Pilot skills

Having never piloted before, I was wondering if someone who has could tell me if a man whos never flown
a 757 before could take it over in Ohio and find the pentagon without help from the FAA? Is it possible,
and how hard would it be?

Three Time Chance

Hello justacitizen:

I'm a pilot, though my experience is not the common road for the vast majority of "pilots", nor especially as type rated commercial air-carriers go. I started in helicopters, then went into a wide variety experimental craft from the super-fast carbon fiber Lance-air (one of the fastest piston craft, ever) to tube and fabric KitFoxs and even some pago-jets (a parasail with a motor on your back).

Later, I picked up a regular fixed-wing single eng. Private Pilot Cert. from the FAA and dabbled about with it flying both east and west coasts. I eventually met with the inescapable gravitational pull that seaplanes have upon me, and acquired a Certificate for Airframe and Power-plant Mechanics (I'd been working on and building aircraft for the previous 10 years, the cert. was a technical and legal formality. I've always felt the same way about my pilots license too.)

The last plane I owned was a tandem seat (one in front of the other) Citabria, an "airbatic" smoker of the first order. I've also tossed around a Pitts, and picked up banners with a 1930s Waco. What this means, is that I consider myself a "stick and rudder" pilot, seat of the pants.. open cockpit... inverted.... wind in the hair kind of stuff.

Pilots for 9/11 truth (http://pilotsfor911truth.org/) and its blog, speak from 100+ thousand cumulative hours of the mainstream air-carrier back round. They speak from experience in all of the most popular types of commuter, trans-con, and inter-con craft. They express a kind of deep felt indignation at the idea the Hani Hanjure could drop into the front seat and make his way to a target several states away.

Halfway between, and so long as you couch your question the way you did... I still give Hani a CHANCE, that he could have jumped into the seat with a hand-held GPS, and driven the plane across several states and pointed it at a building.

Where the air-carrier and transport pilots and I agree more importantly.... is that none of us would be giving up our craft (especially with passengers) without an astonishing fight. And we've all got thousands of ways to fuck with Hani before he can get into the seat. We also ALL share complete disgust at Air Traffic Control and NORADs lack of response. There is NOTHING that can be done to the ship nor its instruments to really handicap ATC and especially NORAD from locating and tracking the craft.

In toto... SOMETHING untoward and undisclosed happened to the aircraft and crew for the hijacking of PIC (Pilot In Command). Then, something even more outlandish happened between ATC and NORAD for the aircraft to become "lost" (that is such bullshit it makes me fighting mad). And the last.... the extraordinary three time chance of hitting relatively narrow target windows. Having studied the Flight Data Recorders, videos and impact damage imagery.... at a minimum I would testify to the inescapable likelihood that some-sort of electronic guidance (such as hijacked auto-pilot, feeding from GPS or more likely the on-board Inertial Guidance System (extremely accurate)) was employed to increase the chances of success to the level of "possible".

The combination of weak links in the popular narrative when strung together... is something I wouldn't risk hanging tissue paper upon it.

"The truth shall make you free." Why not make the truth free? We live on a priceless blue pearl, awash in a universe of fire and ice. Cut the crap.