42% vs 43% Math

Ok, so the polls show that 43% have never heard of WTC7.
And, 42% doubt the official story.
How many of those 42% who doubt know about WTC7?
My guess would be , hm, lets say, 95%. (Are there official figures on that?)
Ok, so , hey, theres not many left who heard of WTC7, and do not doubt.
Simple, i know. But simple things are important.

A little calculation

Based on these polls, which have a limited scope...

74% of those who know about wtc7 doubt the official story.

98% of those who don't know about wtc7, do not doubt the official story.

so it comes down

so it comes down to...:
people who are informed - of even only the most basic "elements" of that day - do doubt.
Its as simple as that. obvious i know. but damn important. more important than freaking comics hitting buildings.


That's the point, it's OBVIOUS that there is a cover up.

I just wanted to rant a little about a blog entry I made earlier today.

It really doesn't matter how you piece everything together. So much is not known about how that day happened, that there are going to be many different conclusions people come to.

I believe in planes and CD.

I hate to see all the bickering.

I tried to make a post to try and debate different points of evidence that no-planers use, for the sake of trying to STOP the hostility and negetivity INSIDE the movement.

So what if there is a COINTELPRO disinfo campaign, that CAN be used to our advantage by making it possible to accept people who buy into it, and then show them what evidence is usable, and what is garbage. Hopefully, they can see that some theories are provable and acceptable as truth, and other are simply theories.

Is TV Fakery possible? Probably not.
Is it provable? No.
Can you get people who believe in no-planes, to back something that is possible, provable, and has the same end goals? YES!

We all need to show the seeds of truth to people, that's all it takes.

im not sure i see a point in

im not sure i see a point in debating with the no-plainers around here. As many people before have pointed out, it simply leads nowhere.
Ignoring it is the best option, imho.
See, everyones allowed to think what he wants. But everyone has to agree that people who are seriously interested in getting the truth (or shall i say, 'the doubt') out simply don't start with no-plain theories when telling people about it.
Its a matter of logical thinking.
This guys are being used, and maybe most dont realize it , in their 'plan to uncover the whole truth of 911'. Every sensible person would realise that its the proofable facts, those understandable by doing 1+ 1 math, that need to get out, goddamit. I mean, 43% have never heard of wtc7, and these guys analyze crappy little compressed-as-shit- video-clips to the death end without using proper reasoning and basic science. It stinks to heaven. Or to hell.