Geraldo Covers Recent 9/11 Polls and Interviews Les Jamieson

Geraldo at Large - 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

Geraldo Rivera recently covered 9/11 'conspiracy theories' on his show 'Geraldo at Large'. The video includes a few clips with Les Jamieson from NY911Truth, a brief mention of recent polls, and a quick run through of some of the more predominant conspiracy theories.

Check it out, post some comments.

Thanks to BCS for the heads up.

Anthrax victim's widow says

Anthrax victim's widow says government may know who killed husband

Eliot Kleinberg / Palm Beach Post | September 18 2006

Maureen Stevens says the federal government probably knows who killed her husband.

She believes they're not telling because that might reveal things the government doesn't want revealed.

lots of stuff in the MSM about the anthrax attacks lately, its kind of strange. of course, they NEVER mention where the anthrax came from.......

Freedom of speech (off topic?)

Google has recently ‘locked out’ my blog from their search engines. I have repeatedly requested an explanation, however, google has not responded.

The search engine locks out even the blog’s URL ‘’ when used as a search criteria.

Google searches in August 2006 readily returned all searchable information contained in the blog.

The blog is published for public information and, to the best of my knowledge, doesn’t violate any national or international laws.

I would hate to think this is the start of a new trend to infringe on the individual’s freedom of speech, blocking concerned voices.

David Icke on 9/11




Hello all ...

I was walking around ancient earthworks in Dorset, England, chatting with my wife, Pam, as an American couple approached. The couple, hearing Pam's accent, asked: 'Have you heard what has happened in America?'

It was the afternoon - in English time - of September 11th, 2001. As I heard the brief details recounted there was no doubt in my mind or, most importantly, in my intuition. This was a massive problem-reaction-solution to advance the global agenda I had spent the previous decade warning about.

Those of the concrete heart had played their biggest card yet - a play that will ultimately prove fatal to their ambitions.

The agenda's biggest card, but ultimately its undoing

I kept an appointment a few miles away with an alternative healer and saw some of the television pictures from New York. The more I heard, the more obvious it became. Those who were condemning the attacks as the work of 'Islamic terrorists', were actually the ones responsible for them. Or, at least, they knew that their masters were.

As I drove home, listening to the coverage on the radio, the next stage was crystal clear. Actions and responses to advance the agenda of control and suppression would now be justified by what had happened in New York, Washington and Pennsylvania.

Such thoughts and views were not shared by many in these early days, weeks and months and they certainly weren't popular. I was asked to appear on a Los Angeles radio station very soon after the attacks because they had seen on the Internet that I was saying it was an inside job by elements within the US government and its related agencies and overseas connections.

You can imagine the response. I was 'interviewed' by two 'DJs' and I never did work out which one had the brain cell that day. 'What are you, on?' was a pretty good summary of their reaction. I pointed out that this was precisely the reaction I expected, yawn, yawn, and I made them an offer: Have me back in a few weeks and if A, B, and C had not happened I would hold my hand up and accept I was wrong.

They agreed, but the phone was not to ring because A, B and C did happen. They were called the Patriot Act, the 'War on Terror' and other assaults on freedom

The response to 9/11 ...

... bombing the innocent in Afghanistan ...

Once you identify a problem-reaction-solution (P-R-S) event and you know the basic agenda it is seeking to advance - the Orwellian global state - predicting the future, in theme if not every detail, becomes pretty straightforward.

The overwhelming majority of shocked and bewildered humanity bought the official story. Nineteen Islamic extremists had hijacked the planes using box cutters and flown them into those buildings. Repetition, one of the most potent of all mind manipulations, was all that was needed to convince the unquestioning masses.

After all, the government wouldn't lie about something as terrible as this.

No, YOU wouldn't lie about it. They WOULD.

The usual suspects, Icke, Rense, Jones and others immediately questioned the propaganda, not least because 9/11 and its aftermath fitted so perfectly the recurring patterns of covert manipulation, everything from Pearl Harbor to the Nazi burning of the German parliament building, the Reichstag, so they could blame it on their enemies. Later came researchers like the Frenchman, Thierry Meyssan, who alerted the world to the fact that no 757 could have hit the Pentagon.

