Daniel Ellsberg: Time to Drive Out the Bush Regime

Full Transcript of Speech

We are in a crisis right now. It’s known to us, more than it was known to almost anyone outside the White House in 1969. A genuine crisis.......
The situation now, I think, demands of us not business as usual; it demands what was available in this country in 1969. I’ll characterize that very briefly: 5,000 young people went to prison rather then go into the Army (under the draft)—rather then collaborate with the war. I met some of those people on their way to prison. They put in my mind the thought: They’re doing everything they can, nonviolently—they were followers of Martin Luther King, of Thoreau, of Gandhi. Truthfully and nonviolently they are changing their lives, they are giving up their future, their career, they are doing everything they can to avert this war. That’s the right thing to do. What can I do now, what can I do if I’m ready to go to prison? Among other things, I started copying the Pentagon Papers—which did confront me with a possible prison sentence of 115 years—at that point. Was that too much to take on?................
.What’s needed at home of course is people who will change their lives and risk their careers and their jobs and their relationships with their families, their bosses, with their church groups, whoever—by taking a stronger stand than those people are ready to take. And by saying truths that those people don’t want to hear. Without that courage, policies like this can’t be changed. With it, they may not be changed, we may fail. But, without that kind of courage and that mass mobilization, there is no chance.................

Yesturday I was in Public

Yesturday I was in Public Adminstration class and my teacher said something really stupid. She said our administration was not imaginative enough to think that terrorists were capable of hitting the twin towers. First of all How can a plane slam into a block of a tower and knock the whole thing down? even if it did have fuel.. that would just cause an explosion... not enough to knock the whole thing down. Why are people so ignorant and stupid to not believe this was a controlled demolision. Why do they not question how wtc7 suddenly came down also. The whole thing with isreal spies and how isreal controls all the news stations that americans watch doesnt even pop up a light in these peoples minds. It makes me angry how stuipd americans can be even if we do spend so much on education. The very fact that the jews brainwash the american public into thinking that they are good people is what makes americans not accept the fact that we were setup.

Institutionalized With Intention

I'll take a pass on addressing jewish (or even Zionist) influence on American society. (the catch, is that jewish faith in and of itself is not the real issue, but rather the excellent foil it can produce when people attempt reasoned criticism of those close to Judaism, yet acting in a selfish manner. Christians and Muslims manipulate and suffer likewise.)

What I will offer... is that you examine Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt's "Deliberate Dumbing Down of America".

It is a tell all about her stint in the Department of Education (1982, I think), and the mechanisms employed which prevent either students and now the vast majority of "educators"... from developing or having the tools of critical thinking.

It IS a nation wide problem.... and it appears to have been institutionalized with intention. Very disturbing stuff.

Best wishes.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.

Ellsberg in October issue of Harper's

I'm a subscriber, so I get my issues ahead of the newsstand releases. His piece is simply outstanding. In it he calls for insiders to publicly out the invasion plans for Iran, in order to avert war there. Don't you dare miss it when it appears in a couple of weeks!
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