'Smoking Gun' of Controlled Demolition?

The debunkers have come up with excuses for many observed factors of CD


Squibs --> Pressurised Gas
Freefall speed --> Not enough resistance; Observed speed is a bit slower than free fall
Sulphur --> Present in building materials
Black smoke --> Burning plastic
Molten Metal --> Burning Fuel (yeah right)
Curved Steel --> Burning Fuel (yeah right)

However, this picture cannot be refuted that easily.


The angular cut could have NEVER occurred naturally. It would have BUCKLED under natural pressure. To CUT the column in a NEAT STRAIGHT LINE requires something other than gravity. Not to mention the charred edges.

Maybe this should be used as a primary line of defence for CD. I can't think of any way to explain an angular cut.



They might say

'It was cut after the fact'
'How can you authenticate this picture'

It would be cool if we could FIND OUT WHO THAT FIREMAN IS. And get a statement from him.

If we could find out :-

- Were any pieces of steel cut at ground zero. Probably not. But we need a statement attesting to this fact.

- Is this picture authentic. i.e. find the source.


Also ...

This is why getting out hands on the NIST picture archive is very important. Sadly, even wiht FOIA this likely will not happen.

The Chain of Evidence

I enjoy your point-counter-point listing... as the list continues to grow, the counterpoints unavoidably move into the realm of chance upon chance always moving closer to a probability of zero, (ever more difficult to duplicate in two buildings, to say little for WTC7) as the likelihood of 'inside-job' becomes ever more inescapable.

Yet playing this game, I will offer a number of things that might be used AGAINST that photo as proof of demolition cutter charge; "The photo was taken AFTER debris removal commenced, with that cut done intentionally by oxyacetylene, and fully consistent with the slag and cutting thickness ability."

To argue such a statement away, the chain of evidence for that photo would have to be secure; that the photo was taken BEFORE debris removal began, OR that an oxyacetylene torch could not have gotten to that location to "tree fell" a precarious beam to the ground for safety during further cleanup (the angled cut).


Otherwise, I too wonder about that odd "cut".

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

I see you're already working in the same direction....

Would we have ever imagined.... Bin No-longer Exists would have to file for disclosure of the evidence against him, for We the People to examine what little evidence remains.

The destruction and caging of evidence used to whip people into war frenzy.... will have to be the next chapter for Geneva.... at the same time Brilliant Boy Bush is trying to burn up the chapters on torture.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

About 'ol Bush

Even without 9/11, he can be got on war crimes. Only thing is, if dems get in power will they dare?

Having worked on steel

Having worked on steel framed buildings , both removal and construction, I would observe the following...
There is no rigging attatched to any of the "upper parts" of the columns in question. No ironworker in hes right mind would just cut a verticle column in half and let the top of it just fall where it may.
There are no ironworkers in the picture, only firemen.
I also see no tools used in debris removal such as , ladders, buckets, cranes, ect.
Admittedly, this is a very narrow window into a much bigger picture but my gut tells me these cuts are not the effects of debris removal.

That plus

the amount and distribution of the rising smoke may help limit the window within which the photo could have been taken.

How often did teams of firefighters enter the pile once the evidence destruction operation began?

Sadly, these two unprotected men are probably experiencing serious health effects by now.

Provenance of the photo must be established. The source is quite likely to have more interesting pictures which would corroborate the location and time of the photo. The photo may even have been cropped. It's especially nice to see a clear, high res photo of an important subject given the tantalizingly distant/low-resolution photos such as those of airborne planes.

Thanks And Rants

Thank you justacitizen, the lack of rigging and the silliness of tree-felling 20+ tons of steel does seem rather obtuse. But it's better if others, like yourself, come forward to say such things.

"once the evidence destruction operation began"... I love that line RightSaidFred. We need to mercilessly beat that into the minds of people who remain defenders of the company line. The destruction of evidence, and the "national security" status of whatever may remain, is a crime in and of itself at this point.

The idea that some kind of National Security is being served by not releasing ALL remaining evidence to the public is completely asinine. Our national, cultural, civil, social, psychological security has never before experienced such a threat as the one We continue to drive towards as our domestic dialogue heats-up like thermate over ambiguity, obfuscation and ever wilder speculation.

A government which has within its power the ability to end this debate with truth and forthrightness, yet actively chooses to drag things out trying to save face, or conceal guilt.... is now guilty far beyond the initiating crime of 9/11 itself.

The controlled demolition of America is under way...... and yes, NOT triggering the fire suppression bottles, is just the same as pushing the destruction button. This government is guilty on both counts.

Wake up dear people. Wake up, say hello to your neighbor, apologize for not talking WITH them more often, and get to know who the real terrorists are... a government that would extract the price of liberty, and make paper promises of security they can never deliver in reality.

Tyranny is here on American soil... this is no phantom under the bed, swarthy neck-stabber in the seat behind you, nor bomb after bomb hidden in the soles of your own shoes.... this tyranny wares a suit, delivers babbling slop from the Rose Garden and harrumphs harrumphs from the House and Senate... as ignorance cloaked in black robes claims to make order by banging wooden hammers.

Wake up dear people... our soil is on fire.


"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Think about this

I've been a welder fabricator for 30 years,and have been an iron worker as well.This beam damage was'nt caused by a plane impact,or fires of any kind.
Was this was cut with a large cutting tip OXY /ACET,or burning bar in salvage? I doubt it. Why increase lenght of a cut by going diagonal?
If this was one of the 47 main columns the only reason being for a diagonal is to make sure once the colums was severed by the heat it would slip apart,rather than temporarely fuse together.
Yes it is one of many justifiable questions left unanswered.