Questioning the government's '757 hit the Pentagon' conspiracy theory

But to the mainstream of public perception these were voices from the twilight zone, the lunatic fringe of 'conspiracy theorists' to be lumped together with flat earth believers and those who talked of little green men.

For a long time the concrete hearts held sway in the minds of the masses. The lap-dog media acted as the propaganda ministry for the official story and horrors like the invasion of Afghanistan and fundamental invasions of our privacy and freedoms were passed 'on the nod' while most agreed these were necessary to 'fight terror'.

The concept that those offering the solutions could be the perpetrators of the problem was too much to handle and conceive.

But I have had a simple philosophy that has kept me going through the 'wilderness years' in relation to 9/11 and much else. If what you are saying is true it will eventually be proved to be so. Thus, keep walking and talking, no matter what the reaction, and if the information stands up the struggle and abuse will be worth it in the end.

Challenging the government's version of 9/11 ...

... Then...

... and now.

So often people shut up and walk away when others are not listening or reacting with ridicule and contempt. But what use is that? It just leaves the field to the liars, cheats and serial killers.

That is not to say that there were not significant numbers of people who were sceptical of the 9/11 fairytale. Interest in my own work most certainly soared in the months that followed and especially after the publication of Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Center Disaster in 2002 when the dots could be connected and the picture seen.

But it was in the wake of the Iraq invasion that I noticed a transformation in attitude and the opening of minds to the, at least possibility, that there was more to know about 9/11.

This happened for two main reasons. Firstly the early pioneers of the 'conspiracy' version of those attacks had been followed by many others and by 2003 the Internet was becoming a library of information and questions that undermined (not difficult) the original credibility of the official explanation.

The fact that this 'credibility' lay only in repetition, and the suppression in the mainstream of alternative views, meant that the house of cards was vulnerable to even the slightest nudge. Even the most simple of questions was met with the most ludicrous, implausible, often impossible, of answers.

Hey, the emperor is naked! Shit! They're LYING to us!

The second turning point in the emerging acceptance of a 9/11 conspiracy was Iraq itself. It's a strange human trait that people constantly dismiss politicians and journalists as untrustworthy liars and then believe them over something like 9/11.

Opinion polls all over the world list politicians and journalists as the top professions not to be trusted, together with lawyers and bankers. We hear all the time that 'you can't believe what you read in the newspapers', for instance. But then often the people who say that DO believe it.

The invasion of Iraq was to give the public a symbolic smack around the face to awaken them to this comical contradiction. It was like 'Oh yeah, they DO lie don't they, sorry I forgot.'

After 'weapons of mass destruction' were not found in Iraq, when they were supposed to be the very reason for the war and slaughter, I felt a real shift in public attitudes. When this was followed by leaked documents proving that the war was planned and agreed long before Bush and Blair claimed - see Tales From The Time Loop - the shift strengthened and spilled over into the conspiracy version of 9/11.

It still amazes me that there can be anyone who still believes the official history of September 11th when it is parroted by the same people, never mind even the same agencies, who provably lied to us over Iraq and WMD. Are we really so naive as to believe that those who lie so comprehensively about one will tell us the truth about the other?

Fortunately, ever increasing numbers are not falling for it anymore and, as we pass the 5th anniversary of 9/11, the official story and its mendacious advocates are in urgent need of a getaway car.

Five years later, even many academics, at first accepting, are now in the forefront of the exposure movement that has exploded in the last 24 months. So are professional demolition experts. The swell of scepticism has even forced the mainstream media to acknowledge its existence, as some examples at the end of this article will confirm. The French newspaper, La Monde, said:

'Media coverage of the events of 11 September 2001 had to deal with an unexpected newcomer: the internet. But is the net a new medium or is it a counter-medium? We have to ask that question because the internet has encouraged circulation of a different type of information, while the conventional media relayed the standard version of the events as gospel, repeatedly showing nightmare images accompanied by a familiar institutional commentary, given by cohorts of pontificating experts.

