2 + 2 = 10% or even 15%??

Get Ready for the Massive November Vote Fraud.

We instinctively know when we are being lied to. Just as various lie
detectors use changes in physiology to determine the truthfulness or otherwise
of the statements we make, we also have an inbuilt crude mechanism whereby we
sense that we are being lied to. The most acute form of this emotion or mental
state is displayed by parents or teachers, who instinctively know when the
children in their care lying to them.

Since becoming involved with (or at least aware of) the 9/11 truth movement, I have
had to re-educate myself and reacquaint myself with this innate lie detector. Which appears to have been
subtly switched off in me. It was possibly turned off by the corporate main stream media (MSM),
I remained unaware of all deceit when dealing with the affairs and actions of government as reported in the MSM.
It's also possible that this physiological lie detector had been overloaded with the lies of
politicians and petty bureaucracy to such an extent that it had 'blown a fuse' and simply turned itself off
in order to protect my very sanity. Regardless, it's been a rude
awakening personally, and a hard re-wiring and re-configuring of this primitive
defence mechanism had to occur.

We have political instincts too, as we are social creatures, we sense the
mood of the nation and the body politic or which we are a part.  It's a
living organism not a static phenomenon, and it's been provoked, there is an air
of mistrust and anger which will certainly translate into votes this coming
November.  Or will it?  

The terrorist in the shower.

During the stolen 2004 elections, there should have been a Bush landslide,
or so we would have assumed. 
It was the first election post 9/11, post the day that changed the world. 
Subconsciously we were frightened by the numerous false terror alerts, this fear
fed into the political organism.  The organism believed that with the
Democrats in power, we were going to wake finding a terrorist in the shower. 
Even those who weren't petrified, and didn't vote for the lord protector and
chief warrior had to contend with the uncertainty of the 'electronic voting
machine menace'.  How many votes against Bush were actually counted, and
how many votes for Bush were real?

2 + 2 = 10% or even 15%??  The PsyOps have started.

Something just tripped my lie detector:

Elections Easy to Steal, Say Computer Scientists
Sept. 15, 2006 — When you walk into a voting booth and close the curtain behind you, you know which candidates you like, and you expect the people you choose will get your vote. Right?

Tue Sep 19, 1:43 AM ET: Bush approval rating rebounds in new poll
WASHINGTON (Reuters) -

President George W. Bush's approval rating has rebounded to 44 percent, the highest level in a year, in the latest USA TODAY/Gallup Poll, the newspaper reported on Tuesday.  

This lie is evolving to justify the unprecedented Republic victory in the upcoming November election.