The Chilling Correlations Between 9-11 and 7-7

There is a powerful new documentary entitled "Ludicrous Diversion", which exposes the British governement's lies and cover-up regarding the 7-7 bombings. . It can be viewed here, and I highly recommend it.

The title is taken from a statement made by Tony Blair, in which he said that an inquiry into the 7-7 bombings would be a "ludicrous diversion".

Even though the documentay doesn't point out the similarities between 9-11 and 7-7, anyone knowledgeable of 9-11 who watches this film will immediately see the chilling correlations.
Here's a partial list, (feel free to provide more):

~ Police "exercises" at the exact same time of the incident.

~ Government stonewalling of an investigation.

~"Facts" within the "official version" are contradictory.

~ The official "investigation" is a whitewash.

~ No substantial proof of any of the supposed bombers.

~ Unreleased videos.

~ Fear continually fostered among the citizenry.

~ Previous freedoms wiped-out by new, draconian laws.

These startling similarities can be used as yet another talking point regarding 9-11 truth.

Excellent Film

excellent excellent film

we really need need to reach out to our friends in England who demonstrate in the street on behalf of 9/11 and 7/7 Truth.


I saw this film a few weeks ago, and it suprised me.

You really don't hear about the 7/7 bombings in the american press.

It's the same plan as 911, and it worked just as well...

It scares me to think about all those closed circuit camera's in london.

It's like both governments...

...operated out of the same playbook.

exactly my thoughts

while watching this.... there were just way too many correlations with 9/11 for them to be coincidences. It's as if both governments are totally being controlled by some common force of evil. Oh wait, they are! This just helps confirm it.

yes, excellent

Thanks Alex for posting this link. I was unaware of this short but very effective documentary. I've forwarded the link to a friend in U.K. who has taken interest in what's going on with 9/11 truth.