Now, information highways are a spaghetti junction of alternative routes easily accessible to anyone who wants to get away from the main routes of the politically correct and ethnocentric, and that egress is often a good thing. Yet the digital counter-information saturating the net seems to be produced by some new version of the old socialist International organisations: internet users who want to spread the word about their findings or feelings, perhaps about 9/11. Their output spreads wide and loud, as the internet's characteristic viral circulation has amplified the old word of mouth into unprecedented resonance. Electronic mail circulates files continuously, and can reach hundreds of contacts with a single mouse click.'

There are multi-levels of the global conspiracy and my work is taking me deeper and deeper into those unseen realms from where this false reality is projected. Future books will tell this story and offer ways to change the movie.

But in this five-sense 'world' of daily experience, 9/11 is the key holder or, to use other analogies, the card that holds the house together, the banana beneath the juggler's feet.

The official story ... so many questions ... so few answers

The fascist agenda depends for its very survival on the continued credibility of September 11th. Without it there was no excuse to invade Afghanistan; no excuse to take our freedoms away; no excuse for all that goes with the 'War on Terror'.

And if the official story isn't true, why did Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Blair and the rest of them tell us such lies and do such deadly deeds in its name?

If 9/11 goes, it all goes, no shaped charges necessary, no dynamite required. And it is going.

That is why it is so vital that we go on with still renewed vigour posing the questions and presenting the evidence that will complete the process of demolishing the deceit.

"We have come so far - now let's finish the job."
.......................I agree completely.........................

That strain of Anthrax came from Ames, Iowa

Oct 10-11, 2001: After consulting with the FBI and CDC, Iowa State University in Ames destroys anthrax spores collected over seven decades. On Oct 25, the White House homeland security director confirms publicly the anthrax letters sent to Leahy and others contained the Ames strain. [New York Times, 11/9/01]

Nov 12, 2001—Mar 25, 2002: 13 renowned microbiologists mysteriously die over the span of less than five months. All but one are killed or murdered under unusual circumstances. Some are world leaders in developing weapons-grade biological plagues. Others are the best in figuring out how to stop millions from dying because of biological weapons. Still others are experts in the theory of bioterrorism. [Globe and Mail, 5/4/02] Nov 12: Benito Que, 52, an expert in infectious diseases—killed in carjacking, later deemed possible stroke. [Globe and Mail, 5/4/02] Nov. 16: Don Wiley, 57, one of the world's leading researchers of deadly viruses—body found in Mississippi River. [CNN, 12/22/01] Nov 21: Dr. Vladimir Pasechnik, 64, an expert in adapting germs and viruses for military use—stroke. [New York Times, 11/23/01] Dec 10: Dr. Robert Schwartz, 57, a leading researcher on DNA sequencing analysis—slain at home. [Washington Post, 12/12/01] Dec 14: Nguyen Van Set, 44, his research organization had just come to fame for discovering a virus which can be modified to affect smallpox—dies in an airlock in his lab. [Sydney Morning Herald, 12/12/01] Jan 2002: Ivan Glebov (bandit attack) and Alexi Brushlinski (killed in Moscow), both world-renowned members of the Russian Academy of Science. [Pravda, 2/9/02] Feb 9: Victor Korshunov, 56, head of the microbiology sub-faculty at the Russian State Medical University—killed by cranial injury. [Pravda, 2/9/02] Feb 11: Ian Langford, 40, one of Europe's leading experts on environmental risk—murdered in home. [London Times, 2/13/02] Feb 28 (2): Tanya Holzmayer, 46, helped create drugs that interfere with replication of the virus that causes AIDS, and Guyang Huang, 38, a brilliant scholar highly regarded in genetics—murder/suicide. [San Jose Mercury News, 2/28/02] Mar 24: David Wynn-Williams, 55, an astrobiologist with NASA Ames Research Center—killed while jogging. [London Times, 3/27/02] Mar 25: Steven Mostow, 63, an expert on the threat of bioterrorism—private plane crash. [KUSA TV/NBC, 3/26/02]

This coverage is from;

check this out Mike: Dead in

check this out Mike:

Dead in the Woods - uncovering a nightmare world

Google Video | September 18 2006

Dead In The Woods, detective story and real-life horror movie, is a New Documentary that investigates the terrifying world of the ... all » ‘International Bio-Weapons Mafia.’

