot account for the manner in
which the towers collapsed/vaporized. He further offers a cautionary word that if Jones' hunch turns out to
be wrong, the whole 911 truth movement will be discredited. This article was well written and compelling.

Now I've just gotten through reading another acticle, presumably also written by Reynolds, stating that
"WTC demolition is truth inviolate" and "in no danger of being discredited" by so-called no-plane theories.

I cannot understand how it is possible to hold simultaneously the views that a) the thermite theory is so shaky
that it could endanger 911 truth and b) that a good deal of evidence supports no-planes theories which, even if
proven false, could never endanger the "inviolate" truth of WTC demolition.

Dr. Reynolds is extremely well spoken and intelligent; I can only assume he's more concerned with being
right than he is with the truth.

You may have missed this

recursive conspiracy theories

Sure it's possible I guess. Perhaps Reynolds' only goal is to interfere with 911T.

It is amazing how someone so adept in prose could present such a poor argument...and on FOX no less.

I'll chalk that up on my mental list of discrepencies in Reynolds' character.

Alien Ray Gun

In his hit piece against Jones, Reynolds and Wood suggested that the WTC was destroyed by an "alien ray gun". This is just beyond the pale and nobody should appear on the same platform as either of them any more.

Reynolds is referring to a

Reynolds is referring to a hypothesis deriving from the super fine particles found by Dr. Cahill, which pointed on a plausible use of a scalar interferometer.

Steven Jones never responded to these findings but knows exactly what Reynolds is talking about.
Jones himself worked on energy weapons, which got patented by the DoD, among them Sonoluminescence which can reach temperatures hotter than 10,000 K

"What is if Steven E. Jones... developed the weaponry"

"What is if Steven E. Jones, "religiously briefed", is not only a (passive/active) military intelligence 'officer' undercover, but was part of the crew who developed the weaponry for the collapses in the first place?" 

I just wanted to post that bit from your nasty little link so it's very clear what kind of shit you're posting here. 

What's the difference

What's the difference between KSM and ProfJones?

None of them speak out on exotic unconventional weaponry at the WTC - ;)

"Thank you for your enquiry. Specific enquiries about Sept 11 can no longer be answered from this user, but if you send your enquiry to the world's foremost Sept 11 researcher, Professor David Ray Griffin at he will be pleased to answer your questions."

Reynolds was (is) a Bush economist...

Why does Dr. Reynolds, an economist, need to challenge Dr. Jones on incendiaries? Reynolds is just wasting everyone's time.

moonbat1 and moonbat2

It is hard to figure out which CT clown is which?

Is Morgan moonbat1 and Dr Jones moonbat2?

They both need to debate on the Alex Jones Show!

Then they can meet Moonbat3!!!