"Top 25 Censored Stories" include Prof. Jones' paper on WTC collapse

Project Censored is "a media research group out of Sonoma State University" in California. It just published its annual "Top 25 Censored Stories".

Guess what? They made Prof. Steven E. Jones' paper "Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?" their #18 in the list, and they even publish a direct link to it.

However, there are even more goodies for 911 Truthers in this list. It also brings to light...

  • ...that Halliburton sold nuclear technologies to Iran. You know, that very Halliburton company, which is a Texas-based multinational, employing 100.000+ persons and making a 20+ billion $US revenues p.a. Oh, and which also still pays a 200.000 $US p.a. (deferred) salary to US Vice President Dick Cheney. Cheney used to be Halliburton's Chairman and CEO. He still owns quite a large chunk of their stock options. [Story #2]
  • ...that last year alone, Cheney’s Halliburton stock rose by over 3000 percent. Not bad at all. And lots of more interesting facts in their Story #24...

Other interesting stories include...

nice find! i believe that

nice find! i believe that project censored also had 9/11 related stuff in last years book.. probably would be a good idea to write them and thank them for showing the coverup!

Project Censored

Slowly, the silent majority is waking-up.

Nevermind the well-buried story about the rabid 'Media consolidation' that took place under Michael Powell at the FCC, shortly after 9/11 which allows this absurd 'censorship' to take place, ad-infinitum.

I would also like to read the list of 'Songs' that are banned, because radio has also served to perpetuate the 'official story.' I mean, "Wooden Ships" is banned? And, I suppose John Lennon's work serves as the battle-cry of the axis-of-evil? What the hell is that about?

Amongst all the commotion over "Loose Change," it's a little embarassing that we have to rely on the college professors to restore Democracy in this case. We have the (atomized) human bodies, the bloody knife, the motive, and a room full of silent-but-guilty faces. Why can't we just take the entire Cabinet and Congress to G'tmo, and force a confession out of them?

And what about the 'Democratically elected' in November?

If you haven't figured out that Mexico was stolen, (and that almost all of the stories about their virtual 'civil war' have also been banned,) perhaps you need to take a course in Spanish. Seriously, you will need to learn our country's new language as we rush head-long into the North American Union.

The real flag of 'justice,' looking forward, is that point where the masses refust to pay their taxes. Nothing scares the Fed like that. It doesn't matter that 33% of Americans know that Steven Jones is correct, as long as Bush/Cheney, et. all, are allowing the country to be sold to the lowest-scum bidders.

this is great, i was sure

this is great, i was sure that Project Censored would steer clear of 9/11 stuff. this is a nice surprise.



"The Global Dominance Group and 9/11
Presentation by Director of Project Censored, Dr. Peter Phillips, at the June 4th, 2006 "9/11 Education and Strategy Conference" in Chicago. This talk is based on recent research conducted at Sonoma State University which identified 240 global dominance advocates who have been the primary promoters and beneficiaries of the so-called war on terror before and after 9/11. Dr. Phillips covers the rise of the neocons and their agenda, who benefited from 9/11 and permanent war, the complicity of the corporate media, and the stolen presidential elections. It's a "who dunnit" analysis and investigation of the most spectacular crime of the 21st century."

Great info

Thanks mate for the great info.