Beginning with the suspicious “suicide” of British scientist Dr. David Kelly, the film follows the sudden and mysterious deaths of an alarming number of leading bio-weapons researchers since 9/11.

Dead In The Woods exposes an international conspiracy behind the biggest unsolved crime of the 21st Century – the 2001 U.S. Anthrax Attacks. Veteran investigative journalists Bob Coen and Eric Nadler join forces with maverick American private investigator Stephen Dresch. They embark on a global investigation to uncover the darkest secrets of the ‘bio-weapons underworld’ operating in the United States, Britain, the former Soviet Union and ultimately, South Africa – the home of “Doctor Death”.

Dead In The Woods takes audiences into a nightmare labyrinth of mad scientists, capitalists, politicians and assassins – all playing with the world’s deadliest germs.

could be good.

Why all the jumpers?? (off-topic)

Here's a question that has been nagging at me:

I keep hearing Truther's making the point that the fires in the twin towers were not as large as claimed. Like, I think it was Jason Bermas on Amy Goodman, who said that one of the fireman radio recordings indicated that they thought the fires in the one building could be brought under control with just two hoses. The point being, that the fires were no where near hot enough to weaking the steal beams.

So, if the fires were not widespread, why then were there so many people jumping?

Maybe it was the smoke? But, if smoke was the reason, why not just stick your head out the window? Why jump?

Has anyone ever focused on this? At what point did people start jumping? And from what locations in the tower did they jump? Is there an explanation?

IMO, it doesn't take 1500F

IMO, it doesn't take 1500F to make people jump, 300F behind your back will probably get you leaping in no time.

You have to remember how

You have to remember how huge the building was. So while there was intense fires in some areas, it still shouldn't be enough to weaken as much steel as needed for such a collapse.

I'd imagine I would jump

I'd imagine I would jump from a room that was not quite hot enough to melt steel... I burn way before steel melts.


They were jumping because there were explosives going off all over WTC 1 and 2. They could not breathe because of the thick black smoke, explosives were going off all around them, they could not get down the stairs - doors were locked, and the area above the impact zones was basically a gas chamber. Choke to death or jump. Just a guess, but I think some people would jump in that situation.

a few notes.. i believe most

a few notes..

i believe most people suggest the jumpers were from the innability to breath due to the thick black smoke after the initial fireballs, not so much the fires themselves..

and as for the fireman, the counter-arguement is that the firemen who sent the famous radio call were on the 78th floor (i think?) which was actually a floor or more below where the larger fires were seen prior to collapse.. you can see more on that here:

a very morbid subject to discuss.. god bless those that met that horrible fate.


I recall seeing video of at least one instance of 'jumpers' right after an smaller series of explosions hit the north tower. In that case the mystery explosions also occurred soon after or concurrent with the south tower strike. I believe this was the footage with the guy waiving a shirt (as described by the narrator). Anyway, my point is some could easily have been pushed by blast waves seeking the path of least resistence...the open window with people. Very sad.

Smoke, the upper floors


the upper floors were engulfed in smoke. In fires smoke is the main killer,

It's funny that it took so

It's funny that it took so many replies until pagan replied and offered the correct answer.

The majority of jumpers were jumping to escape death by suffocation from the smoke.

Why didn't everyone above pagan's reply already automatically know that?


There is a good possibility that there were slow-fussion pyro-technics simaltaniously going off, not so much for denolition, but for the theatrics of dramtic smoke and heat. That, or Geraldo had shown up with a microphone. That guy will show up anywhere.
(I absolutely mean no disrespect for those who had such a wrenching life-desiscion to make.)

