Mike Malloy slips in stealth blog entry on Air America site

Invasion of the Talk Show Snatchers

by Mike Malloy on September 18, 2006 - 6:42pm.

Hi. Malloy here. It’s Monday, September 18, 2006. Well, it’s been almost three weeks since we were fired by the really, really strange pod-people who have temporarily taken over Air America. Tonight’s program will be hosted by my good friend Peter Werbe. Not sure what he’s talking about tonight, but do tune in. If you’re wondering how we’re writing and posting this mini-blog it’s simply because the airheads in Air America’s executive suites – the pod-people mentioned above – are too, um, stupid to figure out how to handle their own website access. The door’s wide open. So we dashed in just for the hell of it to post this “howdy, how is everyone?”

Frankly, we think the suits are too stupid to stop us so we’ll probably do this every day and also post a longer blog inside the site where we used to. Until they figure out what we’re doing and stop our fun. Bastards. Just mean ol’ right-wing bastard pod-people running our Air America. Well, eventually their bodies will start to react to Earth atmosphere and they’ll have to leave. Meantime, Mike and Kathy here saying, stay tuned!





Classic Malloy

"Bastards. Just mean ol’ right-wing bastard pod-people running our Air America."

-Mike Malloy

Give 'em hell Malloy!!! You give 'em hell!!! "Have you mentioned yet how much you hate these people!?!?"