On The Scale Of Logic And Reason.

The illogic wastefulness of a diagonal cut in debris removal (when rigging for body recovery or salvage removal would eliminate such), vs. the necessity of preventing fusion during fast demolition.... Thanks for weighing in on the scale of logic and reason.

Nice to have you hear, Wisdom.

Thank you Erin

I just want my country back.

Still in thought

Iam wondering why the slag is on the outside on the bottom of the angle?
From the looks of it the column is 3-4 inches thick.
Torch could handle it,but a burning bar would be alot faster.Either way the slag should be on the inside.
Would love to see a close up of the cut.

No room to cut it

Debunkers have claimed that a cherry picker was used to cut it. But when I zoom in, it seems there isn't really room to fit one.

that's what i was thinking;

that's what i was thinking; they would try to make the shortest possible cut which would've been straight across. plus, could it even be cut so precisely with a hand held torch? look how even and precise that cut is.


Seems this angle cut is used in demolition
Demonstrating The Result Of An Intentionally Angular Steel Column Cut.
Damn! Went to paste pictures here but it won't let me.

Would note the following

Would note the following after saving this picture in my computer, then analyzing it further.

1) There are actually three FDNY personnel in photo. One is near the severed column, bent over at the waist. He is wearing "turnout" or "bunker" pants, which is standard firefighting gear, and a dark blue T-shirt. He's FDNY, no doubt.

2) Given his proximity to the severed column, it is very doubtful that "salvage" (read: evidence destruction) efforts have begun. He, and the others, appear to still be in the SAR mode. Search and Rescue, if you're not savvy in fireground terminology.

3) The severed column has some issues, if it were to be cut for salvage reasons. It is "scooped out" on the top rear, which indicates the thermate rope charge sagged before detonation. No steel-cutter I know would make that sloppy of a cut, even for demo work. It's a waste of gas, and shows a lack of control of the cutting head. This column is not in a clear area for salvage, as it is still entangled with steel mesh and other debris. It is not a full cut, as can be seen by the piece of reddish square steel in front of the column, at the bottom of the 45 degree cut. 45 degree cuts are, however, common in CD. They are not necessary in salvage, as rigging controls the decent and fall of cut columns.

4) Finally, the squarely severed column in the foreground also shows evidence of molten steel that has "candle-waxed" down it's face, possibly from blown bolts. The core columns had more bolts (6) down near the base, than they had at the top (4).


The quality of cut is not the issue in salvage.These colums were thick! Why increase the distance of cutting,and also the thickness by cutting on a angle?
Iam willing to bet that it is used to drop the steel in a vertical manner.

Great list

craniac. Thanks so much for your analysis.

Are you just a little paranoid that this picture will suddenly become retro-actively classified as a state secret? Frankly, that wouldn't surprise me given the government's recent track record.


MOST IMPORTANTLY: a follow up to my commentary of the severed column. If you look closely at the extreme right edge of the photo, you will see ANOTHER ANGLE-CUT COLUMN!!!!!!!! It is not as visible, and is partly obscured by shadow, but it is clearly also cut at a 45 degree angle.

The truth will soon be everywhere.

Question for steelworkers:

Question for steelworkers: When you cut steel, do you usually remove the steel with a crane, lay it on the the ground and then cut it, or do you cut it from the air?

During demolitions Ive been

During demolitions Ive been on it was as follows...
A crane is secured to a section above you, tension is added, you climb to a connection and cut the bolts with torches. The piece is then removed in its entirety and the process is repeated all the way down.
Aside from demolition and "collapses" steel buildings are generally taken down in the exact opposite order in which they were put up.
Admittedly, Ive never dealt with columns the size of the cores of the towers but i would imagine its done the same way.


If possible the steel is cut up when it's down.If not it has to be rigged up.Usually with a crane.This is not the safest way.
For the most part heavy equipment can knock it down.

the full picture

the full picture (picture included this time)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Thanks, citizen.

I knew I had seen an uncropped version of the same photo. I don't suppose you know where a higher resolution version can be found?


Thanks again

This is not CD...

Sorry all, but this was taken after cleanup. If you look at pictures of Ground Zero after the building collapse, you'll clearly see there is nothing that comes close to this picture. In fact, you can see in several pictures that parts of the "core" of both buildings rise up a few stories against the facade of what remains of the outer wall of each building. The picture in questions showing the columns obviously was taken well after cleanup started. Just the fact that all of the columns are approximately the same height indicates this because all the pre-cleanup pictures clearly show a much more random collection of debris.


Valid point..ty

Valid point..ty

Probably so.

Seems to me like this would be something that was uncovered as the debris pile was excavated top to bottom.

The question remains - were cutter charges used as part of the removal effort?

If not, there are serious issues exposed by this.

If so, I would like to understand why such techniques would be employed. On the face of it, it seems unnecessarily dangerous.

Steel Column Cut

I've seen the uncropped picure of this photo and in the background is one of the metal workers. Unforetunately there is no evidence that this picture wasn't taken some of the clearing work was performed. Perhaps other photo's before the removal process can be found that shows if this column was in this state right after the fall. If it was, then it is proof positive of CD, otherwise its just "too good to be true."

When it was taken is an issue

I think it's 50/50 - it may or may not be CD.

In any case, we know one thing - THE CORE WAS DESTROYED.


- The core buckled due to weight
- The core fractured at its weakest points due to weight
- The core was sliced at convenient points due to cutter charges.

The question is : is there visual evidence confirming any of this?