We have no idea what was

We have no idea what was going on up there snd why people felt it was better to die quickly. My best guess would be massive explosions that were destroying people.

Perhaps, it was the

Perhaps, it was the incredible explosions which rocked the towers, and thus may have played part in people "jumping." Though, I am sure some people did jump willingly, but since those explosions rocked the ground nearby, so much so as to shake tripods which were bolted onto the rooves of distant buildings, I would also assume it could knock around some human bodies.

Geraldo presents the facts

Geraldo presents the facts in a way that he has the last word, that is the official word, on each one. GR presents Les Jamienson's comments and then proceeds to contrast them with official version, conveniently ignoring the contradictions he himself is uttering. For instance "No Boing 757 hit the Penta-gone" ("conspiracy theory" (CT) version), but, GR states, "people placed phone calls from the plane and were ID by DNA" (The official CT), conveniently omitting contradictions to these statements as presented by D.R. Griffin in his books.

Good to see that the GR of the big media are concerned about the 36% . But GR manages to put the government's version as the standard of truth

"get in my belly"

Them's the breaks; it's his show after all. I don't think his choice of format is really a problem but I certainly don't like it when valid alternatives are squashed in such manner. The real problem I have with it is that GR *may* be able to use his credibility such that it convinces a few otherwise sceptical souls. I'm thinking he'll just be one of a great many talking heads that find it rather difficult to play down their lack of personal research and reasoning on the topic once it blows wide open....God willing that won't be after 30+ years!

"people placed phone calls from the plane and were ID by DNA"

An "airliner" slammed through the Pentagon @ 530 mph in a huge fireball, yet viable DNA (organic material) was collected for 63 of 64 passengers. I don't think so!

'DNA evidence' is even shakier than that...

Remember, the official line from the government is that there is so little debris from the airliner because the resulting jet fuel fire burned hot enough to vaporize the aluminum.

Setting aside for just a moment that this is patently impossible, we're being asked to believe that human DNA survived a fire hot enough to destroy virtually all of Flight 77.

If you find this plausible, I have some nice property on the south coast of Nebraska that you may be interested in... ^_^

Silverstein & WTC 7

You gotta love how these talking heads steer around WTC 7. Most, like Geraldo, don't dare show the video of it collapsing. It looks too much like a controlled demolition and that would be too fair and balanced. Hee hee.

And they don't bother muddying the waters with Silverstein's "pull it" comment.

Which reminds me...

On the same page as that video was one about Ann Coulter -vs- a 9/11 widow. The 9/11 widow mentioned she heard the black box recordings from Flight 93. Are there two classes of people in this country or is that going to be made available to us at some point? You can go to and get a boatload of recordings and transcripts from other plane crashes. Why not for any of the 9/11 flights?

Flight 93 (slight) correction

I stand somewhat corrected. has an audio file. It's labelled as being the Air Traffic Control tape. I've heard it before. It's the one with the "accidental" transmission from Flight 93 to Air Traffic Control.

My point still stands. Still feeling like a second-class citizen. Still want to hear what that widow heard. She said she heard the passengers storm the cockpit. That's not on the recording I'm listening to right now.

There is a good reason they avoid WTC7

NIST has yet to provide a plausible official version of why WTC7 collapsed. At last look, they were investigating the possibility of an "hypothetical blast event".

Now why would MSM want to cover that? That's boderline CT!



This blast event is sure to be a diesel tank explosion or other mundane source. It will not matter that a computer model and UL testing could not support it. It will only matter that they can force a black box model to spit it out and then see to it that the model is _not_ peer reviewed by netrual parties or, shame of all shames, allow it to go public.

Khruschev is rolling in his grave... that it's known that all the Soviets ever needed to do in order to "bury" the United States was to TURN OFF THEIR TRANSPONDERS!!!!!


Yes, what a joke. Anyone who knows anything about radar knows that the transponder only sends supplemental info, and is not solely responsible for determining the position of the aircraft.

