New 911 Truther Video: "911 Mysteries: Demolitions"

Watch these (new?) documentary videos:

  1. 911 Mysteries: Demolitions (Part 1 of 3) [30 minutes]
  2. 911 Mysteries: Demolitions (Part 2 of 3) [31 minutes]
  3. 911 Mysteries: Demolitions (Part 3 of 3) [30 minutes]

Brilliantly made, mostly sticking to known facts. Well explained science background. Poses most of the important questions. Good stuff for passing along to "not-yet-truthers" amongst your neighbourhood, family, workplace, friends....

I believe these are quite newly released (never before encountered them).

They posted a

They posted a higher-resolution version in a single file here:

It _is_ a good film, lots of stuff new to me.