When I was a child, I went on a school field trip to an airport, and was shown around the tower. We were shown one of the flight controllers' radar screens, which showed various blips, with flight numbers and altitudes next to each. Some of the blips didn't have flight numbers and altitudes next to them...only dashes. The flight controller explained that the flight number and altitude info was supplied by a box in the aircraft called a transponder, and the blips without that info represented aircraft that were either not equipped with transponders, or were experiencing technical difficulties. The flight controller went on to explain that such aircraft had to be tracked manually by the flight controllers using radio communication with the planes, and that managing an aircraft without a transponder info was a bit more work, but pretty routine.

This was around 1978 or so...I seriously doubt that radar technology has actually gotten worse in the intervening 23 years.


What station does GR's show air on?
That was a ridiculous report that wasn't the slightest bit impartial. He immediately took the side of the government and acted as if HE is the authority on this subject. Lame, but not expected from this jackass.

Geraldo 'rocks' the story.

Geraldo 'rocks' the story. What a fraud. Zionist I'll bet ya...commie.

I thought

I thought Geraldo was Fox, was this Fox News?



"It was all about finding a way to do it. That was the tone of it. The president saying ‘Go find me a way to do this."

Follow the Money

Most conspiracy convictions are proved by the money trail. Why did the commission say that whoever financed 911 was Irrelevant?

No money? No problem!

Remember the radical Muslim community which has taken the blame is *NOT* motivated by riches in this life. They want eternal tantric sex of course.

Keith Olbermann vs O'Reilly

Not sure if I can do this, but check this out.
I want this to get around the world and see these all around. I sent an email and a couple to KEITH. Maybe I should send some to Bill!


Let me know.


Notice How Geraldo Avoided WTC7!

'nough said!

Uuuugh...looks like they're

Uuuugh...looks like they're becoming even more aggressive now at covering up 9/11

Head-in-the-sand liberals,0,1897169.story?...

Wow..Les Jamieson..Leader of 9/11 Truth

Wow, I didn't know Les Jamieson was the leader of 9/11 Truth. I'll be sure to remember that in the future.

International Truth Movement


That kind of shit is why those people will get not one more nickle from me. Sam Harris seems quite the pompous ass.

o/t sorry

Just seen Freedom to Fascism (there's a comment saying " using the "mainstream" distribution channels we hope to bring attention to the issues in way that under-the-radar distribution wouldn't." and I'm calling BS on that, but meh...)

Anyway, it's great! It starts so...earthly...everyone's interested in paying less taxes, after all - then, all of a sudden, it totally cuts to the point, with a vengeance! I was so worried that in case Bush and his cronies would take the fall for 9/11 soon, the entire NWO slime might evade the spotlight, but no longer.

Now everyone has too see and comprehend the implications of this movie, and chances are we might truly make a change for the better. Let's keep on pushing.

Freedom to Fascism

If you are running Firefox you can get an extension called "Video Downloader 1.1" and download this or any other video you want. Anyone who reads my posts know I have been pushing this Aaron Russo video for some time now. Russo is a truther. He knows 9/11 was an inside job. In this film he doesn't go into 9/11 though. Instead he fingers the "Puppet Masters" as I like to call them. The people behind the curtain. The people who put assholes like Bush and Cheney in power and pull the strings. The world bankers. The money makers. The Rothschild and Rockefeller Crime families. This video is a must-see for all 9/11 truthers. Bringing down Bush and Cheney is just the first step. We can't stop there. To take our country back we must get the people who control the money and pull the strings. These people are ruthless and MUST BE TAKEN OUT!

Building 7

As usual, these shills don't even make mention of building 7. What an idiot. This is the guy who was the first reporter to air the Zapruder film in 1975. Now he's a fat and happy corporate trollop and strumpet.

Geraldo's "kinder gentler" 9/11 Truth Hit Piece

Geraldo is either a willing conspirator or a dupe. What a load. He brushes off the orgy of evidence that the official conspiracy theory is a hoax with little more than telling the 36% that they are misguided and that there's nothing to see here. Just believe what I say and go back to sleep. What a load.